Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 1 Addison Moore Week Review of Ethereal & Character Interview with Marshall

Welcome to Day 1 of Addison Moore Week!

All week long I will be bringing you Reviews of books 1-6 of the Celestra Series. Addison will be bringing you Character Interviews and deleted scenes.... OH and there are giveaways!!

Sixteen-year-old, Skyla Messenger is a dead girl walking. When her newly remarried mother moves the family to Paragon Island, to a house that is rumored to be haunted, Skyla finds refuge in Logan Oliver, a boy who shares her unique ability to read minds. Skyla discovers Logan holds the answers to the questions she’s been looking for, but Logan’s reluctance to give her the knowledge she desires leaves her believing Logan has a few secrets of his own. Skyla’s bloodlines may just be connected to the most powerful angelic beings that roam the earth, and the more she knows, the more danger she seems to be in. Suddenly an entire faction of earthbound angels wants her dead, at least she still has Logan, or does she?

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Marshall was kind enough to do an interview with Addison.... and I have to say he is ... entertaining to say the least :)  So here they are!!

Character interview: Marshall Dudley

AM- I’ve dreamed about you.

Marshall- I’m sure you have. You’re not alone in your nocturnal yearnings. I’m willing to wager apparel was noticeably deficient.  

AM- Whoa! OK, this is a family show. Keep your innuendos to a minimum please.

Marshall- Minimum, maximum—it’s all rather an impossibility when this face is at the helm of your escape from reality. 

AM- It’s nice to see you have a healthy measure of self-confidence. What motivates you?

Marshall- Love. I have everything a being could ask for. I’ll have love and procure dominion.

AM- Just like that?

Marshall- Its been revealed through reliable sources. I’ve no reason to believe otherwise. Though my Love’s heart burns bright for another, I’ll abide by patience.

AM- Of what are you most proud?

Marshall- I know not pride. Should I embrace the vile attribute I’d be cast out of the kingdom proper. I was witness to the uprising—saw the wicked among my brothers fall like lightning out of heaven—exchange their beauty for a rather disastrous disfigurement. All those prideful I statements availed them nothing.         

AM- You’ve been a resident on Paragon for almost a year now, what would you consider to have been your most embarrassing moment?

Marshall- Shame? (Long thoughtful pause) I admit to being overzealous and perhaps recklessly indulgent with more than one willing female. It was all out debauchery— not my finest hour. 

AM- Have you met the person of your dreams?

Marshall – A fine young woman with exceptional bloodlines has taken my heart captive. 

AM- Would you love her if her bloodlines weren’t exceptional? 

Marshall – I’ve pledge my devotion to her for all eternity. I’ve made it a point to do whatever necessary to be available in whatever capacity she might need. The blood is a mute point but a valid attribute nonetheless.

AM- Word on the street is, she has other suitors. How does that make you feel?

Marshall – The bumbling Olivers? That incompetent duo needs more than fortune by their side to overcome both the faction war and the war they’ve enlisted their hearts in. I’d be slow to crown them suitors—more like irritants, a plague on the time spent between my love and I. Nothing more than a heartache, headache, take your pick.   

AM- So you’re not a fan.

Marshall – They are but a vapor. Once they dematerialize from Skyla’s life, she’ll be more focused on what really matters—me. 

AM- Well this was a ton of fun, but it’s going a bit long for a blog post. Would you like to do this again sometime?

Marshall – Not particularly. I prefer to have run of the facility if you please, the keys to the kingdom, full charge of every letter placement. 

AM- So you’d like to run the blog sometime? An entire post to yourself?

Marshall – A supervising spirit for the day if you will. I assure you I’d execute the challenge superbly.

AM- Sounds like a plan! Thank you for your time and perhaps I’ll see you in my dreams?

Marshall-   I’ll be sure to provide you with a good night, indeed. 

** I would just like to say I would love for Marshall to come be a "supervising spirit" for the day here on the blog... I cannot imagine the Trouble he would cause LOL

Thank you so much Addison and Marshall for the Amazing interview.. as always Marshall makes me giggle. More on my thoughts of him through out the week... Now Review Time!

Let me start out with I have MAD LOVE for this book! I started it and finished it in one day...I could not put it down. I walked and talked with my iPad the whole day. Once again I had NO idea what this was about or what was "supposed" to be going on b/c I didn't read the blurb :) I had a whole gang of tweeps tell me how good it was and went with it!

The story line is so fun... It's perfectly paced and interesting. I will tell you NOTHING about the plot b/c well that kinda ruins it all LOL You must read it and experience all that it has to offer!!

Skyla is a great character. She is dealing with loosing her dad and the accumulation of a "new" family. When they land on the island things get weird when she meets Logan and his friends. She is attracted to him *who wouldn't be* and he can do the same thing she can... hear peoples thoughts. She is complex and has the right tone for a teenager! She has those same hormonal issues all teens do. I've totally met someone and went 0.o I love him... then met someone else and did the same thing. I remember how that is! 

Logan, oh were to start with him? When I met him I was all oooohhhh Imma like him. Let me just tell you, I love how he is written. He is a complex character and I Adore that. As it was as the book went along something just rubbed me the wrong way with him, and I can't put my finger on it. Well then I could and ughh yeah I will get into it more with the other books. 

Gage.... Oh from the get go I LOVED him. He is confident, brave, and knows what he wants and how to go about getting it... although he does have some help in that area. I really loved him all the more as the book progressed. 

Brielle, Chloe... I am not sure what to make of them so far. Brielle is such a cool character that you want to instantly like her. Chloe, while I like her I'm wary... 

GET THIS!!! You will so not be disappointed! 

Giveaway... Yes I mentioned that earlier didn't I? Hmmm well here it is....

For the next 24 hours If you comment *what your fave part of the Q&A was* You will get an e-copy of Ethereal!! 
ZOMG! better thank the Awesome Addison too!

Come back tomorrow for Book 2 Review and a NEW character Interview with Addison!!


  1. My favorite part of the Q&A was how Marshall describes his love for Skyla. He has a certain way about him I can't quite describe, but his love in genuine. Who knew?!

  2. I My favorite part is him talking about pride. I also love his love for Skyla and his cockyness! This was awesome, I look forward to more interviews :D

  3. Wow thank you for all the awesomesauce and CELESTRA love!!!! I especially heart Logan with the pool stick. ;) XOXO

  4. I LOVE Marsahall's interview! Him owning up to his most embarrassing moment is my favorite part of the Q&A. It's nice to know that even Marshall has regrets.

  5. I love Marshall!! I love him wanting to take over the blog...that's his style LOL....

  6. Although I do love Marshall ! I will faithfully be a team Logan !! My favorite part about the interview is where Marshall talks about the Oliver's being a plague, well I guess my heart won't believe it until it happens Marhall lol !! Geez I can't wait until book 7 and 8 get here !

  7. Dream, dream, dream and keep on dreaming! I have a soft spot for Marshall, can't put my finger on it, but it's there! Loved the whole interview, and the books!

  8. Yes! Can we PLEASE get a Marshall takeover day on a blog? That would be beyond epic! I love how his love for Skyla has changed over the books becoming for selfless and selfish. Though after Addison's teasers today...oh Gage.

  9. Omg how fikkin awsome!!!! My fav part are you serious?? I loved every word from marshall's mouth #teamMarshall!!!

  10. "I assure you I’d execute the challenge superbly."
    He is always 100% sure of himself and everything around him.... Although I love Marshall, I want to see him be wrong so bad lol! I love Gage and want HIM to be happy hahaha

  11. Marshall is kinda growing on me, but I will faithfully be Team Logan so any talk about Logan and I am happy to hear it :) I like when he says "The bumbling Olivers? That incompetent duo needs more than fortune by their side to overcome both the faction war and the war they’ve enlisted their hearts in. I’d be slow to crown them suitors—more like irritants, a plague on the time spent between my love and I. Nothing more than a heartache, headache, take your pick." (They are not Incompetent!)

  12. Thank you all for coming by! This series ROCKS!!!

    Heather- I know right wouldn't that be EPIC!!!

    Brittni.... BOOOO #TeamMarshall ickk

    Love you all!!!

  13. My favorite part of the Q&A was definitely when he admitted feeling shame about being - how should I put this - a man whore! That was the one thing that kept me from wanting him for Skyla, but that might have changed now after reading this. *Might* have changed. I'm still torn on a team. Way to go, Marshall!

  14. Marshall- I’ll be sure to provide you with a good night, indeed.

    This was my fav cus he can be my leading man in any of my dreams. The star whatever take your pick as long as I get him :p Uh... I still need Gage though. Sorry Marshall you will never be enough for me! But hey I am willing to let you try :) #TeamGage

  15. My favorite part of the Q&A was when Marshall voiced his opinion on the "bumbling Olivers!" I have a lot of love/hate feelings for the two of them, so Marshall definitely made me smile with his comments. I think Marshall is right about them needing more fortune on their side. They have some big competition with Marshall and all his wit and charm!! I am super excited to hear from the other characters throughout the week. Thank you Addison for sharing so much Celestra fun with all of us!!

  16. I love the whole interview...
    My favorite parts were where he describes his love for Skyla and his opinion on Oliver his thoughts on pride... :D
    Looking forward for more sub fun interviews... :)

    1. My email address anubha56(at)gmail(dot)com

  17. 'Keep your innuendos to a minimum please.' ;p love that! But my favorite part is when he tells how he feels for Skyla. 'I’ve pledge my devotion to her for all eternity.' I can't wait to read more of these interviews! :)

    i don't know if you need an email address but heres mine- iloveninjas101@yahoo.com

  18. Marshall is so sure of himself and a bit cocky sometimes, but totaly awesome, and so into Skyla.

  19. My favorite part of the Q&A was his answer to the question What motivates you? Love . I Knocked me off my feet not many have that as their motivation it is so awesome to have that kind of motivation. Thanks so much for the interview. butterfli262002@yahoo.com

  20. My fave part was when he told Addison "I'll be sure to provide you with a good night, indeed." because I could totally see him like that, brazenly flirting with a married woman and not feeling bad about it lol - that is SO Marshall. I love that guy! (And Logan's cool, too.) --> GetAmber8026@gmail.com

    P.S. thanks for hosting these character interviews and book reviews - excellent collabo with A. Moore

  21. My favorite part was Marshall wanting to take over the running of the blog.


  22. I have not read this book yet so would love to get a copy. My favorite part hmmm. I love his arrogance when he answers the tone of the answers. The fact that the other suitors are not even worth the mention because Skyla will come around. Thanks for the interview look forward to the next one.

    pefrw at yahoo dot com

  23. AND TIME!!! anyone above this post will be getting an E-copy of Ethereal from the Awesome Addison Moore!!

  24. This is so much fun!!!! MARSHALL, OMG, I totally love this guy! He has a way of rubbing off on ya!:)(yes pun intended)

  25. Ok I seriously SERIOUSLY just said forget Logan and Gage!! Marshall just seriously WOW idk what it is about him but damn that man is yummy!!!! He is the only one that seriously does not play with Skylas emotions,heart,or mind. Unlike the Olivers...I'm kinda hoping Skyla just ends up with him and thats something I NEVER!! thought I'd say.

  26. O man! I just started reading this series a week ago and I've already finished all 6 books! I can NOT wait for book 7! Please please please release it before August so I don't have till be in suspense till then!!!


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