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Review of Unfurl *Rippler Series* by Cidney Swanson and Character Interview!!

Welcome to my stop on the Official Blog Tour for Unfurl : book 3 in the Rippler series by 
Cidney Swanson

I have for you a Review of Unfurl, an amazing interview with Will!! Then a giveaway... so here we go!

Author Bio:

Cidney Swanson is the author of The Ripple Series. She began writing at age seven; her first novel began with “Ouch,” and her characters have been suffering ever since. Cidney lives in Eugene, Oregon with her husband, three kids, two cats, one dog, and entirely too much rain.
Also just sayin but OMG Cidney! Cute haircut ;) 

Now I have an Interview for you with... Will who I think is just amazing!

Hi Will, I just have a few questions for you today. I don't want to keep you from Sam and everyone for very long.

So, if you don't mind me asking, what do you miss the most about your life before all this craziness started?

You know, for me the craziness started pretty far back, which supposedly happens for kids who are exposed to early trauma and who also carry the Helmann’s Disease gene. So, yeah, lots of crazy for lots of years. But things were pretty good for awhile back when Mom was alive and Dad had left us/been kicked out. I miss my mom listening to me give her detailed accounts of whatever we’d just studied in history. She could really listen, my mom. I miss eating out with her and Mick at this Chinese restaurant. I don’t even know the name but they had amazing Garlic Pan Fried Chicken and Hot and Sour Soup.

What do you love doing the most? the least? with your rippling.

I just like going out late at night when places are peaceful, like Las Abs, anyway. The sidewalks kind of roll up there by ten at night. And I like to move in and out of buildings. Not all stalker-ish. I mean, I like the going-through-different-walls part. You never know when you’ll find a surface that is just amazing. It’s how I discovered rock walls. Least, um, well, I’ve never had any down side to this. Well, unless you count being chased by evil neo-Nazis. But they’re more after Sam and others than me simply because so far Mick’s kept me off the radar.

If you could take your sister Mick anywhere, well where would that be?

She would never, EVER admit this, but I am sure she’d love some kind of crazy girl-y shopping spree. I’d like to take her to London or New York City where she could speak the language and just give her one of those gold cards. Or titanium cards. Whatever it is that has no limit on it. She’d totally roll her eyes at me if I suggested it. But she’d go. And she’d love it. And I’d carry the bags and packages and stuff.

*I sigh cause that is so sweet and just like him*

Now same thing with Sam...take her anywhere, where would it be?

We’d both like to see the Taj Mahal. Romantic. Nuff said.


If you had a job (like you could have one right now in this mess) what would you want to be doing?

I’d kind of like to run a pizza joint. And I wouldn’t mind driving people around Yosemite. You know, like a tour guide. Showing them stuff.

One last question then I will let you get going *wink* Can you tell us your top 3 songs that you love?

Dude, I never know the names of the songs I really like. Give me a sec, and maybe I can try. There’s this one called Unfurl that I thought was really haunting, but kind of hopeful, you know? I think it’s a couple years old. And I like Greensleeves. My mom used to sing it. It was really, um, haunting. Geez. There’s like a theme here. Okay, now I gotta think of something cheerful. How about I’m a Believer? I think I heard it on Shrek first. And now that I’ve met Sam, I am definitely a believer.

*reaches for Will's hand to shake* Thank you so much for taking a bit of time with me. I just want you to know that when you leave I will jump up and down and squeee like a little girl for getting to meet with you *Huge Grin*

Will blushes, shakes his head, and looks away with a goofy grin.
And now I will commence my squeee'in and Jumping up and down like a little girl 


From the moment I started reading Rippler, I just knew that this was going to be an wicked good series. I was so right! The writing throughout is spot on.

Sam is still growing as a person and you can see that growth in this one still. I love how she has taken what happens to her in stride. Does she freak out? yes, as she should but she also steps up and does what needs to be done. Being away from Will in this book is a huge part of this book. I will tear you up and it should. 
Will is just as torn up at being apart from Sam. Just like her though he does what needs to be done *finally* he did need prodding to get with it, which I thought was sweet.
This book brings everything to a head and there is action, suspense and love! You will not see what is coming until it's too late. While the ending to the series is great it could also mean an opening for more ... later.  GET IT NOW!!

Now for an amazing GIVEAWAY! I get to offer you, courtesy of Cidney :

The Full Rippler Series for Kindle

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  1. Great interview. This sounds like a really great series. Lovely review too, I can tell how much you enjoy the series.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful interview. I am looking forward to reading this series :)

  3. Great interview! I really, really want to read this book. :)

  4. I've never heard of this series, but it sounds really interesting!


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