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Review of The Vampire's Curse *Undead in Brown County #2* by S.J. Wright

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"If a woman was rendered nearly unconscious due to the effects of an incredible orgasm, she was less likely to feel alarmed when my teeth sank into her flesh.  Compulsion is one of my abilities, but I use it sparingly.  Perhaps it is one of my few moral qualms." - Michael Graviano Sarah Wood isn't very happy about being the Vampire's Warden, but nobody's job is perfect.  What is more alarming is the fact that she gave permission for her friend Alex to be turned into a vampire.
The vampire that she longs to be with is Michael, who is fighting demons of his own.  To add some fun into the mix of drama,  Sarah's mother has returned to the Inn after sixteen years of being away.
Sarah is fairly sure that the sh** is going to hit the fan.  Especially when her beloved sister Katie is swept into the situation and undergoes a serious attitude change.

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Review: 4x5

Ok so I really liked this, but I had some problems with it...

The characters I really enjoyed all of them! Michael is still a bit of a mystery to me but I think that is what the author is going for. I still fell for him in the first book and that carries on to this one. He's powerful but desperately in Love with Sarah.

Sarah she is feisty, strong-willed and has a strong sense of family. All these things make her a great female lead. She fell in strong for Michael but is wary of him which is to be expected. Now for Alex...

Oh I really liked him first go round then with this one well he went off the rails a bit for me. I truly don't like him at all now.

The story is great! I think this has all the makings for an amazing story but something was lacking for me here. I'm not sure if there was just not enough or if it was like way rushed and not including everything that should have been. Maybe a combination of both. That's just me though~

I will be reading the last in this book to see where all these great ppl/vamps end up. 


  1. I read the first book (won in a giveaway) back in the spring. I was intrigued by the concept, but felt like something was just...missing. Seems like it happened again. Oh well.
    Nice review, Heather!

  2. I will admit that I was sucked in by the cover and synopsis. I have not read it, but it has been on my wishlist :) Thanks for sharing today.


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