Friday, November 23, 2012

A Premonition Series Thanksgiving with the SupaGurls

C:  omg SupaGurls I can’t believe we are having Reed over for Thanksgiving!!  Did one of u make mac n cheese?

SG: I so have the mac n cheese... but I wonder if I made enough *shows 4 heaping bowls*

AM: *grabs a spoon*

C:  wait till you see the special Twinkie dessert I made!

SG: I totally wanted cheesecake girl!! where the hello is it at?? and please , please tell me we have some pumpkin pie!

C:  grab some glasses for the cognac!

SG: meh, I’ll stick with my Sex on the Beach drinks thank you verrah much.

C:  We should play "what you're Thankful for."  I'm totally thankful for charcoal angel wings!!  

AM: Lol I’m thankful for accents, Ireland, gaelic and faires. *giggles* SG: OH OH!! me too!! totally stealing that as well.

*Chele sets up place settings putting herself on one side of Reed*

SG: *Pushes Chele out of her chair* That is for Evie.. *rolls eyes* *AM rolls eyes too*

AM: Ease into it Chele. Lol

SG: You know she will probably just jump him when he gets in the doorway...

C:  You girls know me so well *wink*

***Knock Knock goes the door***

C:  *Runs to check self in mirror*

SG: Goes to answer the door *smooths hair* Hey everyone!! *eyes Reed and Russell* RAWR.. oh sorry come in come in...

AM: *wipes mac from mouth* *rushes to Russell* Why hello, guys!!!!

**Oh look there is Zee, Evie and The gals too. This is gonna rock!** Anyone want any drinks?

C:  I have Cognac..*produces glass for Reed*

SG: Girl you have to quit that.. everyone needs a glass not just Reed!! *passes glasses out*

AM: *shifts over to Reed’s side*

SG: Ok girls really … Reed is going to run if you both don’t give him room to breathe!

Reed: Thank you, ladies. *raises glass in a salute to the SupaGurls*

Zee: *winks, takes a slip of cognac and smiles*

AM: *blushes*

Russell: *frowns* Y’all have beer?

SG: Well of course we do Russ... here ya go hun.

Buns: *rolls her eyes at Russell*

Brownie: *gives Russell a playful shove*

*Chele faints at sound of Reed's voice* Steps over C...
SG: Have a seat guys...

C:  Phew, it's hot in here!  All that cooking has gotten to me.  Let me grab the buns and we can sit...*eyes the guys buns on way to kitchen*
SG: *giggles* I wanna grab some buns too... but they are not here *sad face*
AM: *thinks to self, my ladies need to cool it.* (Giggles like a total freak.)

SG:  Who is going to carve up our Turkey for us?  *eyes Russell*

SG:  Let’s do this thing... we always say what we are most thankful for at my house. Zee, Why don’t you start us off...

Zee: *Zee smiles and glances at Buns* I’m grateful for Reapers, even when they insist on disregarding protocol.

Buns: *with a sly smile* You love my protocol.

SG: LOL!! awww *claps* ok Buns you next...

Buns: I’m grateful for Powers...and for my family, which includes Reed. *glances at Reed* He’s not as boring as I thought he was *winks and gives Reed a grudging smile*

C:  I have to ask how did you girls think Reed was boring??  I just don't see it.

Brownie: *wrinkles her nose* He’s a Power. They’re all about killing and mayhem, which I get, but seriously, they need to lighten up and have fun, too.

C:  I totally get that!  I love to have fun.

AM: Yeah Reed Chele is total fun. *winks @ Chele*

SG: There must have been a time when all he did was just sit because other than that... nope not boring at all from here! Evie.. hun, you’re being quiet, what’s up?

Evie: You want to know what I’m grateful for?  *puts hand to forehead* Where do I begin? *glances at Reed and blushes* How do you say thank you for your life?

C:  That is crazy sweet!

SG:  *looks between Evie and Reed* Awww oh great I’m going to be a big bunch of Awww’s today, huh? You two are amazing. How about you, Russ?

Russell: Nothin’ comes to mind at the moment. *frowns and takes a sip of beer*

AM: *moves chair closer to Russell* Well I know a few things to be thankful for. *winks @ Russ*

SG: *Pats Russ on the shoulder* Dude, you have loads to be thankful for that I know of, look at the amazing family you have around you. *winks* and you’re having
Thanksgiving with the SupaGurls, I mean, come on! *smiles*

C:  *takes a second look at Russell and winks at him* What can we do to turn that frown upside down Russ?

Russell: Ya know where Brennus has been hidin’? That would be a start. We could take care of him and then I can get my life back.

SG: I totally know where he is... but, yeah, I’m not telling you. *shakes head* Sorry, Russ, I have a soft spot for him. *grins* *takes a sip of her drink*
C:  *nervously glances around*  Shhh, that name scares me! *Rolls eyes* oh quit it! He’s not all that bad... back me up here, AM.

Russell: Yeah, good luck with the vampires, SupaGurl. Let me know how that works out for ya.

SG: Thanks Russ *grins* Yeah I know you were being a smarty pants but it’s all good I know you hate him, and with good reason!

Evie: Russ, they’re Gancanagh.

Russell: Yeah, whatever...*mumbles* undead freaks.

C:  I don’t get what my gurls see in Brennus.  I would much rather be here with you angels!  *smiles*

AM: Brennus is amazing. *looks guilty at Russ* But ½ breeds are out of this world.

SG: *snorts* now you are just suckin up, AM!

AM: Am not. Russell, you’re like really sexy. *blushes* Sorry turning on filter, NOW. *looks away*

Russell: *grins* I’m glad someone is finally noticin’. Thank you, AM.

AM: Oh trust me a few of us notice. *smiles*

C:  *nodding her head vigorously*  Another beer Russell?

Russell: Sure.

AM: Chele!!!!! *doesn’t mean to yell* Why don’t you get Reed another drink? *growls* I can get Russ a beer. Thanks.

C:  *growls at AM and Supagurl* Don’t make me put the smackdown on you at Thanksgiving dinner... now come on we can agree to disagree *cause I’m right*

C:  No way!  I am totally grateful that the angels have gotten away from them.  Reed was so brave to sneak into his home...and well, Evie too. *Chele begrudgingly admits*

Reed: *arm wraps around Evie’s waist as he pulls her closer to his side*

Evie: *looks up into Reed’s eyes* That was brave.

Reed: That was self-preservation. They had you.

C:  *face falls*  

SG: *face palm* Evie was doing great holdin her own there... Right? Ok why is everyone looking at me like they could jump me at any second? *shifts eyes*

AM: Brennus isn’t here at the moment. *looks around expectantly* So lets all just have fun.

SG: Well, pffftt I wish Brenn and maybe Finn was here *sighs* *AM sighs too*

C:  So, who wants turkey??

Brownie: Me!

Buns: Zee, you want a wing or a leg?

Zee: *grins* Yes. And I’ll have some turkey, too.

SG: I love this dinner! Zee that was classic, just pick up a bowl from the middle and pass it around after you get some of what you want.

C:  *Eyes Reed and mumbles..I know what I want* *giggles* Not again!


C:  *Jumps into nearest angels lap*  Oops, sorry, Buns!

AM: Lmaoo, oh, Chele!

SG: *gasp* HOLY Shiz! I think this has to be the BEST Thanksgiving EVER! *eyes Brennus up and down* Cause look what just strolled into our house...

AM: *slips from chair* *rushes to Brennus* SG: Trips AM *Laughs*  *AM gets up and still manages to reach Brennus first* Brenn!!! So happy you could drop in!!! *gives SG the stink eye* SG: Whateves I know who he wants... ain’t you though *sticks out tounge*

AM: *takes earring out of ear* *WHISPERS to SG* Was gonna kick your arse but Brennus needs me. *links arms with Brennus* I’m really glad you could make it. Would you like a drink? *thinks to self, a kiss?* Anything at all?????

AM: SG I think Evie needs help locating the bathroom. Go be a good hostess. I have Brennus. Evie SG will show you to the bathroom!

SG:  Was gonna... takes off shoes, now it’s on! Imma beat ya down and then I will show her to the bathroom while I drag and lock you in there! **rushes AM**

AM: Oh its on. *begins to pull the energy in the room*I learned a few tricks from Brenn!!!!!

SG: oh quit! you is not a fairy or a Gancanagh.

AM: Yea but all that one on one training I had with Brennus tho! *evil grin*

SG: Would you care for a drink, Brennus?

Brennus: I do na tink ye have me vintage in stock...unless, mo chroí, ye’re feeling generous dis evening?

Evie: Not particularly, Brenn. *Frowns and looks past Brennus to Finn* Why did you let him come here?

SG: OH girls.. did you even see Finn over there? *waves* hiya Finn.

Finn:  *shrugs* Ye try ta make him stay away from ye.’Tis impossible. But, he’s na really here, is he? ’Tis jus magic, Genevieve. Ye did na expect us ta walk inta a room full of aingeals unprotected, did ye?

Evie: Magic. Just like on the beach, huh? *shudders*

Reed: He couldn’t really come here because he knows that I’ll kill him. *uses his thumb to stroke Evie’s arm*

C:  That is sooo hot!  *glances around* did I say that out loud?? *blushes* *giggles*

AM: Wayyyyyyy hot!!!!

Brennus: *smiles nefariously* Ye’ll try, aingeal.

SG: Reed... You cannot … not today I refuse to let that happen we are supposed to be having a nice dinner! Oh wait... nevermind he’s not really here anyway *frowns*

Brennus: Yet, SupaGurl. I’m na really here...yet.

SG: *grins wide* *shivers*

C:  *Quietly contemplates the advantage she has with Reed if Evie is out of picture*
So um, Brennus, *chews lip nervously* what can we do for you??

Brennus: So, dis Thanksgiving ting...whah is dis about?

SG: I will gladly tell you all about it, Brenn... We are each going to eat this FAB dinner *that I didn’t cook* and we are telling everyone what we are thankful for! Would you and Finn like to share?  

C:  It’s about me getting Reed!  Well, um..Reed and the other angels to hang out with us.  Oh and yea to share what we are thankful for *ahem* shirtless male angels *ahem* ;)

SG: LOL, This is what I’m thankful for... Amazing friends!

Brennus: I am tankful for red-headed aingeals who sass me...but I grow weary of her defiance. Gratitude is na really me ting. I tink dat is all.

Finn: Killing Aodh.

Brennus: *nods sharply* Ahh, and killing Aodh. Dat was nice.

C:  I will give you fellas props for that!

SG: Yeah, that was Awesome!

AM: *laughs at Brenn’s comment* Finn where’s Molly??

Finn: Molly is safe. I do na involve her wi’ da aingeal business. She is me laoch, ‘tis true, but she is na ready for dis, yet.

AM: Good idea!

SG: Finn, you’re SupaAwesome!

Finn: Tanks.

C:  *Waves fingers at Finn but focuses on Brennus*  Defiance Brennus??  I mean what did you expect with the whole kidnapping, contract and torture.  I mean seriously!  Plus who could ever leave Reed *sigh*

AM: Get over it Chele, Evie had a good time after awhile. *winks at Brennus*

Brennus: Da aingeal is her first love, ’tis true, Chele, however, da aingeals canna protect her like we can. Like I can. Dey know whah is coming. Dey refuse ta explain ta her whah she faces. She is left in da dark. ’Twill bury her.

SG: *sigh* This... right here... is why I love you, B! You and da fellas can totally protect Evie!
*shoots a look at Reed* Not saying that you can’t as well, but.... yeah

Reed: *humorless laugh* You’re protection comes in the form of death, Brennus. You’ll give her soul to Sheol and you’ll have an empty shell. That’s not protection.

C:  *Jumps up and down clapping for Reed!!*  *has monologue in head* Hmmm, maybe Brennus is right and we should let him take Evie since he can keep her safe and then I can console Reed.  *laughs evilly out loud and rubs hands together*   

SG: *looks at Chele* Ummm are you fantasizing in your head again??

C:  Um, weeellll.  Shoot, where is Zee? *Rushes out of room*

Brennus: *walks to Evie’s side* When will ye realize dat ’tis time ta grow up and leave da sandbox? Da aingeals will na save ye.

Evie: *pales* Brennus...

AM: I’ll be right back. *Goes to look for Russell in the kitchen.*

SG: Finally …

AM: *from within the kitchen* I heard that !!!!

Russell: *scowls* Ahh, naw! I didn’t smell ya, Brennus, or I would’ve been here sooner.

Brennus: *arches his eyebrow* Da other...

Russell: *glances at Evie* Are they done here?

Evie: *nods as she looks from Russell to Brennus* Yeah, they’re done.

SG: *frowns* but … but...

Russell: *turns to Brennus* It’s time to go...either you leave or I make ya leave, your choice.

Brennus: I canna wait ta truly be in da same room wi’ ye, da other. We will see den jus how powerful ye’re becoming. *gives a wistful sigh as he looks at Evie* I will see ye soon, mo chroí ...*glances at Reed* ...and ye as well.

Reed: I’m counting on it.

Brennus *stares at Evie* Táim i ngrá leat (I’m in love with you). Do na go somewhere I can never find ye.

Evie: Don’t make me.

Russell: *growls at Brennus* Póg mo thóin!

*Brennus falls away in a swirl of smoke*

Finn: *with a sad smile* Genevieve, ye can na survive wi’ out us.

Evie: I can’t survive with you. He’s insane, Finn. *her eyes plead with Finn’s*

Finn: *shakes his head slowly* No, Genevieve, na love.  *Smoke billows up as Finn follows Brennus*

SG: *giggles at Russ* I like that! Can you teach me how to say that?

C:  *walks in with handfuls of dessert*  So, anyone up for a Twinkie trifle cake?  I have whip cream *wink, wink*  

SG: Ok let’s all have some of C’s amazing.... concoction of Twinkie goodness

C:  Brennus and Da Fellas will just have to join us some other time..perhaps New Year...they would be a blast to party with don’tcha think SupaGurls?  That is as long as they keep their hands off of me!

SG: *nods* Hell to the Yeah! umm Brennus can touch my face *grins*

AM: Most def!! Do you fellas fist pump?? *giggles*

SG: Thank you all for coming now let’s just hang and have some after dinner drinks! *raises glass* cheers!

Thanks to all of you for coming to our Thanksgiving party and for following our Premonition Series Read-along!  We have had so much fun with this and can’t wait to read ‘Incendiary’ supa soon, like by Nov 30th!!  We truly hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful and magical as ours was and wish you all a safe and happy holiday weekend!  We will be taking somewhat of a break until Monday so until, read and read some more friends!  Cheers!

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  1. So sweet! Loved this so much. Too bad Brenn wasn't real. I was wiping my drool off my face when he arrived. ;) Happy Thanksgiving Amy, supagirls, and the whole Premenition family!


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