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Amy Bartol Week Day 3 *Deleted Scene & Evie Bio

Welcome back and it's Day 3 of SupaAwesome Amy Bartol week here at SupaGurl Books! If you are just joining us here is what's up so far..

Also... Today is the Day that one year ago Inescapable hit the world!! so YAY and Happy Happy Book Birthday Amy!

Now for today I have a Deleted Scene :) and after that is Evie's Bio ...

Just a note from me though... I am going AHHH this sooo should have been in the book! It's amazing, but I'm glad we are getting to see it now *grins*


This scene was from Chapter 19 and came after the scene where Zephyr tells Evie that she has to get Reed’s permission to leave the house so she can go with Zee to guard Russell. It is just before the scene where Evie and Reed are in the car outside of Russell dormitory. I took it out because I needed to cut the word count down and it wasn’t extremely relevant to the plot. (I have included a little of the scene before it so that you can see it more clearly.)
“Fine, Zee!” I say in frustration, and then I add, “Just how old are you? You don’t let me get away with anything.”

“It’s not age, it’s experience and I’m not wrapped around your little finger like everyone else around here,” he replies, smiling. “You’re really cute though. We need to work on your ability to play on your opponent’s weaknesses.”

“What are your weaknesses?” I ask him scathingly.

“I don’t have any,” he says with a straight face, which makes me burst out laughing.

“Uh huh. I’ll find them…trust me,” I grin.

I’m ready with my plan when Reed comes home from class this afternoon. Usually, I meet Reed in the foyer, leaping at him when he opens the door. Today, I have to make him come to me. He does. He hesitates outside the bathroom door, and then he paces for a couple of minutes, trying to decide what to do. Finally, I say, “I’m in here.”

Opening the door, Reed steps in cautiously. His face is unreadable as he stares at me in the huge spa tub. The jets are on low, creating bubbles that float thickly on top of the water, covering most of me. Only my wings and shoulders are recognizable above the froth. My wings had popped out easily when I had conceived of this plan and fear had set in.

“Hi,” I smile at him sweetly. “How was your day?” I ask as I extend my leg out of the tub, rubbing it with the sponge. His predator eyes zero in on my leg, like it’s a potential threat.

“It was long,” he says, moving nearer to the bath almost involuntarily. He pauses when I pull my leg beneath the bubbles again, a frown briefly touching his lips.

“I’m glad you’re home. I missed you. When do you have to go to that wine tasting thing tonight?” I ask casually, extending my other leg out of the tub to rub it with my sponge. Again, the predator hones in on my soapy leg. The expression on his face is lethal.

“Excuse me?” he asks distractedly.

Dropping my leg slowly back into the water, I watch his eyes track its descent. “The art exhibition fundraiser, when do you need to be there?” I repeat slowly, smiling.

“The fundraiser…seven, but I relented to having dinner with the President and his special guests, so I’ll need to be at the event earlier than I had thought,” he says, taking another step toward the tub. “It’s at the Sage Center along with the art exhibition.”

“When will it be over?” I ask, leaning forward and exposing more of my wings. I use my sponge to clean what I could reach, but then it’s taken from my hand as Reed sits down on the edge of the tub, rubbing my wing for me. “Mmm…thanks,” I murmur, hiding my face from his view.

“I don’t know. These things usually last as long as the wine does. It depends on the crowd, but I don’t have to stay until the end, just long enough for the wine to soften people up,” he says quietly, stroking the sponge slowly down the length of the other wing.

“That feels nice,” I just about purr, resting my head on top of my folded arms that rest on top of my knees, just above the water. “I was thinking I’d go with Zee tonight.” I say calmly because I can’t feel tense with what Reed is doing to me.

“Hmm?” Reed asks distractedly again.

“I said I’m going to go with Zee tonight to watch Russell, since you won’t be here and you don’t think it’s a good idea for me to go to the art exhibition. You don’t really want me staying here by myself, do you?” I ask softly.

“No,” he replies flatly. “I already spoke to Zephyr. He’s going to take the night off from Russell surveillance to stay here with you.”

“Why? I should be perfectly safe with Zee. We can take your Range Rover. You can’t even see inside it because of the tinted windows,” I reason, smiling back at him over my shoulder.

“No,” he says again and stops rubbing my wings. I sit back in the tub, considering his abrupt refusal.

His leg is next to me on the edge of the tub, so I use my soapy finger to trace wet patterns over his thigh, watching as it soaks the denim of his jeans. “You know, I’m grateful for your protection and I love being here with you. But, there seems to be a fine line between being protected and being captive.”

Stiffening at my words, Reed says, “It’s not safe for you, Evie.”

“I see. If you say it’s not safe, then I’ll have to trust your judgment,” I concede. I need to come up with another plan because this one didn’t work. I have to call Buns and Brownie. They’ve wanted to spring me from Reed’s house for a while now. Hmm, maybe they’d like to play with Zee…

“Evie, what are you thinking?” Reed asks, watching me closely.

“I was thinking the water is getting cool. Can you hand me a towel?” I ask, trying to hide what I’m really thinking from him. A soft breeze touches my cheek as Reed goes to the closet and back with a towel in the blink of an eye. Handing it to me, his eyes are studying me intensely. Smiling, I rise from the tub and wrap the towel around myself, concealing my body from is gaze. Walking to the vanity, I pull the pins from my hair that I had used to keep it up. My hair spills down my back as I look at Reed in the bathroom mirror. He’s still standing where I’d left him by the tub. He looks like a statue with his hands balled in fist at his sides.

“Don’t you need to get ready?” I prompt him as he continues to study my every move.

“Hmm?” Reed responds.

“For tonight? Don’t you have to get ready?” I ask again, walking beyond him to the bedroom. He follows me as I move toward the walk-in closet to get something to wear. I almost make it there, when the towel I have wrapped around me is caught and tugged back. My smile deepens as I hesitate, and then I have to walk backward so that I can keep my towel on as Reed pulls it from behind.

Turning towards him, I wrap my arms around his neck. “You’re going to be late…” I breathe as I lean into him, brushing my lips like a whisper over his. It takes all of my strength to pull away from him, leaving him holding my towel. I turn, walking the rest of the way to the closet. I close the door behind me, leaning against it feebly. I hear him groan as I dress. When I come out, Reed is lying on my bed with his arm over his eyes.

“Okay, you can go with me tonight to watch Russell,” he says, not taking his arm off of his eyes.

I run the rest of the way to the bed, leaping onto it. “Seriously?” I ask him, pulling his arm back from his face so I can see his eyes. “Why did your change your mind?” I ask because I thought that my plan was flawed when he refused me before.

“I just realized that the biggest threat to you, right now, is me. You make me feel wild inside. I’m losing control. Having you so near all of the time, it’s Heaven and it’s Hell. I’m becoming an Evie addict,” he says, putting his arm back on his eyes like he would shield himself from me. Instantly, I feel guilty for what I’ve been doing to him. I know the torture that he’s talking about because I share it with him. Only, he has shown restraint, whereas I’ve just used it like a weapon to get what I want.

“I’m so sorry, Reed. I didn’t mean to hurt you—I should leave. I should go back to my room at the dorm,” I say apologetically. I start to get off of the bed, but I’m whirled flat on my back in the next instant by Reed, who is hovering over me a breath away.

“You’re not leaving. I’ll control myself, but you have to help me. No more seduction—you’re too good at it and I’m too weak to handle it now,” Reed says with a stern look, scanning my eyes for any sign of dissidence.

“You seem to be holding your own,” I say sheepishly.

“That’s because you can’t read my mind. If you could, you’d see I’m riding the edge,” he says honestly. His face dips toward mine so that he can inhale the scent of my hair. The small space between us is kinetic; it begs to pull me to him.

“Okay, no more seduction, should that be a rule?” I ask shakily, as my libido seems to be stretched as taut as his.

“For now. When you’re not so soft and breakable, I’ll insist on you seducing me,” he says seriously.

“When will that be, because I’d like to get started on that as soon as possible?” I ask, biting my bottom lip in anticipation of that day.

“God knows I pray for it to be soon,” he says self-effacingly. “Get dressed—it’s cold outside and we’ll be in the car for hours. I’ll meet you downstairs when you’re ready.” Reed bends down to brush his lips to mine, but before I can wrap my arms around him and pull him to me, he’s gone from the room.

I lie on the bed, feeling remorseful and relieved at the same time. I hate hurting Reed, but I have to talk to Russell. I have to make sure he’s okay. I’ve finally been given permission to leave the house so that I can do just that. But it’s a bittersweet victory and I resolve that I will never again use our attraction against Reed in that way.

*fans self* Now what did you think of that??? So here is the deal... Tell me what you think and I will pick 1 comment to win an e-copy of any of Amy's books!! 

Evie Bio : 

Age:  17 until her birthday on October 30th when she becomes 18

Height:  5’ 10”

Physical Description:  auburn hair, grayish blue eyes, extremely lithe and sexy with an athletic propensity


  1. I check your blog every night at exactly 12 for updates lol i think im bordering on stalker syndrome!
    Can i just say that that scene was extremely sexy without too much sexy if that makes any sense lol this scene shouldve totally been in book!

  2. Ok...I am all Team Brennus...but...this little tidbit of Reed goodness was kinda hawt...Evie is so naughty...not sure I would've had the restraint not to pull him into the tub!!! Love this week of Ms. Amy...a gozillion thanks to you're awesome!!

  3. This was awesome, so excited to read more.

  4. Gah I love these books and really wish the rest of them would come out. This is one series that I could read over and over again and never get bored of it. I love the deleted scene just like I love the rest of the books!

  5. Confirming what I felt that amy is letting us know that they are meant together not just an accident but they are meant for each other more like soul mates and all those other lives were to prepared her for this life and to have Russell as her best friend. So much love from reed that he could control and love her even more

  6. So perfect evie and reed. Makes me want to jump into the book in evies place just to feel the electricity between them. I love the sexual tension that you can feel dripping off the words!

  7. It's a shame she had to take that out because that scene was so electric I feel like I'M buzzing. So glad she shared that with us :)

  8. Absolutaly wish you pur that in the team russel but that was a pretty good tid bit.
    oh ya, and whan is book 4 coming out? I NEED MORE!

  9. Hi Heather! I am a new follower and an Indie author. Your site was recommended to me by Naomi from Nomi's Paranormal Palace and I just had to check it out. Great excerpt above. I reaaly got lost in it and now I want to know what happens next. If you would like to view my blog, please visit Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  10. I think that I wish I was Evie!!! I get "butterflies" every time I read something by Amy!!! I cannot wait for Incendiary!!!

  11. "You make me feel wild inside"....yowza!! Great scene! Hope you've got a few more up your sleeve Amy!!

  12. SO FRIGGIN CUTE by the way what font is this? I really like it ;)

  13. i love this scene it is such a great one i wish it could have been added to the book. As for right now INESCAPABLE is the only book i have read, but after reading her work. I cant wait to read another one. Till then. :)

  14. personally, i think this should've been in the book but they cant publish everything can they. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE AND THANNK AMY BARTOL for coming up with this series!!

  15. Love it!!! Makes the attraction seem even more electric!
    (really makes me miss feeling that sexy myself!)


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