Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Indebted Chapters 17-21

We’re back!!! More importantly, so is “Indebted!!!” We only have 10 chapters left. *tears* It’ll be okay, we’re that much closer to “Incendiary” folks!!!!
Today we have a guest chatter!  Megan, at and @Paperbook_blog, came to share a few thoughts.  She is referenced as “PP” in the chat :)

Chapter 17 War Of Hearts

AM: We’re Back!!!! Missed Indebted??

C:  I did!  Sometimes a break is good though so we are well rested for the ride to come!

PP:  Oh Russell you would cause a look of bliss to cross my face too! But I gotta admit I love when Brennus gets jealous.

PP:  Gawd! I love Evie but she has THREE totally perfect  men who absolutely LOVE her! How is that even fair? #TeamRussell for the win (even though she never even gives him a chance... *Insert angel growl here*)

AM: Aaahhhh Brennus. I really like this speech from him.

AM: Big difference! Brennus and Finn allow evie to strategize with them. She isn't kept out of the loop. She’s brought along.

C:  Yes, this is where they succeed in my book!

AM: Interesting. What defeats Evie? Sorrow aka tristitiae.

AM: Oh snap Reed has broken into Brenn’s mansion. Go Reed!!!! Get your girl!! *Don’t look at me like that!!! I can flip flop!* #TeamReed

C:  That’s my angel!!

C:  I like this..”there is something so right about letting the Fallen and the Gancanagh battle each other, while keeping my angels safe.”  

AM: My heart is breaking! She’s crying and he’s so loving. Reed doesn't hold Evie’s mistakes against her. Ever! Love. 

PP: Haha I love when Evie turns into a statue when Reed is around. Lol I want to laugh every time, is that mean?  'Oh Brennus, can you hold me while I cry over being a statue when Reed snuck into see me and broke that awful perfume bottle everywhere?' ...LOL Mean PP!
AM: Reed tells Evie, “me. Do whatever you have to do to survive. Anything, so that he doesn’t try to turn you.” LOL I’m glad Evie isn’t  like me. I would have took that to heart. I would have done ANYTHING! Lol #TeamBrennus Lol

C:  AHHH!  Do ANYTHING you need to?!?  My heart breaks for Evie and Reed that this is where they are at.

PP:  Uh oh... Reed gave Evie the green light to use her feminine wiles on Brennus... This could get interesting! *winks*
AM: *Swoon* Reed is way romantic. “This is for you,” he says against my ear as he presses a scrap of paper under one of the feathers of my wing, “for when it becomes hard to breathe.” *It’s hard for me to breathe.* Lol

AM: Of course Reed still loves you silly. ~~C:  Me?  Yes, I know ;)

AM: The “Weeree” sound gross. Lol

AM: This kissing Brennus doesn't seem like a ploy to me. I feel like she really wanted to kiss him, test the waters.

AM: Denial!!! Evie is bugging out. “How do you make a demon believe that you love him?” She loves Brennus. Maybe not in the way that she loves Russell or Reed, but Brennus is in her heart. *I know I love him. * LOL

AM: The WeeRee’s are attacking!!

C:  AND Brennus is hurt!!

AM: REED!!!!! ~~C:  <3

Chapter 18 My Angel
AM: This new way of Russell and Evie communicating is wickedly Amazing!!!!

AM: Damn!! I wish Evie could have hidden her inner dialogue b/c I think she just made things way worse. :(

C:  I don’t think I blame her though...

AM: “GENEVIEVE!” Brennus calls from the entrance to my archive, sounding panicked. (*Shouts* I LOVE BRENNUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

AM: OMG Brennus and Reed going back and forth is cray!!

C:  Um Reed saying  “The stab wounds in my angel” LOVE!  Reed would never have attached a contract to Evie that would have ever meant she would be hurt.  Reed loves her best!! #TrueStory

AM: “But, den ye mature and find a deeper love, one dat was created jus for ye. She will never forget ye— her first love, so ye can take some comfort in dat, aingeal.” Two points for Brennus b/c this is such a dig. #Ouch

AM: Lachlan is dead. :(

AM: “Mo chroí, ye are like a dream. I canna believe ye exist.” This line makes me laugh.

AM: Um yea. They love each other! “Like an answer to a prayer, Brennus whispers, “Hold on to me. I’m here.”

AM: Lord Evie’s life seems so surreal. Brenn and Evie have just shared this moment and it ends with him drinking a wan to death. Seriously tho??? Crazy!! Poor Evie.

C:  Crazy times 100 to the power of 20!

Chapter 19 Nineteen
AM: Happy Birthday Evie! *Since you're still under the age of 21 and I’m of legal drinking age. I will take this shot for you.* LOL

PP:  Awww I love Buns and Brownie! They are such troublemakers but they are so cutsy about it!
AM: Awwwwwww. I’m starting not to hate Molly as much. WHY oh why, AMY???? I dislike a character and then a few chapters later, you got me liking them. *Smh* Molly is willing to help Evie break the contract. *Tears*

C:  A mark of an awesome writer and a great book!

PP:  Wowie! Did Molly just give Evie a 'get outta Gancanagh free' pass??
AM: “Brennus looks like a pale, Greek god who has come down from Mt. Olympus to grace us with his presence. On his head is a golden crown that resembles a laurel wreath. The gold against his black hair is striking, making me want to reach out and touch it.” #BOWDownToTheKING

PP:  I think I love Declan... He is such a sweetheart, and that was very classy of Evie tipsy tribute to Lachlan that way. ~~I named my Macbook declan *giggles*
AM: So fierce!!! “Breathing in deep, I continue, “Since we are forced to let him go, to bleed inside for him… I want payment. I want retribution in the form of pain… I want revenge and I will have it. I promise you, Lachlan,” I end.” AND wayyyyyyy HOT!!! ~~C:  haha, CLICK!

PP:  'Click, click, click, click... Wow do Da Fellas like Evie or what?!
AM: There has to be a another reason for the butterflies?? It has to mean something more than just the flutters.

AM: Do you understand why I’m sooooo conflicted. Evie is straddling the line between both men in Indebted... so am I. *Waaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*  #TeamIDontKNOW

C:  LOL!  

Chapter 20 The Gifts
AM: Argh, another compact.

AM: “Feeling an intense pull towards Brennus. My desire for him is growing every day.” LMAO this is my face... o_O  

AM: Tau??????

AM: Who thinks Evie should have given Brennus her blood??? I don’t... SMH

C:  I don’t get it!!!!!  

AM: I love Russell. He gives it to Evie, like only a true friend/ mate would. He’s not gonna feed her BS.

AM: I’m sorry if I’m the bad guy but Imma say it, Evie is just stupid sometimes. Stupid and ungrateful. Did she just boot Russell’s clone out??? She needs a swift kick. #JustSayin’

AM: Reed knows how Evie feels about Brennus. Its why, he’s all, please come back to me! :(

AM: “A chill passes through me like a knife. I should want that— I should want Brennus to suffer, but I don’t. He is in my blood, too, whether I want him there or not and now— now the thought of his suffering makes me suffer, too.”

C:  “Revenge is not as important as Reed”!  Ding, ding, ding..finally she has seen the light!

AM: “A box of Twinkies is lying on the table, too. I set down the mac and cheese and pick up a Twinkie.” LOL ummmm how about Drake’s apple pie or Little Debbie’s??? #I’mBAD Lol

Chapter 21 Plans Within Plans
PP:  Ugh! I do not like Eion... He is super shady!
AM: Lord this conversation with Brennus and love is scary. It’s way dark and creepy. Not the flowery love I like with Reed.

C:  You are coming to my side!!  #TeamReed is #1 *Rolls eyes*

PP:  Imagine Brennus starting singing Somebody To Love by Queen to Evie?
"I work hard every day of my life
I work till I ache my bones
At the end I take home my hard earned pay all on my own -
I get down on my knees
And I start to pray
Till the tears run down from my eyes
Lord - somebody - somebody
Can anybody find me - somebody to love?"
I'm sure he has a perfect singing voice

AM: Russell!!!!! He always pops up at the best moments!!!!!!!
PP:  Whoop here comes my man to stick his nose into Evie's love life #TeamRussell
AM: “Ye try ta take her and dere will be no place for ye ta hide from me,” Brennus says with deathly calm.” I BELIEVE HIM!!!!
C:  Yet, I think I am totally willing to take the chance.

AM: Evie you’re a little blind to what he is.

PP:  Da Other... I think Brennus and Russell would be old friends if there wasn't that whole good vs. evil thing going on
AM: It’s about to get dark... in here... *whispers* It’s about to go down, Lol.

AM: “He pulls me into his arms, kissing me with a passion that I am wholly unprepared for, while picking me up in his arms and carrying me towards the bedroom. Laying me on the bed, he follows me down. “Wait,” I say, turning my face away from his, trying to slow him down as I feel him begin to pull my shirt up. His cool hand skims over my ribcage sensually, making me shiver. “No,” he replies, ignoring my attempts to get him to stop kissing me when I turn my face away from him. He just moves lower, continuing to kiss my neck, while holding me in his arms.” Lord help me!!! SG!!!! Chele!!! *dies*

AM: Through this entire Chapter I’m listening to Closer by Kings of Leon and swoon meter completely broke!! Brennus and Closer... *passes out*

*insert closer video or song plz*

AM: Whooooo! I’m back. “She took my heart, I think she took my soul... Open up your eye, you keep on crying baby, I'll bleed you dry.” *Kings of

C:  I love the conversation between Brennus and Russell.

AM: “Ye’re moin. Ye’ll always be moin and soon, ye’ll know it. I should break all of yer illusions now and show ye whah I mean, but I want ye ta come ta me— ta ask me ta love ye. I will wait for dat.” AMY!!! This Chapter!!! OMG!!! SG: Sweeps in to say !!! OMG is right this chapter is one of MY FAVE!!!

AM: “As I watch Brennus walk to the door, I ask, “What if I never ask you to love me?” I think he isn’t going to answer my question, but then he pauses at the door. Without looking at me, Brennus says in a low tone, “Den, I’ll make ye beg me.” ~~What do you say to this?? ~~ “I'm old, 2000 years of chasing taking its toll and it's coming closer.” *IT SO IS!!*
C:  And again this is why I dislike Brennus!  I understand him now and his I need for Evie but ugh!

Hope you have all caught up with us now! Let us know where you are in reading and what you think in the comments for an entrance into another awesome Premonition Series give-a-way!

and PP!!


  1. Im almost done with the book! I'm trying to savor it because I have to wait! I know I'm going I but the hard copy next week, but I don't know if ill be home to get it since I'm on vacation! But I love this part of the book. It's so back and forth back and forth!

  2. Thanks for including me guys! I had so much fun :)

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