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1 Year Blogoversary Day 23 Matthew Merrick Guest Post

My 23rd day of the celebration and I have the coolest DUDE ever! Author of...
Exiled & Shift
Matthew Merrick

So Matt took out some time from his busy busy day and made this amazing guest post... so take it away...

Top 5 Places I MUST Visit – M.R. Merrick

First I want to thank the wonderful SupaGurl for asking me to be on her blog today with a top 5 list. I think the original idea was going to be top 5 songs, but since 4 of those would probably belong to Eminem, and the other, Otis Redding, that wouldn’t be very exciting. Look, that post is almost done already! So, another route had to be taken. So top 5 places I want ot visit it is.
I should clarify that I’ve never really been anywhere. I’ve been to Toronto and Montana once, both when I was younger and I don’t remember those vacations – if you can even call them that. Other than that, I’ve only ever been to B.C. Actually, I’ve never even seen the ocean. So this is my top 5 list for places I plan to visit once I’m rich and famous (see: 3 – 5 years).
Greece: I must go here.

I obsessively look at pictures of this beautiful place. In some places, the water is so blue and green, yet so clear, it almost makes me drool to think of jumping into it.

I once worked as a delivery driver and I delivered to the one and only authentic Greek cuisine restaurant we have here. The owner had come to Canada from Greece, and I asked him if the water really was that beautiful. “Oh yes,” he said, which turned into him sitting me down for over an hour, filling me full of Baklava and some chocolate dessert I still have no name for, but let me tell you, it was incredible, and telling me all about his home country. But it isn’t just the country, it’s everything. The structures, the landscape, the mythology.

Greek mythology (any mythology really, but Greek specifically) has always blown me away. I love reading about it, watching movies based on it, anything I can get my hands on. This is number one on my list for a reason.

What a place! Look at it.

With a rich history, Scotland is next on the list. Remarkable landscapes,

incredible castles, and although I don’t drink Scotch, I’m pretty sure I could find a place or two to have a beer, or many. There, see, this place looks good!

I should start by saying I’m terrified of spiders. Horrified maybe? Neither of those words seem to do this fear justice. Australia is home to some pretty crazy spiders. Like this one, this is an actual, bird eating spider.

Yes, those big ass legs you see, are about to wrap around that birds head and it will EAT HIM! OMG WHAT IS HAPPENEING.

What about this guy?

I don’t know what this is, or what the hell his problem is, but this guy is native so Australia. Let me tell you, if I saw that thing, not even an adult diaper could save me from embarrassment.

So why do I want to go here? I’m starting to doubt the reasons myself, but there is other incredible wildlife there too. Of the not so scary variety. Like him.

I’m pretty sure this guy is looking for a Matty hug right about now. Or a boxing match…I could totally take him.

Aside from animals, Australia has some incredible beaches, and of course the ocean. I know I can see the ocean from a lot of these places, but I really want to see it from the sands of Australia. I’d probably take a chance and try to learn how to surf too, although did I mention sharks terrify me?


There is no crazy reasoning behind this except that the structure itself amazes me. How it got there. How big it is. How far the creators of it had to travel with this giant stones…yes, absolutely amazing. I must see it for myself.

And since for today, I’m taking over Heather’s blog with my ridcuawesomeness. Yes that’s a word. It’s in the Mattionary, right after rindinkopolis. No I won’t tell you what it means, look it up! Anyways, since I’m taking over for today, I’m cheating. Number 5 on my list is actually a bunch of places.

Cambodia Why? Insane history. I know that’s been a reason on a few of my selections, but I hated history up until a few years go. Now, it fascinates me and I need to catch up. Also, they have some incredible sights to see. I want…no…I WILL see them.

AfricaNo place specific, but I have an absolute passion for animals and Africa is home to some the most amazing wildlife on the planet. Oh, and if we do get specific, one stop on my African journey is Egypt and the Sphinx.

New ZealandAll I can say is wow. This place looks absolutely incredible, and I have had some friends travel there. The landscapes, their experiences, the people…everything. Just wow…

Okay, that’s enough cheating. There are a lot of places I want to visit, but for a few moments, you got to journey into my – sometimes scary – mind and get to know a little bit more about me! 

Thank you so much Heather for having me on the blog!

WOW see I told you he was awesomeness! Thanks so much Matt for Guest Posting!!

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  1. Holy shit, he is crazy to want to go to Australia... No offense to any readers who live there.

    There is poisonous shit everywhere.. Their chickens are probably even poisonous. I would no doubt die from poison poultry disease for sure.

    And those crazy jelly fishes.. No amount of pee will save you from those F'ers!

    Greece and Scotland look pretty though! lol

  2. I would love to go to Greece and Scotland! They're so pretty! Stonehenge would be a pretty interesting visit. As for Austrailia, I might go, but I'm scared of all the creepy stuff.

  3. All if those destinations are on my list as well. They're all spectacular. Thanks for hosting Mr. Merrick and giving us the opportunity to receive your book.

  4. I've been looking forward to reading this one for months. He's a riot! Thanks for the giveaway. I can't wait to read this one for sure!

  5. I wanna go to Stonehenge as well! Nice places you have listed! And thanks for sharing!

  6. Awesome post! Some of those places are of my list to visit one day too. Don't get me started on the fear of spiders. I so understand! Matt, I hope you get a chance to see the ocean one day. I live in a beach town and I can't image living away from the ocean. I may not actually go in the water (way too cold!), but it's wonderful to look at!

    This book sounds great! Adding to my TBR! :-)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Thanks for all the comments everyone! Good luck to everyone in the giveaway. :)

    Ambert - Yeah, spiders and me are not friends. They've never done anything to me specifically...except look at me funny...with all 8 of their beady little eyes. Haha. I think if I saw the ocean, freezing or not, I'd be going in. Assuming their are no shark fins floating above the water.

  8. Thanks for scaring the living sh€# outta me with those spider pics*shudder* I wanna go to Scotland! Thanks for the post!

  9. I am so with you on Greece and Scotland - please let me know when you are leaving and I will stowaway in your luggage LOL I often dream of sitting in a cafe overlooking the sea in Greece, eating until I cannot move, and watching all of the people. Thank you for my mental fantasy today, you made me smile :) BTW, I really want to read Exiled!

  10. I would love to travel the world love the pics some are just so beautiful

  11. Scotland is my #1 destination! I love the history and architecture. Everything is "new" in the US... I want to see some real skill and culture! :)

  12. This post literally made me laugh out loud! I am so freaking scared of spiders but I couldn't help but staring at all those creepy pictures of them.

  13. I liked the pictures and the post. Those would be great places to visit.

  14. OMG the spiders have me totally creeped out right now!! I am absolutely terrified beyond belief of spiders(I will probably have nightmares from looking at the pics haha). I would love to go to Australia though, just man me with a tennis racket or something to fight off those bad boys. Who am I kidding I would probably die of fright lol! Those are all great places Matt. Hope you get to see all of them and more!

  15. I have always wanted to see Greece and all of the incredible countryside sights throughout Europe. I would add to that the Great Wall of China and it's amazing temples, as well as New Zealand and Russia.

    Great post!

  16. Wow, what great reviews Exiled has!

  17. Matt! The books sounds amazing! I'm so happy Shift came out! Can't to read your books!

  18. OMG I was just reading about this book yesterday. It sounds SOOO good.

  19. I would love to go to Australia. Come to Canada some day :)
    Thanks for this giveaway.

  20. Thanks for the awesome guest post and giveaway!!! :))

  21. FireStarBooks - Thanks! Response from the ARC's has been amazing so far!

    Hushed Paradox - I live in Canada!

  22. Great guest post! Of those places, I've been to Scotland, which was amazing! It's so pretty there, we went to the small city of Perth and to Edinburgh, with a day trip to Stirling. Edinburgh castle is really incredible!


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