Sunday, January 22, 2012

IMM #3 I think

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Ok so I only do these every now and then but yeah I really wanted to show you what I got this week!! So here goes...

I received The Immortal Rules ARC from Harlequin and I have already devoured it! 
I received Emily's House from the Author for a book tour.
I received Shift ARC from the Author *man it is awesomeness*
Won Obsidian and Half-Blood through a giveaway!
Won Fallen In Love ARC in a giveaway
Won Guardians of the Grimoire in a giveaway

Thank you so much for all the awesomeness!!

I have not put in all that I bought this week.. ughh that's a long list LOL

What did you get??


  1. Awesome IMM! Obsidian looks pretty freaking awesome :) I do believe I will check that one out!

    You can check out my IMM Here :)

    Tabby @Insightful Minds

  2. What a great bunch of books! I can't wait to read The Immortal Rules. Enjoy!

  3. Great set! Vengeance has an incredible cover. Enjoy!
    My IMM

  4. Great haul! I am so excited about Obsidian. Happy reading :)

    In My Mailbox #6

  5. wow you have a great set of books. I still need to buy Obsidian. I'm going to get immortal too. I love entering giveaways, you got some really good ones. I subscribed by email to your website, thanks for stopping by. :)

  6. whoo! You won a lot of books!! Congrats!

    Giselle from
    In My Mailbox

  7. BTW I love how your header is THE SIMS!!! <3

    Giselle from
    In My Mailbox

    1. Yepp That is the Sims version of Janie Grey from Dark Seeker :) Thanks :) and the one I use for my post is Me as a Sims LOL I love them!!

  8. Yay!!! you used your sim mailbox shot. I thought you might use that snap shot, that was my fav of them all, it looked perfect with the birds and the balloon! :)

    I cannot stinking wait to read Immortal Rules. <3 Such a huge fan of anything she writes. :) I think you need to lend it to me.. just saying. lol. J/k my pile is probably as tall as I am at this point.

    I got shift as well! I had hoped to finish most of it this weekend, but I never got around to it. :)

  9. I can see why you wanted to show this off this week! AWESOME BOOKS!

    Here is my IMM

    And if you're interested, here is my 100 Follower Giveaway

    I'm a new follower! Happy Reading!

  10. I really want to read Remembrance! Especially if it's based off Taylor Swift's music video :).

    And I need to finish the rest of the Fallen series!

    Enjoy your books!

    Meghan at Books and a Cup of Tea

  11. Congrats on all your winnings! Fallen In Love is one I'm looking forward to reading. And lucky you for getting Julie Kagawa's new book!


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