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Finishing up Intuition!

***SupaGurl here *Sad sad day but a really great one too*** I will be on the road all day on my way to YallFest in SC. I am sad b/c I can’t stay and tweet/chat with everyone about the awesomness of this part of the book! I hope you all enjoy Pffft whateve I know you will!! ***

C:  Um, thank you sweet baby Jesus for making something ^^^^^^that fine!

Chapter 14 Crashing

C:  *Rubs hand together*  Now this is what I’m talking about Russell going all Rambo on us!

AM: Oh yeah! Let’s go Russell!! Russell’s tawny hair is shining in the light of the fires as he walks toward us from the entrance of the hall. His huge frame is almost dwarfed by his bright, crimson wings as they stretch out like wide, arching symbols of vengeance. The set of his brow is making me think that violence is now an innate instinct to his character. He looks like a Power angel hunting a demon and my breath catches in my throat because he is no longer just the Russell I had met at Crestwood on a walk to a lake. No, he is much more than human now. He is a dangerous and lethal assassin. He is a Seraph.” #TeamSeraph

C:  Oh to be Evie with the undying professions of love from Reed, Russ and now Brenn.

AM: Lucky girl!!!!

AM: Russell with no shirt on, wings out, avenging angel, super hot!!

AM: Lord Brennus is so so bad. *I’m channeling SG>>> But so frakin hot when he’s so bad!! Moin!! <<<<OMG I sounded just like her, lol. What do u guys think?? Lol

AM: Russell has the best lines!! “That’s one thing I really hate ’bout ya stinky devils— ya lie and ya lie and ya lie ‘til someone beats the tar out of ya, and then ya tell the truth,” Russell says, shaking his head again.”

AM: OMG didnt I say the Gaelic was going to come in handy!!!!

AM: “No shit, psycho, get in line, everyone wants her! Y’all think I’m down here for my health? I know what she is. Ya don’t need to tell me. <<<<*Rolls Eyes*

Am: Brennus loves Evie?? That was fast. Can Evie please share her secrets?? Should I dye my hair red, walk around with red wings???

AM: “I will come for ye… ye’re moin, mo chroí.” *Swoon*

AM: “Mo chroí… a gift for ye, before ye go.” And then my heart nearly stops when Brennus says, “Kill him.” <<<<OH SNAP!!! *BookGeek AM jumps up and down!!! * It’s about to go down!!!!

C:  Ding Dong the Reaper is Dead!  

AM: This is it!! This is the moment ya’ll where Brennus builds the bridge to Evie. He’s done it. There’s string attached to the both of them. “I can’t stop the slow smile that creeps to the corners of my lips as I gaze back at him. I’m sure that I look as evil as I feel as I raise my shaking fingers to my lips. I touch them gently together, and then turning my fingers, I blow Brennus a kiss to thank him for what he has just ordered done to Alfred. Raw desire shows on Brennus’ face in response.” I died alil here. *Shocked face* <<---yes, this isn’t a good thing huh?

C:  Blood smoothie anyone?  Ewww, that has got to be nasty! <<<Ewww

AM: “He’s gonna twist and burn for ya, and then he’s gonna do anythin’ to get ya back… and I don’t know if I can stop him alone.” <<<If that wasn't the biggest understatement ever!! Foreshadowing!!!!

C:  When this is all said and done Evie is going to need a majorly fun Disney World!  She has gone through the ringer!

AM: Lord have mercy!! Here she goes again with the self-sacrificing bull crap!

Chapter 15 Goodbye

C:  Um, no..I don’t like the name of this chapter *Gulp*

AM: Seriously!! Bad news! :-(

AM: Buns/Brownie!!!!!!

C:  I love that Buns has to comment on the stripper boots Evie’s wearing!

AM: SAD!! “Reed thought you would call your voicemail sooner or later. He would sit at the computer all day and night waiting to see when you would make that call.” <<< Can’t justify Evie’s behavior, no matter what good intentions she had. It was cruel. If Reed did that to her, she would be distraught!

C:  Reed rocks!  Devotion is spelled Reed...Oh Reed why yes, I will marry you....*wakes up* <<<LOL

AM: You can tell these three girls are really best friends, because only a best friend can support you even when you’re making the wrong decisions.

AM: Evie is way bold!!

C:  Yes!  “Just tell her the Nephilim is here to see her.”  Evie is so uber awesome!

Chapter 16 The Chateau

AM: Preban!!!!!

C:  Evie takes control!  She is so smart tactically to know that she can break the rules and to be strong.

AM: Lord!!! Evie is on angel trial! The powers are being so douchy!! I can't wait to see Pagan knocked down from her stoop! <<<hehehe, yes I think we can handle that!

C:  Can I just say the second I felt those little flutters I would have gone apeshiz...

AM: REED!!!!

AM: My baby!!!! Lol >>> He looks fierce and wild, like he might tear me apart as his eyes scour me from head to foot, taking in every inch of my attire and honing in on my neck that is still bleeding ceaselessly.”

C:  Um *grrrrr* whose baby?? <<<Giggles

AM: OMG this my FAVE part of the chapter!! I wanna cry!!! This is just so awesome!!!! >>> CHAMPION!!!!! CHAMPION!!!!

C:  Geez Evie would you just let your hot angel fight for you already!  I’m not gonna lie sometimes I want to slap her for her stubbornness. <<< I thought it was just me.

AM: LOL He’s not gonna lose!

C:  Hells to the no!

AM: “Reed is avenging you,” Zephyr says with approval in his voice.” <<<My blood just boiled!!! Does any1 else think this is way hot?? >>> ““His weapons are very intimate. He will have to get very, very close to her to kill her and it will be extremely painful and… personal.” *Gasp* *gulp* HOT!!! Lol

AM:  DEEP!!! >>> “He is paying her back for every branch she threw at me in the woods, when I ran for my life because I had no ability to do anything else. He is paying her back for chasing me over a hundred miles through the snow in freezing temperatures while I cringed in terror that she would rip out my heart. He is paying her back for every day that we spent apart because I was afraid that Reed would be taken by Dominion. He is paying her back for what the Gancanagh were able to do to me without his protection to aid me.” <<<#TeamReed

C:  Death to Pagan :-)

AM: *Evil giggle*

Chapter 17 Binding

AM: Romance finally!!!!

C:  Yes!  However, before romance we must burn the crap out of your neck with a hot branding sword...this will only hurt for a sec.

AM: Seriously!!!!

C:  So they are in bed and yada yada yada...I can’t bare to recap the mushiness it’s just not fair...*cries* I want Reed!

AM: I don't mind... “Because you are my reason to live.” *Swoon* #TEAMREED

C:  Reed says (to Chele) “You are the only thing I have ever needed and I won’t give you up.”  


C:  Well you know Evie still wants him to run!  I’m melting like butta here and she is calling him psychotic.

AM: Do you think Reed is in denial Chele?? He’s say the connection with Brennus is nothing, she was thrilled by seeing a fallen killed. I think the Brennus planted a seed in Evie with his “gift.”

C:  I know I think there is something within her that is innately sympathetic to everyone.  She is so merciful to everyone..except maybe Alfred.

AM: “He is wrong about so many things,” Reed says, gazing into my eyes. “You are mine and you will be avenged.” *RAWRRRRR*

AM: “Desire shows in his eyes as I slowly lean over to him, focusing on his exquisite mouth. I graze my lips over his, feeling their firmness beneath mine. When I rest against his chest, I instantly become aware again that I’m not wearing anything at all. A small sound of pleasure slips from me as Reed pulls me closer, wrapping his arms around me. He nibbles my lower lip gently as he tugs it with his teeth teasing me. Then, he groans a little, releasing my lip to whisper against my mouth.” Lord have mercy!!!!

C:  See now your having to go over all the yummy stuff.  *ouch, I’m so jealous

AM: Shazaam!!! ““No. Humans marry; it is a sacrament that we do not engage in because it’s only for their lifetime on Earth. Binding is older and different— angelic… a little more intense.”

AM: So Romantic. >>> “Reed gives me a sublime smile. “It means that you are mine and I am yours and no one will come between us. It means we become one and it’s irrevocable.”

C:  *waaaahhhhhhh*  They are binding :(  Ok, sane Chele says that is actually so totally freaking sweet.  Oh how I love Reed and Evie!! <<<Its okay Chele.

C:  Ok wait a minute..when Buns is telling Evie that this is what she has to do to be saved I am a tad bit mad.  Evie is wavering because of this really what she wants or is her hand being forced?  It makes you wonder if she had been safe and never chased would she have loved Russ instead of Ree

AM: OMG thats what I keep thinking... She’s beyond connected to Russell. I feel so torn for her.

AM: There vows are so beautiful tho!!

C:  Well yes so pretty but I’m glad I didn’t have to slice the hubby up at our wedding ;) <<<Hehe

AM: Why did they laugh at her? I would have said something similar, something like, Reed honeymoon begins now!! Get naked!! Lol

C:  First they must save themselves and then they get can busy...actually is she strong enough yet?

Chapter 18  Earth and Sky

AM: LMAOOOOOOOOOO>>> “Well, he had to tell you what kind of warrior he is. You know…‘ I will eviscerate your enemies and sear them in the fires of agony’ blah, blah, blah—‘ if they dare speak your name I will cut out their tongues’ blah, blah, blah, and then he essentially swore the same vow that you did,” she says, grinning at me.”

C:  LOL, Reed through his some manly angelic vows while Evie couldn’t understand them..”eviserate, fires of agony”, awe how sweet..

AM: Hahaha Da Fellas are back!!!!!!!!!!!

AM: “Ye see, Genevieve, ye can na trust da aingeals. Dey are no good for ye. Ye need a family. Ye need us. We are here ta rescue ye.” <<<<Aweeeeeeeee, lmao.

C:  Oh Snap!  Stupid faeries!  Can’t we have one moment of bliss and peace Amy???

AM: Bliss is overrated!!!! I want the drama!!!! Lol

AM: “Looks around* Did he say “Queen??”
AM: No shizzzzz Brennus!!! >>> “Brennus said ye might na want ta come back. He is afraid he might have hurt ye a wee bit too much when he tried ta change ye,” Declan says, almost apologetically.”

C:  Ah, too little too late fellas!

AM: Boooo Reed!! Lol *Sorry ya’ll I’ve read “Indebted” Lol #TeamBrennus <<<<--- Me too and I am still #TeamReed <<<Hush Up Chele *growls*

AM: Evie’s special ability?? >>> “You are so concerned about the ones you love, but it extends to others as well. That is probably why you have the Gancanagh after you. They can feel the love you emit indiscriminately. It is so appealing to be near you,” he says with a smile.”  

C:  Well Hah!  Didn’t I say that earlier?  I forgot about this part.

AM: Such a good question!! >>> “Instead of asking yourself how you can change that aspect of you, maybe you should be asking yourself why you were created that way. For what purpose do you exist the way that you are?”

AM: Oh Snap!! Rainbows and jellybeans!!!!  

Sweet Jesus!!! >>> “Without looking at him, I wade into the water, letting it swirl around my calves while I reach up and untie the strings that secure my top. I let it fall from me. I unleash my wings with a decisive snap, allowing them to stretch out boldly. When I turn around, I see the way his eyes are touching every part of me almost like a caress. I try to savor the feeling that his heated stare is making me feel, intoxicated and lovely.”

C:  Phew it is hot in here!

AM: “Shhh… a little pain is nothing compared to the pleasure of being with you.” LMAO, how does she know this tidbit???

AM: *Wahhhhhhhh* I feel like the curtains came down and someone covered my eyes. :(

AM: “Evie… promise me something,” Reed says in a serious tone, bringing my hand to his lips. “Anything,” I reply, feeling Reed kiss my hand as I watch the lights above raining color down on us. “Never disappear from me again,” he says softly. <<< Am I the only one that does NOT believe her??

C:  I wish she would fight it harder!

AM:  LORD!! We’re done!!! Again!!! Let’s Go “Indebted!!!”

Oh My goodness...that is all for “Intuition!” WOW!  Onto book #3, “Indebted”, on Monday!  Yeehaw!   Our favorite part of this Read A Long has been seeing the remarks on Facebook, Twitter and here in the comments from the first time readers.  We love it!!

So for one last entry into this weeks giveaway- a signed copy of one of Amy’s book!!!- Let us know how you’re feeling about The Premonition Series after Intuition... What are your predictions for “Indebted?” What do you think is going to go down??

As always don’t forget to repp your teams!! Hit us up on twitter @Chelemybelles @SPNHeather @girl10029 with your teams. #TeamReed #TeamRussell #TeamBrennus #TeamDaFellas #TeamEvie #TeamAmy #TeamSupagurls


  1. Well, I've already read indebted, so I can't really answer this too much. But in looking forward to more Reed and Brennus. Those are my boys!!

  2. I must say, I am IN LOVE with this series!! I think the second book really pulled me in! I am hoping in the 3rd book that Brennus redeems himself somewhat, and I hope Russell finds someone. I know Evie is all about Reed, so I want Russell to be happy!


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