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1 Year Blogoversary Day 25 Andrea From The Bookish Babes Guest Post

25 Days in to the Celebration and I have with me today...

Andrea from The Bookish Babes

Thank you for stopping in Andrea and away you go...

Hi, guys! First and foremost, I want to congratulate Heather on her first year blogging. Blogging is so fun, and so tough and anyone who lasts a year deserves major applause.
Secondly, I would like to thank Heather for asking me to write guest post; and especially for making the topic super-easy and fun. I had my list in my head within five minutes. So here we go.

Top Five Books I Want to Be Made Into Movies
5.) The Vincent Boys, by Abbi Glines
Why? Two words: Beau Vincent. This is a book that is hard to explain if you don’t know Beau. He was the bad boy with a hidden heart of gold. And, if I were casting the movie, I would look for a young Josh Lucas.
4.) The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, by Jennifer E. Smith
Why? Have you read it?? This book would make the perfect movie. It reminded me of Serendipity, Love Actually, and Valentine’s Day. You know, those great movies that are sort of lighthearted, but catch you somewhere along the way and knock you on your butt. But, I want to be clear here. Oliver would have to be perfectly cast. Perfectly.

3.) The Iron Fey Series, by Julie Kagawa
I’m hesitant to list this one because it would be extremely tricky. The Nevernever was so beautifully built by Kagawa. I know it would be so difficult to replicate, but definitely worth the risk. Could you even imagine Ash and Puck on the big screen? Sa-woon. And the kissy scenes! Squee! And Grimalkin? I firmly stand by my position that he is the best cat ever. Yeah, that would be a fantastic movie.

2.) The Soul Screamers Series by Rachel Vincent
Where do I even start? For starters, the Netherworld, that place is so freaking creepy. But mainly, I would love to see that cast. A wholesome, sweet girl as Kaylee; a hot, sweet guy as Nash; and a guy who could be snarky and smirky as Tod, but still be likeable. Yeah, I could spend hours googling images in my search for the perfect cast.

1.) WVMP Radio Series, by Jeri Smith-Ready
Surprisingly, this is the only adult series on my list. For anyone who knows me, this is no surprise. I talk about this series all the time. I’ve become a bit of a bully about it. From the moment I met Ciara, a reformed (in progress) con artist, I was hooked. She’s smart, wry, realistic, and the ultimate in cool lead characters. And then you have the vampires. Trust me when I say, these vampires are unlike any you’ve read before. Music (awesome music, in fact) makes up a huge part of this series, fitting since the vampires are DJs. And then there’s Shane. Shane McAllister is my number one fictional guy. It would take the perfect actor to play tall, quiet, but passionate Shane. This series is the ultimate in cool.

Wow. I had a lot more to say than I intended, which is how it usually goes with me. I hope I’ve slightly entertained you. Thanks again, Heather, for having me. Congratulations!

There you have it... Now you know a tad bit more about the Awesomeness that is Andrea!! Stop by her blog and say HI.

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  1. thanks for acknowledging me throughout ur guest post......oh wait.....u meant the OTHER heather....sigh.
    i can't agree or disagree with 4 of ur choices since i havent read them but i DEFINITELY agree with the Soul Screamers series!

    1. yeah well im still drugged up! just wait til i get my hands on YOUR post tomorrow! lol

  2. Thanks for having me, Heather! I tried not to be too ramble-y, but that topic was so much fun. Congratulations!

  3. Yay Andrea!!!! I'm going to Marry her someday.. this is a fact.. It will be completely platonic marriage of course. we will have our own rooms and no kanoodling..

    I agree with the Iron Fey ones.. I would love to see it.. but at the same time.. I dont know if it could be done.. because the world building is too beautiful and they would for sure F it up. OH but they should try! :P

    Your always entertaining, to me at least. :)

  4. Hmm, I actually haven't read any of those books/series *shamefaced* Buuut I have been looking at the Iron Fey series and would really like to give it a read! And of course I'm hoping to read TSPoLaFS sometime in the near future :) Great picks, I'm definitely interested in checking a few of these out now!

  5. So I have only read my soul to take out of ALL of those, though I gotta say, it wasn't my favorite :s but i'm giving number two a shot! I will be checking out the rest sooN !

  6. Yes I would love The Vincent Boys to be made into a movie. Haha I too loved the book because of Beau. Wow he was so sexy, Abbi Glines definitely knows how to write her boys. The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight would be so cute to see. I can already picture Oliver being played by Jim Sturgess. Oh I really hope they make these into movies that would be totally awesome.

  7. I still need to read Jeri's other series! I'm so behind, and I've heard nothing but amazing things. I think Statistical would be an excellent movie! And any of Rachel Vincent's novels could be a movie. It's ridiculous!

  8. Great post, Andrea! I would LOVE to see The Iron Fey made into a movie. Ash <3 *swoon*! I have The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight on my bookshelf from BEA -- I've got to read it when I'm finished with my awesome signed copy of Clockwork Prince from the supa-amazing Heather. Happy Blogoversary, love! <3 :)

  9. The Iron Fey! :)

    If they can create the world of Avatar, they can create the NeverNever!

  10. looking for a new type of book to read, thanks for the chance,

  11. Hi, Andrea! You go, girl, guest-posting and all! I really need to read The Vincent Boys, and the rest of the Soul Screamers series. I keep saying I'm behind on that. I need to not be anymore!

    And, The Iron Fey books would make incredible movies that I'd never stop watching, provided Ash and Puck were to be as luscious as they are in the books. Never get anything done ever again...

  12. All the book you wrote were so good including the iron fey.

  13. I can't wait to start the Iron Fey! Waiting on my first book from TBD right now :)

  14. I have the Iron Fey as my next series to read! Can't wait to get into them, because everyone has such wonderful things to say!

  15. Andrea thank you for joining in on this blogoversary fun! I love your site as well and you are so right. Anyone who has the fortitude to stick with this incredibly entertaining and exhausting medium certainly deserves kudos and admiration. I really am going to have to get the WVMP series off the wishlist and into my kindle LOL I love book blogs and love following them - thanks you guys for making me smile :)

  16. I enjoyed reading your post. All those books made into movies would be amazing!

  17. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! And Andrea, I agree with you 100%- The Vincent Boys would make a great movie because of **sigh** Beau Vincent! ♥

  18. I would love to see the Iron King made into a movie. imagine the merchandise they'll be selling!


  19. I loved the Iron Fey series and too would enjoy seeing them made into movies! I have only read the last book in The Soul Screamers series for the blog I review for, but plan on reading the previous books in the series because I enjoyed it so much.

  20. Thanks for the awesome giveaways! Happy Blogoversary!

  21. thx so much for the giveaway! great choices!

  22. I agree! The Iron Fey series would make an amazing movie but would be very tricky. I vote Julian Casablanca's from The Strokes to be Prince Ash =)

  23. Love this post. Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  24. I really need to read the Iron Fey and Soul Screamers series!


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