Monday, February 20, 2012

My Fairytale Life by Heather M. White * Review

Published January 30th 2012

17 year old Jadyn and her dad are vampire hunters. That is until her dad decides it's time for Jadyn to have a "normal" life. When he moved them to Miami, Florida the last thing Jadyn expected was for there to be vampires.

Jadyn doesn't want to have a normal life, but then she starts to make new friends. She starts to think that maybe a normal life might not be so bad after all. But soon she realizes that maybe her friends aren't "human" as she once thought they were.

On top of everything else a very powerful vampire, Tabatha, seeks revenge on Jadyn. People from her school start disappearing, and people start dying. She wants to stop the deaths, but Tabatha has other plans for her.

Can Jadyn stop the one vampire that is impossible to kill before its too late?


You are thrown into the action from the start. Jadyn is with her dad and they are Vampire Hunters. You can get a sense of what her life is like and has been since she lost her mother. Her dad wants her to have "normal" so he settles them down in Florida. No vamps's sunny all the time, right? LOL

Jadyn is a great girl. She is strong and snarky. All she has had is her dad. I really did like her but I had a few problems with her... She is all about not needing anyone and she can do things on her own but when faced with something she freezes up after she gets help she is back to leave me alone I can do this on my own. So it's a back and forth thing. Like I said she just has her dad. When she gets friends she completely shuts him out :( 

Her dad... not much of him is seen but what I did I liked.

Beau - Dreamy. I really liked him! He is sweet and swoony but able to protect Jadyn

Jeremy - oh how I melted LOL no really when you first meet him you think douche bag! but he grows on ya. I thought he was funny, snarky, sexy and very protective! 

The world Heather builds up is great. There is action, romance and trials. Great Great Read!!

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