Sunday, January 8, 2012

1 Year Blogoversary Day 8 Jordan Dane Q&A

This is the Day I bring you 
Author of In The Arms of Stone Angels 
& On A Dark Wing
Jordan Dane

Jordan has been really busy with the release of On a Dark Wing and I was greatful she took a scant few minutes to answer some silly questions for you all.
SG: Tweet your book: describe your book no longer than a twitter

JD: 16yr old Abbey Chandler cheats Death & lives past her expiration date. Her
lucky break comes at a heartbreaking price & Death never forgets

SG: What kind of hobbies do you have? If you don't have any what hobby 
would you like to take up?

JD: I'm a Koi Wrangler without Koi at the moment. We moved to a new house and
haven't dug a Koi pond yet. I never thought I'd get attached to little fish
faces, but after we raised Koi from fish eggs, we really got into it. My
favorite baby was a blind one that had red coloring across his eyes that
looked like a mask. We called him Dare Devil, after the blind comic book
hero. For Koi, the water quality is important to maintain and it's a
soothing Zen thing to hear the rushing water from a waterfall. Koi eat from
your hand too, if you work with them. The best thing is that they don't seem
to mind that I love sushi. They're very forgiving that way.

As for a hobby I'd like to do, I could totally get into Ghost Hunting, if I
could afford all the changes in underwear. I've gone out with a couple of
ghost hunting groups, including one that had a film crew with them. They
were filming for their reality TV show pitch. Very creepy. (I can say that I
don't believe in ghosts in the light of day, but when I'm on one of these
night trips, the hair on my neck is standing straight up and I seriously
want to see something unexplainable. Weird, huh? The adrenaline rush really
makes you feel alive.)

SG: What is your favorite holiday ... and why?

JD: I love Thanksgiving. The homey smells in the house, falling into a turkey
coma for hours, and all the leftovers. I don't even mind watching football
all day, just cuz it's part of the gig. But the really cool thing is being
with family and being reminded what's really important & what you're
thankful for.

SG: Where would you most like to visit in the world?

JD: I love traveling-period. I've been to many places, domestic and foreign. I
even lived in Alaska for a number of years. I'm surprised I survived that
actually. Did remote fly-in fishing trips dropped in the middle of nowhere,
backpacking & canoe trips, got charged by a mother moose, had a close
encounter with a bear stalking, & was a check point operator on the Iditarod
trail for the Iditaski race in the dead of winter. Alaska was an adventure
of a lifetime, but I would love to visit Australia, Ireland, Japan and
Greenland. They're on my bucket list.

This or That...

Coffee or Tea: 
Oy! Love coffee in the morning, but tea all other times. (I'm not getting
the hang of this or that, am I?)

Dine in or Dine out: 
DINE OUT! Oh, baby, I'm a freak for dining out. Love all kinds of exotic
foods too.

Board games or Video games: 
Video (especially where I can blow up stuff)Note*My fave part of gaming..blowing stuff up!*

Real book or E-book: 
Real book (But I love my kindle. Very Sybil of me.)

Movie Theater or Rent a movie: 
Movie Theater (where I can get Goobers or M&Ms to throw into my popcorn. I
guess that's still considered Vegan)

Thanks for featuring a new YA author, Heather, and for what you're doing to
encourage literacy through your blog. It's been my dream and my passion to
write stories, but writing books is only half the circle. When a reader
takes that journey with the author, that's when the circle is complete.
Happy reading!

Once again Thank You so much to Jordan Dane for answering and what great interesting answers they are!

Find Jordan on the Web:  Goodreads | Website | Twitter 


  1. Lovely interview! And lol @ blowing stuff up. It is really the best part about video games. :D Ghost Hunting sounds like fun as long as stays just a hobby and not a full time occupation.

  2. Thanks for the feature, Heather--and MAJOR congrats on your blog anniversary. I'm toasting you with coffee as I (Maybe later, I'll blow up some stuff online in your honor...with both hands.)

    Happy reading!


  3. hi Jordan!! fancy meeting you here! i usually chat with ya on ur own site :P Koi and Sushi comment is hysterical!! nice to learn a little more about ya....dont know many women who fly-fish aside from myself and my neighbor!! again, nice to know that Hans hasnt killed u for ur brain yet and im sure ill be chatting with ya again soon!

  4. I've wanted to read her books for months now. Everyone seems to love them. I'm so behind!

  5. Thank you Jordan for sharing with us celebrating this happy blogoversary. I am definitely intrigued and will be looking up your books.

  6. Awesome interview can not wait to read your books

  7. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. This was a fun interview to read.



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