Saturday, December 31, 2011

Getting ready for 1 Year Blogoversary With Giveaway Info!

ALL Posts for The celebration will be linked here all in one place!

It's almost time! 1 Year of Blogging and I am celebrating with a whole month of Giveaways, Author guest posts, Author Q & A's, Blogger Guest Posts and more!

I am so, so excited about all this and hope you all enjoy everything I have planned for this month. Blogging is not at all easy and takes time and work, but it is SO Worth it! 

Giveaways: There will be a new giveaway each day!! Each giveaway will last for 2 weeks at the end of all the giveaways *which will be in Feb.* I will do a wrap up post to list every winner. Winners will not have to wait till then I will contact you if you win!

Comment Giveaway Special : If you comment on each post throughout the month you will be entered into a special Giveaway for $10.00 Amazon e-gift card and a swag pack that I have put together along with some books!! like 3 of them They are a surprise though :) 

Thank you all so much for celebrating with me! *tosses cookies*
Wanna Help Spread The Word? *That would be awesome!*

1 Year Blogoversary Celebration @ SupaGurl Books
<div align="center"><a href="" title="1 Year Blogoversary Celebration @ SupaGurl Books" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="1 Year Blogoversary Celebration @ SupaGurl Books" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Posts for Blogoversary Celebration - 

Day 1 with Taryn Browning - Winner(s) chosen
Day 2 with Leigh Fallon - Winner(s) chosen
Day 3 with Jana Oliver - Winner(s) chosen
Day 4 with Kelly Creagh - Winner(s) chosen
Day 5 with Victoria Schwab - Winner(s) chosen
Day 6 with Kimberly Derting - Winner(s) chosen
Day 7 with Stacey Jay - Winner(s) chosen
Day 8 with Jordan Dane
Day 9 with Angela Corbett - Winner(s) chosen
Day 10 with Cindi Tefft - Winner(s) chosen
Day 11 with Cidney Swanson  - Winner(s) chosen
Day 12 with Julie Cross - Winner(s) chosen
Day 13 with Megan Miranda - Winner(s) chosen
Day 14 with K.C. Neal
Day 15 with Angeline Kace - Winner(s) chosen
Day 16 with Kira Saito  - Winner(s) chosen
Day 17 *ACTUAL BLOGOVERSARY DAY* My Post - Winner(s) chosen
Day 18 with Megan Curd - Winner(s) chosen
Day 19 with Trish McCallan- Winner(s) chosen
Day 20 with Megan Duncan- Winner(s) chosen
Day 21 with Jennifer Armentrout- Winner(s) chosen
Day 22 with Michelle Madow- Winner(s) chosen
Day 23 with Matt Merrick- Winner(s) chosen
Day 24 with Shelly Crane- Winner(s) chosen
Day 25 Andrea from Bookish Babes- Winner(s) chosen
Day 26 April from Sim-Sational Reviews- Winner(s) chosen
Day 27 with Deanna Chase- Winner(s) chosen

Day 28 with J.F. Jenkins- Winner(s) chosen
Day 29 with Leanna Hieber- Winner(s) chosen
Day 30 with TEMPEST & On the Bright Side GIVEAWAY- Winner(s) chosen
Day 31 with Heather White- Winner(s) chosen


  1. It seems to be a great event but is it open for international too?

    all the best and Happy New Year

  2. Yay yay yay! A whole year.. that's crazy.. Time goes by quickly when your having fun blogging.

    I love your new layout.. and not just because I helped with the images. lol but it looks great. :)

    I wish I could say something obnoxious tonight but I'm too tired. :P

  3. Congratulations on your blogoversary! :)

  4. What an awesome idea for the giveaway and congrats.

  5. Happy Blogoversary your blog ROCKS

  6. Thanks for the give away!

  7. awesome idea for the giveaway and congrats.

  8. Happy Blogoversary!
    Wonderful giveaway and awesome blog!!


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