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Dark Seeker by Taryn Browning Blog Tour

Dark Seeker Blog Tour hosted by The Magic Attic Author Taryn Browning
So I have a treat for you all today! I have my new Fave person here with her cast choice for Dark Seeker. Taryn is so sweet, funny, and Excellent to talk with. But First!! Here is the final piece to the Cover Reveal to the next book ... *squeee*

And now the Cast selection by Taryn...
Actors I Would Choose to Play the Characters in Dark Seeker if it was Made into a Movie

Janie Grey – actor Camila Banus
Experienced Seeker in Baltimore, who quickly learns that the training lessons she’s always followed don’t always apply. Especially when she meets Kai.

Kai Sterdam – actor Max Irons

Daychild” (I don’t want to spoil the story by revealing too much). When I saw Max Iron’s in Red Riding Hood I fell in love with him. Not only is he absolutely adorable, I knew he would make a great Kai. The only things he’d need to pull of Kai’s look are white highlights, a lighter shade of golden-blonde hair, bright green contacts, and a few scars on his forearms and chest.

Matt Baker – actor Asher Book

Star high school wrestler who inadvertently finds himself caught in the middle of a war between the undead.

Abram Mitchell – actor George Clooney

Abram is a former Seeker and Janie’s mentor. Read about Abram’s life as a Seeker in the prequel short story, Dark Beauty. Give the younger George Clooney (pictured) blue contacts and he’d make the perfect Abram.

Isabelle Grey – actor Karina Lombard

Former Seeker and Janie’s mom. Read about Isabelle’s time as a Seeker in the prequel short story, Dark Beauty. When I was writing Dark Seeker, the picture of what she looked like in my mind came from one of my favorite movies, Legends of the Fall (Brad Pitt *swoon*). Karina played “Isabel Two” in the movie. (Haha, she really must have been on my mind because they share the same first name, not the same spelling!)

Ava – actor Danielle Panabaker

Janie’s best friend and one of the only people who know she’s a Seeker.

Luke – actor Jeremy Sumpter

Janie’s always fashion-conscious best friend.

Jerome – actor Michael B. Jordan

Den leader for the vampire community in Baltimore. I loved his character in Friday Night Lights. He could definitely pull off the roll of Jerome.

Tanya – actor Cat Graham

Vampire and Jerome’s girlfriend.

Antony – actor Jesse Garcia

Leader of the Baltimore gang of Daychildren. With make up to display his bad complexion and black contacts to illustrate his soulless eyes, he’d make a great Daychild leader.

Albania – actor Emma Stone

Witch and friend of Kai’s. She has striking long red hair. Emma looks gorgeous with red hair. She’s young, but also has a mature demeanor, like Albania. 

WOW! What a great cast... I myself find them all Great choices *my Ava is a little different* But that is just me :) These are all Fantastic choices.

If you made it this far...Good cause I have the Final Whole Cover

 for Dark Return 

*squeee* Seriously I cannot wait to get my 

greedy hands on this!! ok here it is.....

Get Dark Seeker at : 


Barnes and Noble 


  1. Great post! I just finished Dark Beauty and I'm excited to read more in the series.

  2. Great post!! EEEP!!! The cover!!!.....OMG I LOVE it!! :D I can't wait to get my hands on it eather!! Great cast picks 2!! Ugh! I love it! (can you tell? All I have is !'s!! Haha!

  3. Thank you Andrea & Jaiden! <3 It was so much fun finding the character actors for the post. And, yay, so happy you like the cover. I love that Kai is on it with Janie!! :)

    HUGE shoutout and thanks to Heather. Not only did she reveal the cover for Dark Return, but she merged the photos of Kai and Janie. Without her the cover wouldn't look so fab. Thanks luv!! You ROCK!! <333

  4. OMG! Love the cover and the cast so much!!! They fit the characters perfectly.


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