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Indebted Read A Long Chapters 12-16

We’re ½ way done with “Indebted” and are in full Brennus mode!! *Thank You Brennus Gods* Lol **SG doin her full on Brenn Happy Dance**
For anyone just joining us this is a Premonition Series Read A Long. Each week we have been reading a book and doing daily chats about what we think.  This week is book 3, Indebted, and today we are doing Chapters 12-16.  So let the madness begin...

Chapter 12 The Fellas

AM: Yay, we’re in Ireland!!

SG: ooooohhhhh Well except for da sheep totes could be Brenn and Da Fellas home
Well or maybe this one.. it’s bigger
C:  Those homes are gorgeous and I sooooo want to go to Ireland.  It is on my bucket list!
SG: oh me too... I will be going there with Brenn though … no but srsly it’s on mine to do list as well.
AM: Me three!!! Lol

SG: I love this back and forth with Brenn, Finn and Evie! especially since she is back to addressing Finn whenever Brenn asks her something …. “She’s acting like a waster! Ye’re acting like a waster, Genevieve, and ‘tis going ta end,” Brennus says, and I can feel the anger and frustration in his voice.” “That’s dark and scary, Brennus,” I reply, my voice dripping with sarcasm from under the blanket. “What’s a waster, Finn?” I ask. *** hahaha!!

AM: OMG, I love that she mocks him. I still don't think Brennus is too bad. He could have reacted in a bad way to her disobedient, mocking attitude but it’s who she is and he let’s her be.
SG: Proof! he loves her or he would have totally laid the smackdown on her!
C:  Aww...he totes loves her! KNEW I would drag you to my side!! Our side!

AM: I think this all too funny. they’re trying to starve her out the room, lol. Get up Evie!
SG: Pffftt She is just trying to hold her ground *Bada** Evie and all

AM: Peanut Butter!! My absolute fave!! Jif extra crunchy yum!!
SG: Really? Peanut Butter?? Why not some cheesecake??
C:  Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake?? *DROOLS* Yes, please!!

AM: Haha, she’s wearing Declan lucky jersey and boxers. Oh Lord!
SG: OH! I love this part! I mean come on she finds something nice and comfy b/c who wants to walk around in hooker wan wear all the time?
C:  Doesn’t she realize that most guys will find the jersey and boxers sexier than the hooker wear?
SG: no, she prob really doesn’t she just really doesn’t want in the hooker wear LOL

SG: Also.. Da Fellas following her.. classic I love it! and the stories!! Evie be “ ‘Da ‘Queen o’ Hearts’ ‘cuz it was off wi’ his head”

AM: Uh oh Finn turned Molly. No bueno!
SG: I totally went O...M...G!! No he didn’t!
C:  Finn was totally finding a place in my heart but this is a bad bad thing!

AM: the entire time Molly is speaking. I have no sympathy for her. She sounds truly evil. It must be the no soul thing. LOL
SG: She kinda pisses me off!
C:  Yes, I kill people but its their fault because they are tasty. LOL that is funny in a creep crazy way.

AM: Evie is definitely a Seraph. She’s all avenging! *growls*

AM: Brennus is holding me in his arms like a steel cage. Leaning down, he whispers in my ear, “You can na kill me brudder, mo chroí.”  This scene is so deep to me. I totally understand where Evie is coming from, another person she loves was killed, but you have Brennus and Finn and Evie is putting them both in a bad position.
SG: Agrees … with me I feel so bad for all 3 of them. Brenn is trying to protect his brudder , Evie is trying to Avenge Molly and then you have Finn *sigh* he turned her for Brenn but maybe a little for himself as well.
C:  I think Finn is in love with Evie too and Molly was just the next best thing!  Just a thought...oh crikey see..I was right Brenn tell her that Finn loves her!  *score*
SG: I think tis true too....

AM: Ssssshhhh!! Brennie is having a moment! (Thanks Ash!) Lol Awwww

AM: “Ye are home. Accept it.” Even I think B is harsh. Accept it?? Um, how about no! She doesn't want to be there Brenn but I do!! *giggles*
SG: He’s not harsh he just wants her to accept her new reality and get on with living!

AM: LMAO He smiles down at me in amusement. “Nuting, but if one of dem doesna do it, ye tell me and I’ll kill him.” *There is my B being all BadA**

AM: Hmmmmm.... What do you guys think this means?????  “It says that you are so possessive of me that you will not even let him have a piece of stone, if it represents a piece of me.”
SG: I think that B is really that possessive of her LOL... he doesn’t want Reed to have anything that was or is Evie’s or even looks like her.
C:  It says that Brenn is a crazy loon!  
AM: “Da sooner ye stop seeing me as yer enemy, da sooner we can begin ta enjoy one another,” he says softly, pressing his cold lips lightly against mine.”  *Closes Mouth* Nope won't say a thing. Lol OH but I will *squeeee* *naughty thoughts*

AM: Pssst, if I was Evie, I would’ve been a smarta$$ at this moment.  “I will erase him from everyting, even yer heart,” he promises me with deadly calm.”
SG: I really think yeah he hates Reed with all he is, but I also think this is Brenn’s way of saying he will love her enough that she will forget Reed. **I don’t really think that is ever going to be possible** so he can totes have me :)  Um pick me!! AM!!
C:  I don’t want Evie to have feeling for Brennus :(
SG: But she totally does!
AM: Yupperz!! (Don’t steal my word!) DUDE!! That is my word *head desk*

AM: “But that is nothing compared with the empty shape he leaves inside my heart.” :(

Chapter 13 The Queen

C:  Note- I want to be Queen!  Not of Da Fellas, just in general please. ***LOL **Oh girl.. here is your tiara and your wand now off with ya leave us with B and Da Fellas!!  Woohoo!  I am the Queen..twinkies for all!

Here is Chele a Queen Crown

AM: Oh lordy, Evie entices all Da Fellas. *takes notes* *steals AM’s notes* Watch how it’s done....Oh girls, no really watch “the Queen” go to work. *rolls eyes at these 2!* I think Da Queen is confused..... well maybe we are finally converting her to an all out B and Da fellas gal!!! *throws confetti*

AM: Haha is it courage or naiveté with Evie?
SG: Honestly I think it’s both! She has enough courage for 3 peeps but I also believe that she thinks that whatever happens just is.

AM: I wonder if Evie gives Da fellas and Brenn back their humanity. The reason why she is so special to them is because her soul connects them to their lost soul. *I got deep again.* Lol For Real we are going to have to record this stuff.. oh wait we kinda are *grins* Evie seems to fill everyones deep desires does she not?  That’s why they all love her. *note to self, ask Amy where to find some of that mojo*

SG: Evie attracts everyone.. why would B and Da fellas be different.. now as to whether it’s her soul connecting with theirs or they just feel like b/c she can actually still be herself with them all instead of fallin all over them.

AM: I wanna throw elf darts!!!
SG: I know right! That would totally rock!

AM: Oh snap! It’s time for Evie’s coming out party. LOL

AM: It’s so weird. Evie doesn't want to be queen at this point. Does not want to be embraced by Brennus but then she constantly winning them over.

SG: They just love her! but srsly … after her whole speech I Lurved this! “Ah, then my work here is done,” *** teee heee

AM: OMG I love, LOVE this part with their weapons and how she can ignite their music that was lost to them when they changed.

SG: I know right! How cool is that!! Each one responds to her which means something to Da Fellas!! *happy sigh*

How awesome is this?

AM:  I find it amusing that Evie thinks she going to play Brennus and Da Fellas, learn their tricks and weaknesses but in reality she’s becoming one of them. Whether she realizes it or not.

SG: I think …. that even though she is starting out “thinking” this... l believe she is attached to them *kinda like I am*

AM: Haha Brennus is going to kill Mikey. Lol. He’s too much. He makes me grin too much!!

AM: He reconstructed her home with Uncle Jim. I don't know whether to be moved by the gesture or to feel appalled b/c it seems like a ploy to gain her affections. What do u ladies think?
SG: I am in LOVE with what he did! He gave her, her very own sanctuary!!! No really … it’s hers where no one will bother her, that was done out of some love there!
C:  See those are the things that would turn me off..its so obviously a ploy.  I’m a hard sell though, just ask my hubby!

AM: LMAOOOOO. Who had troll dolls? *raises hand* I totally had those!! Me toooo!  We actually have one somewhere around here!  “Dis is na a troll. Trolls are huge and dey smell like arse and dey have razor-sharp teeth dat ’twill gut ye if ye get too close to dem. Dis is a little naked, plastic ting dat’s na da least bit scary.” LMAO and I can really see him scrunching up his nose whilst he says all this

AM: Love Brennus!! *I don't care if its wrong. I DO!* Me TOOO!!!

Chapter 14 Angel And Soulmate

AM: Russell’s POV!!! I’ve missed you Russ!!!
SG: Ya know I’ve kinda missed Russ too... hmmm

AM: LORD these TWO are KILLING me here!!!! I cannot deal with them. Ladies help!!!!
SG: Sorry... can’t help you here *rocks back and forth in da corner*
C:  Oh snap, Reed has some good points!  I have often wondered why Evie came back as an angel this time and why her soul won’t let Russ go.  I need answers!

AM: UM #TeamRussell  “She has sworn many, many, oaths to me in more lifetimes than ya can count and she’s my soul mate and I will have her back.” This is a SWOON moment.
SG:EEEPPP I must really stay outta this convo!! So not fair that SG knows things that we do NOT!

AM: “Brownie is going to be someone you will be tied to for a long time. She shared your pain.” #RussellandBrownie *Sidenote: I have something to say about these two!! I feel a special-featured blog with appear on SGB soon.* C:  Go #TeamBrussell!!

AM: Oh no Brennus has been sending killers to off Reed. *Bad Brennus* Go to my room!!!! NOW! Ye shall be punished maistir.
SG: Girl STOP that! Brenn always goes and does what he wants … and that is not wans anymore! eeeeee!!!
C:  The only thing that can make Reed smile right now is to release some a**whipping on the Brenns men!

Chapter 15 Forgiving Magic

AM: “In yer mind, ye know dat even if ye are na sending a message ta him, yer friends will relay da message ta him, so ye would den be ‘communicating wi’ him’ which ye can na do.” Absolute rubbish!
SG: Tricky Tricky B!! Nope she would be breakin the contract
C:  You know a contract that works that well would be so handy in so many cases!

AM: Brennus must atone for what he did to Evie back in the cave?? I think he will.
SG: He wants to !!!

AM: SO TRUE!!! “Ye do trust me, jus a wee bit, and dat scares ye,” Brennus replies, his green eyes shining with amusement.” I lurve when he gets her!!

AM: This magic spell scene with Brennus is wayyyyyy HOT!!!!
SG: Ice bucket plz!!

AM: Hahaha Da Fellas are too much.  “Ye ca na sing well,” Declan points out. “Ye are a horrible singer,” Eion agrees with a nod of his head. I wrinkle my nose at them. “I wasn’t aware that this was American Idol—” bahahahaha!!! Hehehe

AM: If I still felt animosity toward him for what he did to Molly, it is gone when he looks into my eyes after having looked towards Molly. He still has regret for what he has done to her and that is its own revenge.” ***Deep Amy! ***Oh how I love that man!! #TeamFellas!!!  ***Finn, I truly want to love him.  He should go play for the good side instead of evil!

Chapter 16 Casmir

C: I have this desire to sing “Rock the Casbah” when I see Casmir.  Just an FYI Thanks! Now I have that stuck in my head!

AM: “Brennus goes out of his way to spend time with me, even when someone is constantly trying to gain his attention for this or that problem. He takes me for walks around his huge estate. He shows me the cliffs where the sea meets the rocks far below.” *Sigh* Hate you Evie!! Lol noooo not really. Love u Brenn!!!
SG: Again with the *swoon*

AM: He got her running shoes!! Lol Tis what she wanted...

AM: *gasp* Two months! Its been two months! Well... I don’t think we could go through every day... Poor Amy’s hands would fall off! LOL

AM: “Dese clothes are really sexy,” he says softly, sounding amazed.” Oooowwwwww, don't underestimate some cute jeans. *rawr* Lol
SG: Nah... It’s because it’s Evie wearing them and he knows it! she could wear a flippin garbage bag and he would still see her as nothing but straight up sexy!

AM: Ewww storing blood! Not kosher, lol.
SG: But.. really, really smart!!

AM: Laughing softly, he leans nearer and kisses my neck, just below my ear, before whispering to me, “Ye are perfect. I will see ye soon. Try na ta fret.” *Swoons* *Dies* b Right there with ya on this one!!

AM: Damn I can totally see Brennus in his office with Cas in all his sexiness!!! *click* *fangs* Ladies, ya didnt know, I’m a bloody Gancanagah Now!! LMAOOOOOOO Oh Dear Sweet Baby Bunnies! *runs for the door*

AM: OOOOOOO Screw you Casmir!! You suck!!! Lol

AM: LORD have mercy!!! Geez every1 wants Evie!!! *Do I sound a tad bit jealous??* LOL
SG: Just a tad.... but for realz.. everyone does want her! It’s her soul that speaks to each one personally I think she is meant for AMAZING things!!

AM: It’s happening!!!!!!!! “Without thinking, I wrap my arms around his neck and snuggle into his chest, hugging him tight. Resting my head against him, I whisper, “Thank you for protecting me from Casimir. I want to learn everything that you can teach me— magic, fighting, weapons, strategy. I have to become more powerful. If Casimir is responsible for sending Alfred, then he is ultimately responsible for my uncle’s death. I want to crush him… slowly, painfully…” I stop speaking when I hear Brennus’ fangs click in his mouth and his body grow still.” #TeamBrennus *shudders* HELLL YEEAHHH!!!! #TeamBrennus

AM: Oh snap!!!! Get em!!!!  “Brennus pulls back quickly, like I burned him. As he searches my face, his brows draw together with desire. He picks me up in his arms and then seats me on top of his desk. He grasps me firmly by the back of the neck, tipping my face up to meet his, his cheek grazes mine.” ***That’s what happens to me every time he kisses me. *looks around* ***shakes AM*** Wake up girl!! **I AM AWAKE SG!! ***Nope totally hear you snoring over there!

SG: no this is WAY hot! I’m like savoring every word!!!
“Tis like ye were made jus for me. Ye can have a soul, ye can have life and be touched by me and na change-na become a compliant shell dat does anyting I want. Ye have a mind and ye use it and ye sass me and ye rage at me and ye make me want tings i never knew I could ever have again-tings I thought died when I died.” *****DIES*****

AM: I”m sorry every1 this passage below must be highlighted and savored!!!!! “Genevieve,” Brennus whispers against my skin, like he would worship me if I would only let him. Something twists inside of me at the sound of his voice, the passion and the need within him is calling to me. This is love— a version of it and I wonder when that happened. When did I start loving him? I ask myself. But, it doesn’t really matter. It’s the bottom of the wave, not the top of it where love crashes over me and washes me way, like it does with Reed. Nothing can compare to that— nothing. “I can’t be what you want me to be,” I whisper to Brennus, while trying to pull away from him. “You already are whah I want ye ta be,” he replies softly as he tries to halt my retreat. “Give it more time. Ye will see dat I am right.” Shaking my head, I rest it against his chest. From somewhere outside on the grounds, shouts erupt from the fellas. Brennus tenses as his arms tighten around me.” Oh.My.Freaking.GOD *grab the ice buckets* BEST Passage EVAR!!!!

SG: I think I srsly read this one … well ok A LOT! and may have marked it... *whistles*
C:  She loves Charlie Sheen would say he is winning!
AM: Russell Clone!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! “We’re searchin’ for ya, Red,” Russell’s voice whispers from somewhere deep inside of me. “We need ya. Yer ours. I love ya… and so does Reed.”
C:  Sweet baby Jesus thank you Russ!!  I need you guys to hurry and save Evie before SG and AM spontaneously combust from all the Brennus hotness!

WHEW!!! this is so so good.. right? RIGHT?? So here are your topics / questions for today! Comment with what ye tink to be entered for this weeks prize A Premonition Series Tank Top!!! EEEPPP :)

1 - What do you think? Does Evie have stockholm syndrome or does she truly have feelings for Brenn and Da Fellas?

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***Peace...Love....Brennus SupaGurl Out


  1. You guys are cracking me up!! Although I'm team Reed, I do love these chapters that she's with Brennus and the fellas. I could read these chapters over and over. Im not sure why but I love the chemistry she has with them. It adds some humor to the story and light. That seemed lacking in prior chapters.

    -Heather S

  2. 1 - What do you think? Does Evie have stockholm syndrome or does she truly have feelings for Brenn and Da Fellas?

    I honestly feel Evie is really starting to have feelings for Brennus, because she is starting to see that he is not the monster she thought he was.

    2 - Tweet or Facebook This message - #SGBReadAlong ½ through Indebted by @Amy_A_Bartol and I’m #Team____ Fill in de blank!

    Going to tweet now!

  3. Evie totally has feelings for Brennus and the fellas! She always has! She has this uncanny ability to love with restraint and she does just that. She's been protecting Finn since day one and her desire for Brenn has been evident, too.

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