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Indebted Read A Long- We are finished!

Oh snap!!! This is the last 5 chapters of Indebted!!! *Deep Sighs everyone*

So the magnificent AM is doing most of these last Five chapters all by her lonesome due to conflicts in schedules for the holiday!  

**By the way we have a HUGE surprise at the end of this chat for you so read on...**

Chapter 22 The Compact

AM: Casmir and the compact plan is in effect!

AM: LMAO Evie is too funny. “And if you were a coin, I’d throw you down a well without making a wish,” I reply.”

AM: No seriously she shouts Banjax?!?! She’s been with Gancanagh too long.
C:  I shout Banjax now too!  I think they have totally worn off on us all!

AM: Hold Up!! Brennus was in the bathtub with her?? Evie and I need to trade places, like right now!!
C:  LOL, jealous much??  Now you know how I feel with all the Reed and Evie loving usually going down!

AM: It’s going DOWN!!!!!!!!!! Powers, Fallen, Gancanagh and creatures!!! I’m so happy when Reed and the crew shows up!
C:  Buckle your seat belts readers it’s about to get bumpy!

AM: Casmir is shooting at Brenn and Evie, just evil! Evil Freak *Evie voice* Lol

Chapter 23

AM: Poor Brenn! “Fierce pain enters Brennus’ eyes when he sees me, pale and broken, in Casimir’s arms. I gaze back at Brennus, knowing that there is nothing that he can do now to stop what is about to happen.” Brenn is realizing where Evie is concerned, protecting her needs to be a united front. Not just the Powers or just the Gancanagh. She needs numerous troops!! LOL

AM: Brennus will never give up on Evie!! Ever!!! Lord, I hope this not foreshadowing for future books! I’m scared to say what I’m thinking... Here goes, Brenn won't giver her up unless he dies... NO AMY!!!!!! Lol
C:  My mind goes to this same place!  OR Evie stays with him in which case Reed is free for me!  YAY!!  Ooh, I mean poor Evie :(

AM: Did this Casmir fool just say he’s going to shoot Brennus in the head?!?! *shuts mouth*

AM: “I want you to break the contract, Brennus.” Oh no its happening. :(

AM: “Den I will release ye. I love ye, mo chroĆ­, forever,” Brennus says, like I’m the only one in the room as his hands form fists. With tears on my cheeks, I whisper back, “Goodbye, Brennus.” *Cries* This is so sad.


AM: OMG Reed is ripping Casmir into pieces. Why does she ever doubt Reed? He’s a killer! *growls*

AM: Is anyone else sad that Evie has been rescued from the Gancanagh mansion? Brennus was bloody and shot in his legs. He released her from the contract like it’s unfinished business people!!!! LOL

AM: God Reed is like the ultimate romantic character of the entire series. Almost everything he says is swoon worthy.

AM: “Evie, you are my aspire… my only love. Don’t you understand? It’s just you,” Reed says solemnly, reaching out and holding my cheek, while wiping my tears with his thumb. “I am no longer whole without you.” His other hand goes to the mark of my wings branded on his chest above his heart. “I will never love anyone but you,” Reed promises with the certainty of billions of years.” ~~See what I mean?? *swoon*

AM: *Faces flushes* Reed said, “I burned for you.” That’s hot!!!!

C:  Um Chele has melted into a big ole pile of goooooo!

AM: Did anyone else laugh at Buns last line in this chapter?? Lol

Chapter 24

AM: Haha Buns and Brownie put the compact in a London train station aka The Tube.

AM: Her friends notice a shift in Evie. They notice that something is different about her. They notice her confliction.

AM: I don’t know about Evie but I would give up almost anything to be on Zee’s island. Lord, do I need a major vacay!!!! *lies on my imaginary island with a frozen drink in my hand* What?!?! A girl can dream.

AM: Full Disclosure. I guess they learned this term while Evie was away.

AM: “Russell is really freaking strong,” Brownie says, seeing my expression. “He’s gaining strength like we have never seen before, Evie. Russell is like— super evolving and some of the things he can do are amazing. He’s stronger than Buns and me put together and then some, and he can shapeshift into just about anything you can imagine,” she says with awe.” #TeamRussell on the island!!! :-*

AM: This line is unbelievably sad. “Can you teach me how to protect myself on the inside when it’s impossible to protect myself on the outside?” I whisper, trying to keep the tightness from my tone.” :-(

AM: Bow chika bow wow!! Lol #MINE

Chapter 25

AM: “The Storm” sounds scary and I have a feeling Brennus is in this “storm.”

AM: Does anyone else feel like Russell is coming off too forcefully?? I’m ready to smack him up.

AM: Do you think the Gancanagh’s indoctrinated Evie?? For me, the answer is so much more complicated. Too many shades of grey.

AM: Awwwww Russell.

AM: Brownie and Russell????? #Together ??? Forever?? Lol

AM: “Prepare to get wet.” *Stops typing.* *Goes away*

AM: I’m back!!! Lol

AM: Awww they shunned Phaedrus that seems wrong. Lol

AM: I am so glad Reed got angry!!!! Good for him. “How could you shut me out like that?” he asks quietly, slamming his foot on the brake and bringing the car to a screeching halt. “You promised me that you would never leave again, but you did.”

AM: “Reed, sometimes it’s impossible to make your heart believe what your head knows to be true.” This is the TRUTH!!!!!

Chapter 26

AM: Brennus’s knife. I miss Brenn.

AM: Poor Russell. Where’s PP at? Russell needs you girl. Go comfort him! *giggles*
AM: “Yeah, but maybe not us… maybe together we’ll put the hurt on anythin’ that comes for us,” he says. “We’ve gotta stick together, no matter what.” I feel like these are one those pivotal, Hint, HINT moments. They need to stick together. there is a reason her soul mate is still apart of her life, like no other life time she has experienced. (Amy may shock all of us with the ending to this series.) #JustSaying *Hey, HEY, its just a thought!*
C:  Again, more REED for me!!!!  Yay!  OMG seriously though, I don’t know what I would do it Evie ends up without Reed!

AM: “But… I could hear yer soul, too. Ya love me, too. Just… don’t go away. We need each other— for survival, if nothin’ else.” ~~SEE!!!!!!!

AM: The end!!!!!!
C:  Lays in fetal position until Incendiary comes out!!

AM: PS, did anyone else besides SG, she’s excluded, read chapter one of Incendiary??? OMFG!!!!! *almost drops kindle* Brennus had me unto he got all evil on Evie. SMH. Haha Russ kisses Evie. Brenn is livid.

C:  Nope, I actually refused to read it...I can’t stop at just one (kinda like potato chips!)

“Next time, ya should come in person… ya get more respect that way.” ~~Totally in love with Russell at this moment. #TeamRussell

Cogadh!!! Oh shizzzzzz. Brennus has declared war.

Lord, here they go with the secrets!!! Let her in on your plans, you foolios!!! (Don’t steal my word people. Seriously, its my word!!)

Evie is totally gonna protect Brennus when the crew tries to kill him. My book 4 prediction. Chapter One was frickin’ awesome!!!!!!! Can’t wait for more. Amy you have my <3 and my devotion!!! #TeamAmyABartol

We loved going over the 1st three books of The Premonition Series and we loved that all of you guys were apart of the journey. Thank You Amy for the amazing books and just know that you have true fans and friends in Heather, Michele and Arlene. We love you!

We love and appreciate all the people that participated and read along with us. This was a first for SupaGurl Books but we did it!!!

**Now it's time for our big surprise! The SupaGurls chatted up Ms. Amy and she agreed to send the angels our way for Thanksgiving Day dinner!! Check the blog out on Black Friday for our very special Premonition Series Thanksgiving!

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  1. I commented on this and now it's not showing up! :(
    I would have totally chatted up with you ladies! I love y'all and Amy and her wonderful world we read. I have a love/hate feeling for this last book because I want to know what could possible happen but I don't want it to end. :(


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