Thursday, May 10, 2012

Addison Moore Week Winner

So The last post *cries* was yesterday.... and I have to announce a winner of the SupaAwesome Giveaway that went with it....

All 6 books that are out in the Celestra Series!!! eeeep...

and the winner is.... 

This has been fun. Thank you for sharing with us. I have book one and am looking forward to continuing the journey :)

I will email Denise if she doesn't answer I will pick a new winner! Thank you all so much this week has been Epic!


  1. Joy, joy,joy and dancing going on at my house today!! Thank you so much Heather and Addison :) I sent my email.

  2. Congrats Denise! I have the first book, just no time to read it. :) This series sounds amazing though. Hopefully I can get to it soon.

  3. Wow I have a whole new love for Marshall after seeing that banner! I'm completely in love <3 and can't wait for the 28th!!!!!!

  4. Yummy Marshall. I know really want this to hurry up and come out movie/tv series and it needs to be in Australia with the guy up the top with shirt off even if it's just for eye candy value. I think that's how Marshall sees himself unguarded met mortals anyway.

  5. Congrats!!! They are really good;)

  6. My daughter is my Celestra series buddy and after looking through pictures for hours and hours my daughter stumbled across this guy and said, "OMG mom you have got to check him out, isn't he sooooo Marshall!" Well, of course he is, just makes me melt everytime I see this picture! We then submitted him to Addison. Just wish we knew what his name is! I'm telling you this because she is eleven and was so thrilled others agree with her ;) She was jumpinh up and down screaming as though she had won the lottery! LOL Sooo cute!

    1. :) This makes me smile! Addison thought he was a GREAT Marshall and I totally agree!! Your daughter should be So excited! well ok both of ya LOL

  7. Oh how I love thee, let me count that ways! I am so looking forward to the 23rd! My imagination kicked in and Marshall took over!


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