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1 Year Blogoversary Day 24 Shelly Crane Character Interview & Giveaway

Awesome Day 24 I bring you Author of ..
Significance, Accordance *Significance Series* Devour *Devoured Series* Collide, Uprising, Catalyst *Collide Series* & more
Shelly Crane

I would like to give it over to Shelly as she has a Character Interview with Caleb *swoon* take it away...

Hi. I'm Shelly Crane, the author of the Significance series. Heather asked me to stop by and bring someone along for an interview.
Today, since you've heard so much from Maggie and her point of view, I thought you might like a taste of Caleb. Not a literal taste….a metaphorical but yet still yummy taste. I've invited him while Maggie is dealing with Virtuoso Council hypocrisy. So, he'll be here any min- Ah! Here he is!

Me: Caleb! Come on, sit. Everybody has been waiting.

Caleb: Really? (Rubs neck in embarrassment) Well, what did you want to talk about? You're not gonna make me play guitar or sing are you?

Me: Nah. Just ask a few questions.

Caleb: Maggie is better at this stuff than me. You should have asked her to come.

Me: But the girls want to talk to you.

Caleb: Uh…ok. If you say so.

Me: I know I wrote you to be all modest but you have to understand the appeal right? Tattoos, a motorcycle, a serious case of protective male…

Caleb: Ok, I get it. (Laughs nervously) What do you want to know?

Me: Well, what's your favorite thing about Maggie?

Caleb: She's sweet.

Me: You can do better than that.

Caleb: (laughs in a rumble) What? You want me to say something about how hot she is?

Me: Nope. If she were listening what would you want her to overhear you say about her?

Caleb: That she's amazing, which I tell her every day. She's genuinely the sweetest, most easy going person I've ever met.

Me: And what about Kyle? Things better with him since him and Lynne?

Caleb: Well, we really haven't had much time to figure that out. We've been busy.

Me: With the council?

Caleb: The council, Marla… (Grits teeth and bangs a rhythm with his fist on the chair arm) Maggie's real father, the Watsons. It's been a real load of fun.

Me: So they've been giving Maggie a hard time?

Caleb: They've all been trying to do whatever they can to tear her down…and piss me off in the process. But she's tough. She can handle anything they throw at her. But if she can't…well, then I'll handle it.

Me: What's going on at the palace? Anything you can tell us about?

Caleb: Things aren't like I thought they were. I thought my people were good, a little eccentric and snobbish maybe, but good. But they're not. The council is the biggest joke. All they want is to put Maggie on display.

Me: But you plan to stop them, right?

Caleb: Hell yeah.

Me: How?

Caleb: Well, Maggie is a force to be reckoned with. (Grins with pride, his dimple causing me butterflies.) But if you want to know what happens, then I guess you have to purchase the next book.

Me: Nice marketing plug.

Caleb: I do what I can.

Me: So, will you and Maggie get married in this book?

Caleb: If I had my way, she'd be my wife already. But there's a few things we have to get done first.

Me: Like a house. Have you started looking?

Caleb: I'm throwing a little curveball with that one. I think…I might piss a few people off. (Runs hand through hair and chuckles) But in the end, we've got to do what's right for us, right?

Me: Definitely agree. So what kind of things can we expect between you and Maggie in Defiance then?

Caleb: Well, Maggie definitely kicks it. A lot of things change, for the good. A lot of things stay the same. Maggie surprises even me on more than one occasion. I didn't think she could be more hot…more sexy, more in control and take charge of the whole Visionary thing. But, man, was I wrong. She makes me pretty crazy, I'll say that much.

Me: Anything else you want to lay on us about book 3?

Caleb: We lose somebody…and it's hard. And then all this crap with Maggie's dad and Bish being in danger. And then her real father showing his face…it's been one roller coaster after another. I've never wanted to hurt people as badly as I have this past week.

Me: Why's that?

Caleb: Nobody messes with my girl.

Me: Ok. One last question that I get asked on a daily basis. Do Bish and Jen imprint in book 3?

Caleb: I plead the fifth.

Me: Good answer. Thank you so much for coming.

Caleb: Sure thing. And how about you lay off Maggie in book 4? She's been through enough, don't you think?

Me: Well then, there won't be much to talk about in book 4 will there?

Caleb: I'm sure we can come up with something. (Smirks) I'm thinking wedding bells and honeymoon suites. (Grins and get's a glazy look)

Me: Alright, you.

Caleb: I'll tell Maggie you said hello.

Me: You do that. And have a safe trip back.

Caleb: Yeah…next time you write in a rental car, make it a motorcycle, will ya?

Me: Sure.

Caleb: Later.

Well there you have it! Straight from the hottie's mouth. I need to get back to writing so I'll leave you with Heather! Bye guys!

Best wishes and happy endings,
Shelly Crane

Thank you again Shelly!! That was a great interview... I love me some Caleb :) 

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  1. Great post. I have Significance for review and it's coming up next on my list. I am really excited to get to it, and this interview has me very interested in the characters.

  2. This is a new author for me. Sounds like she's got a great list of books to check out! I'll be sure to do that. Loved the interview.

  3. I never heard of this series before.I have to tell you though Caleb you might want to get used to the attention.;) Great interview!

  4. I love a character interview and I thank you Caleb for taking the time to share with us today. I will admit that I did not read your answers to all of the questions as I have not yet read book one and did not want to spoil the fun LOL but it was nice to get a glimpse of your personality and sharing in this blogoversary fun. I look forward to reading more about your journey.

  5. I loved this character interview!!! And thanks for the giveaway- I've been wanting to read this book for a while! :))

  6. I enjoyed reading the character interview. It was very fun to read.

  7. I love the interview so different.

  8. Character interviews are awesome! Can't wait to get started on this series!

  9. Loved the Character Interview awesome this book sounds good

  10. Thanks for the fantastic interview and the giveaway!

  11. Somehow this series has slipped right under me but I am already loving how Significance sounds. I absolutely love reading about soul mates and it's funny how Maggie meets Caleb when she's on her way to a date with his cousin. I already have a crush on Caleb, it's so hard not to. I definitely can't wait to meet him and Maggie when I read this book.

  12. Shelly, I adored your series! Amazing reads! Can't wait to read the rest of your books!

  13. Great post. Thanks for the giveaway

  14. Caleb is sooo sweet!!! I want him for my bf! Thanks for giveaway! (Pao Mtz Parente)

  15. Love this post. Thanks for this giveaway.

  16. I've heard you can't love 2 people at the same time but with Caleb and Merrick there is only one thing I can say: I LOVE YOU BOTH!
    My God Shelly! How could you have taken my "men-standards" soo high?! My boyfriend is not going to like it! LOL.
    I seriously adore both series!
    Thank you Shelly and Caleb for the interview!
    Thank you Heather for the post and the giveaway! I really like both!


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