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Vampire Valentines Day - Review Vamplayer by Rusty Fischer Giveaway

Welcome to the Vampire Valentines Day Review/Giveaway Event @ SupaGurl books, Featuring : 
Rusty Fischer and The amazing book 

At the Afterlife Academy of Exceptionally Dark Arts, the vampires in training follow one of two tracks: they become either Sisters or Saviors. Of course, everyone wants to be a Savior, swooping into infested high schools in matching red leather jumpsuits and wielding crossbows, putting down swarming vampires with deadly efficiency.

But Lily Fielding is just a Sister—a Third Sister at that, a measly trainee. When Lily and her two Sisters, Alice and Cara, are called out to their latest assignment, she figures it’s just another run-of-the-mill gig: spot the Vamplayer (part vampire, part player), identify the predictably hot, trampy girl he’s set his eyes on, and befriend her before the Vamplayer can turn her to do his bidding.

Finding the sleek and sexy Vamplayer, Tristan, and his equally beautiful and popular target, Bianca, is easy. And when Lily meets the adorably geeky Zander, she too falls under a lover’s spell. But this assignment turns out to be trickier than most when the Third Sister must battle the baddest vampire of all.

SupaAwesome Guest Post Ahead!!! 
Team Zombie Versus Team Vamp: Are the Living Dead Only Beating the Bloodsuckers Online?
A Guest Post by Rusty Fischer, author of Vamplayers

So, as part of my ongoing education as a YA author, one of my weekly duties – though it feels more like a “treat” – is to take a field trip to the local mega-bookstore and troll the YA aisle for an hour or so.

I’m usually there before school lets out for the day, and rarely on weekends, so I’m pretty much alone in my research of what’s hot, what’s not, what’s faced out, what’s spine-in and all the other indicators of how trends are pulling, or what’s got “heat,” at least in the brick and mortar world.

I guess because now that Vamplayers is out in the world I’m hypersensitive to this whole “zombies versus vamps” grudge match, but I could swear that despite all the zombie hype online, in the actual aisles of my local bookstore at least, the vamps are still winning by a mile.

Yes, Rot & Ruin was front and center and deservedly so because Jonathan Mayberry and his sensitive, sophisticated and challenging undead world ROCKS, but… where were all the copies of Warm Bodies? Where was Zombie Blondes? Where was You Are So Undead to Me? Where was Never Slow Dance With a Zombie?

Nowhere, that’s where. I couldn’t find them, and I’ve been looking for weeks on end. I figure if they’re gone one week, maybe they’re sold out. (Go, Zombies!) Two weeks, three weeks… maybe they’re not stocking them at all.

Now, these were the books – well, Rot & Ruin wasn’t out back then, and I think Warm Bodies came right toward the end – that inspired me to write Zombies Don’t Cry in the first place, that basically created the YA living dead genre out of thin air.

And now I can’t barely find them anywhere in “real” life.

And it’s not because they’re older and a little outdated, because I still see the same vampire paperbacks that were on the shelves next to Zombie Blondes and Zombie Queen of Newbury High once upon a time: Sucks to Be Me, the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, and of course the Morganville Vampires and Thirst series and Vampire Diaries (all awesome, of course).

I know this isn’t entirely scientific. You may be shaking your head right now because at your bookstore where you live, there are tons of zombie books and maybe I just live in a zombie-bigoted city/state (probs).

Still, I alternate bookstores every few weeks or so – there are about five really good, really big chain bookstores within 25-30 miles of where I live – and the same is true for ALL those stores as well.

So I have to ask: are zombies only winning the war online? Or are they even winning at all? Online anyway, it sure *seems* like they are. I mean, in my world, I pretty much see a new FREE or 99-cent or indy or self-published or even traditionally published YA zombie book like every other day.

And it’s not just the new releases but the energy, the vibe, I feel about zombies online. There just seems to be a general “Team Zombie” vibe online.

For instance, I don’t think it has the same heat yet as, obviously, how people are freaking over every “sneak peek” still from the Hunger Games movie, but I can sense a genuine eagerness in YA folks about the Warm Bodies movie and the stills they’ve leaked from that set seem to genuinely get a pretty awesome response from all my Facebook, Twitter and Blogger friends, who aren’t necessarily Team Zombie but are for sure Team YA.

So, I dunno, I’m just not feeling that online zombie love when I walk into a brick and mortar bookstore. But what about you? Am I wrong, or just leaning too much toward the whole “zombies as underdogs” thing? I don’t think I am, because it is still really vamp-heavy out here.

So let me have it: are you Team Living Dead or Team Bloodsucker? I’m all ears…

Yours in YA,


About the author: Rusty Fischer is the author of several YA supernatural novels, including Zombies Don’t Cry, Ushers, Inc., Vamplayers, I Heart Zombie and Panty Raid @ Zombie High. Visit his blog, www.zombiesdontblog.blogspot.com, for news, reviews, cover leaks, writing and publishing advice, book excerpts and more!


Ok I LOVE Rusty' books. The writing is wicked good, and the story line in Vamplayer is a unique take on the Vamp world. I was instantly pulled in by Lily, she is an amazing girl then Vampire! All the aspects of the world are fully realized and very interesting. 

Vamplayers? Sounds good right? NOPE they are players looking for a hottie girl to turn then let loose and start a newbie vamp infestation! BAD! Lily and her sisters get in over their head. I loved the characters. No really all of them are so well written that you can get into each of them. The story is just Wicked Awesome! twists, turns, ACTION and some romance it's all jam packed. You so need to read this!

Now for a GIVEAWAY! Rusty is going to give one of you lucky peeps A Paperback copy of Vamplayers!

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  1. OMG! How do I even choose. Some of my favorite books are about Zombies, and some about Vampires. They are both pretty badass. Why can't I choose both? Vampires tend to be really hot, so I guess they would win.

    1. I know right! I love them both!! but yeah I'm a vamp girl

  2. I use to be totally Team Vampire, but I have started to switch to Team Zombie. I still like a good vampire book, I just seem to be picking up more zombie books nowadays.

    1. Zombies are awesome esp. Rus's Zombies :)


  4. Team Vampire, but after reading Rusty's Zombies Don't Cry, I'm starting to reconsider.

  5. Do I have to choose? Both are awesome but, Vamps are so sexy they win lol
    Thanks for the awesome guest post and giveaway!

  6. Haha I love you add all the extra photos! Makes the post very exciting!!! I am a huge Vampire lover, but unfortunately lately I can't seem to really get into any Vamp stories. This sounds like a interesting read though.

    Great Review!

  7. I think I'm team Vampire, but it's a difficult choice! lol :)

    - If you haven’t already, enter my International Giveaway!

  8. I am team vampires, I don't hate zombies but I loooove vampires :)

  9. I would be Team Vampire also. I am however trying to find some good Zombie books to read right now in addition to my vampire books. Thanks!



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