Thursday, November 15, 2012

Indebted Read A Long Halftime Show!

Okay friends, we have been reading The Premonition Series furiously for the past two and a half weeks   and boy of boy what a read this has been!  Anyone else feeling worn out from all of the emotional warfare these angels, Ganacanaghs and other creatures have been putting us through?  Well you are not alone!  So we thought we would take a quick break from reading today and give you some visual lovin of Indebted.  You will certainly need this break as Monday we pick back up at Chapter 17- 21 and then we finish up on Tuesday with 22-26 and trust us when we say that these last chapters are CRAZY!  Crazy good, crazy sad, crazy crazy!

Windmills = terror!

This picture below is painful!

dere are a lot of nice spells...
Holy Moly yes they just about did kill
Buns and Russell!  #Ifrtis

So is anyone else falling for Da Fellas yet?  I totally think Amy could write an awesome spin-off with them!  Now that they have had a taste of having some woman around maybe we need to find a mate for all the boys??
Da Fellas
Since we haven't had much Reed lately I thought I
would throw this yummy guy in here~ Chele

Magic Fairy Dust

I'm so totally #TeamReed it isn't funny
but I can see Evie falling
for Brennus and Da Fellas more 
I will happily console Reed don't worry Evie!

All you need is Faith, Trust and a little
Pixie dust....true??

Listen to this song...sooo my song with this book!

I leave you with this final collage that I made that sums up the themes of this book, in my humble opinion.  Until tomorrow...

What do you think of my Halftime Show??  Show me some love below to be entered into the drawing for the REED tank top this week!  I WANT one!


  1. Whaoo!! I love these books, the fricken rock. I don't know about you, but when I read them I feel like I'm actually watching it. These books would make an awsome show series. A movie would be great but I think a show would be better in my opinion. I think you could tell the story better with a show. Anyway love the read along and amy for auch amazing writing.
    -heather s.

  2. It seems like these books get better and better as they go!! I'm so excited for 4!! And I totally agree, I would love to see a spin off of the fellas! I want more Finn and Molly too lol!

  3. I love this Chele!!!!! Totes Awesome!!!! <<< Lord I'm talking like you two.

    <3 BookGeek AM

  4. Loved this! I think I would rather a history of the Fellas and Brenn! That would be awesome for me. Like Brenn and Finns life before they were turned about how they were after. I love Finn and Brenn.

    Oh and that picture of the vines is PERFECT!

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  6. I'm behind in reading and I'm Sooooooo missing out!

  7. And I love that song by Muse...I've only ever heard Uprising from them, this is a good addition to my playlist. :)

  8. I agree with anonymous up there saying that the books would make a great show series. I'd rather have a series than a movie because with a movie, they'd combine all the books simply because they aren't long books (like HP or Twilight or The Hunger Games), a tv series would probably go on for a little while. I can't wait for the next one unfortunately I have to wait even longer because I have to wait for the kindle edition but it's worth the wait.
    I think that a spin off could happen with any of the characters simply because they all come from different places and have different pasts that make them who they are.


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