Friday, November 2, 2012

Sending out the Evie LOVE

I absolutely adore Genevieve Claremont.  How could you not?  This girl stuggles  with so many adversaries throughout the entire Premonition Series and yet she has a strength that defies most female protagonists.  When I would be happy to lay down and let my*wink wink* angel Reed fight for me, Evie steps up and protects the ones she loves over her own safety.  Kudos to Evie for using her Supa gurl power!

As an extra for you all I've compiled some photos that remind me of Evie and Inescapable for you to enjoy as we wait to read Intuition together starting Monday the 5th *it's so hard to wait!!**

Enjoy the love Evie!

Amy found these gorgeous
grey eyes

Persephone and Hades *note the RED hair*
Another awesome Amy find!
Waiting for Reed to fly to my window!

Reminds me of the necklace Reed gives Evie for her birthday

 THIS picture!  She is amazing just like Evie!

Last but not least you need Evie's playlist to listen to for the remainder of the weekend!

Thanks for letting me share some of my Evie love with you!  These books are absolutely some of my all time favs and I hope you are enjoying them just as much as we are here at Supa Gurl Books!


  1. Awsome compile of all things evie!!
    -Heather Silbernagel

  2. Thanks Heather! I love Evie even though she gets my angel Reed :(

  3. I love Evie too! Starting book two today! :)

  4. I love Evie because she's the perfect mix of butt kicking, strong and level headed girl, but also easily adapted into relationships. She's not the co-dependant type, but her strong personality doesn't keep her from being in heartfelt relationships! Does that make sense?


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