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*Blog Tour* Dies Irae Novella (Requiem Series, .5) by Christine Fonseca with Giveaway

For my stop on the tour I have an excellent Guest post from Christine! and away you go...

Top 5 Movies I LOVE ( And That Have Also Inspired My Writing)

I love movies—the music, the cinematography, the story. Everything. And movies have played a huge role in my writing, from inspiring a story, to providing a soundtrack for my writing, to giving me a visual on a sword battle. So, when I was asked by Heather to list my top five movies, it was much harder than I thought.
But I managed it. Sort of. Here are my top five movies (at least the top five to inspire the writing of this series)

1. BATMAN BEGINS and DARK KNIGHT– What epic films! Great characters, deep emotions, a great lesson in “crazy”. FABULOUS.

2. INCEPTION – I loved the concept of this movie, and the way the storyline was crafted, leaving you slightly unsure in the end. GREAT!

3. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN – Another great, sweeping, storyline. I loved the dynamic of the three main characters, and the development of Jack Sparrow overall.
(**I’m sure you’re seeing a theme in the kind of stories I like, aren’t you?!?)

4. STAR TREK (the new one) – Yes, many of my die-harder trekkie friends want to KILL me now; But dude, seriously. This was BRILLIANT. The opening scene captured my heart from the beginning, and kept me throughout the rest of the film. THAT is what I want to do when I write. Not to mention Nero’s tats totally inspired some things in the series.

5. HARRY POTTER 7 – Yes, I will admit it, I am a die-hard HP fan. And while I enjoyed most of the movies, HP7 was absolutely my favorite. Recently, I watched parts one and two back to back – EPIC. This was another great lesson in story crafting.
There are a ton more movies I love, but these are ones that have helped shape my approach to crafting stories, the Requiem series in particular.

Some sacrifices should never be made—even for love.

Mikayel lives by one rule—obey the orders of the angelic Council at all costs. That is, until he and his friends, Azza and Demi, are sent to Earth. Assigned as Watchers while they await their decision of which angelic order to serve, the three assume the bodies of teenagers and experience life as human.

The sensations are overwhelming as the angels experience a host of human emotions—rage, terror, love—and come ever closer to breaking one of the unbreakable rules—never fall in love.

But being human isn’t the only problem facing the three angels. Unbeknownst to the Council, demonic activity is on the rise, threatening to break a tenuous peace that has existed for a millennia; a peace Azza seems bent on destroying.

Caught in a struggle for power with unseen demonic forces and Azza, and fighting against his rising emotional attachment to Demi, Mikayel must now decide how much he is willing to sacrifice for his new found love—a decision that could reignite an ancient war and will threaten the only thing that matters to the angels, the survival of humanity.


I liked this book. I was however not totally in love with it like I normally am what I read, I will tell you why...

First let me start off with what I liked: That cover is beautiful! It conveys so much of what this is about. I also liked the premise of it. The writing is great and I liked that it is guy(s) POV.

Now...It's not that I didn't like the characters but I just did not connect with them like I wanted to. This could totally be my fault, but I just kept waiting for something to jump out at me and make me care either way what was going to happen with them. This makes me really sad. I enjoy the connection. I don't want to delve into the characters because you should definitely give this a read! I will be checking out Requiem Series #1 when it's released though.

Giveaway!! How about an e-copy for you and one for a TEEN you know!!

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  1. Thanks for hosting a leg Heather. I am sorry that you didn't connect with the characters too - but thrilled that you are still planning on reading LACRIMOSA.

    1. You are very welcome! It happens sometimes, I know that this is the start of everything and I am going to defiantly read the next one. I like where everything started off and maybe it will all click with me in the next one. Wow that is a huge run-on sentence!

  2. I am super excited about this book!! Meeting Christine and following the tour around has really made me excited for both her books :)

  3. This sounds like an interesting book. Character connection is really important to me, but if you liked it enough to continue on with it I may have to give it a try. :)

    1. Yeah, I think that the next one will give me a good scope of everything. Like I said this is a novella to introduce everyone and the world. I am excited for the next one!

  4. I am really looking forward to reading this. It is not to often that you find a book that is from the guys POV.

  5. There was a twitter book chat last week on this book and now I really want to read this. Thankd for hosting this giveaway!

  6. This books sounds really good. I am really into angels books right now.

    Rachel V

  7. I enjoyed your post. The book sounds very interesting.

  8. One of the hardest reviews to right and share are when you really like a book, but there is just that something; especially when you really really want a certain feeling in the reading. I am looking forward to giving this a read as the premise intrigues me. Thank you for the lovely giveaway opportunity.


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