Sunday, May 13, 2012

Destiny Tour Wrap Up by Heather M White

Thank you all for following along with this SupaAwesome Tour! Both Books ROCK it OUT! 

If you haven't checked out either of them yet.... GET ON IT!!!

When Destiny Knocks

When Destiny Strikes

If you missed any of the Tour make sure to go check out all the sites that were in on it!

I haz a special giveaway! I will be giving away BOTH e-books to one awesome comment! Dazzle Me with why you want them :) 


  1. These books seem pretty cool, which i had heard about this tour sooner would've liked to participate

  2. *dazzling dazzling dazzling* Did you get dazzled yet? :D

    I came to know about When Destiny Knocks through some blogs's reviews and IMMs months ago. The cover really stands out. A girl in skirts and holding a sword? Way cool! And the summary is just so intriguing and left so many questions in my mind. There's an element of suspense and romance in it and I think it will be an exciting read. And before I know it, When Destiny Strikes is out! Why I want them? Do I need to say more? There's tons of positive reviews out on goodreads plus the books are in the genre I like and enjoy plus the covers are fabulous. *wistful sigh* The bad thing about being an international buyer is that I can't buy Kindle books (sobs) and shipping for international buyers on Amazon is expensive (more sobs). Nevertheless, these books will remain on my TBR list until I'll be able to buy them and read! :)

  3. I would love to read these books. I love swords I don't know why but I love books and movies that have swords. Also the cover for When Destiny Strikes the girl on it reminds me of the movie Ultra Violet with Milla Jovovich. I also found this from blogs on the tour and I have seen it in GR reviews. I love vamp, demon and zombie books and this one sounds like it combines all of those. What more could you ask for???? Thanks for hosting the tour and all the other ones you do!!! You always have books that I would love to read. Heather White thank you for writing some awesome books and keep them coming.

  4. Hadn't really noticed these books before this tour so it was interesting to find out more about them.

    Im really excited about what's happening to Karli and what the earthquakes are about!

    How cool would it be to not need to sleep?! That would be so cool! Image how many more books we could read?!

    Really excited to read this series :)

  5. I'd like to read these books because they sound very intriguing and they involve earthquakes.


  6. These books sound really awesome, and the covers rock!! I am sad that I couldn't participate in the blog tour, but I took on a lot of review books and just need to get through some.


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