Thursday, November 8, 2012

Intuition Read Along Chapters 9-13

BookGeek AM here!!! I’m going to have a big ol’ geek moment and complete fan girl freak out. Are you ready???? 1... 2... 3... “Let’s hear it for the boy!!!!!! Lets give the boy a hand!! Let’s hear it for my baby!! …he loves me, loves me, he loves me...” *Twirls*
SupaGurl here to interrupt AM.... to join in on her FANGIRL freak out! *dances around* *shakes her booty* YEAH!!!
Sorry, ya’ll this is going to keep happening throughout... For we have a new character in this section. A new #Team to root for!! And WE’RE soooooooooooooooo Excited!!!!  
So excited really doesn’t even cover it... but since this is YA and all I guess that will have to do *giggles*

Welcome Back to Intuition!!! Chapter 9 Houghton

AM: These next few chapters are kinda sad but I can’t help but be excited. *Oh god, I feel the song in me stirring.*
SG: I am all giddy … Is this wrong?? Nahhhh!!

AM: “To say that the first few days in Houghton have been dark for Red would not be a very good description. It is more accurate to say that there has been a complete absence of light for her.” Awww poor Evie and Russell.
SG: I will say that I am like heartbroken here!

AM: I forgot to say this earlier, but that Facebook idea is the smartest thing ever!!! If I’m ever on the run *giggles* I’ll use it.
SG I know right! Totally into this! Amy had a brilliant idea :) We should totes set up our “alter egos” so we know right off when this happens!
C:  Yes!  Totally setting these rules with my hubby in case we ever find ourselves on the run.

AM: Awww Russell stayed for Evie. No paradise for him.

AM: It so weird. The banter for Russell and Evie is so easy going. Even when they argue there’s love, its natural. It’s sad to me because they could be a couple but they’re not. With Reed there’s all this passion but with Russell its so simple, the love. Idk *Sighs*
SG: Really? but what is love without all that amazing passion?? I will take the passion over just simple anyday.
AM: We need BOTH!!
C:  Awe, it does kinda makes you want to be all #TeamRuss huh?

AM: “’ Cuz I’ve lived for thousands of years and it has only ever been you, Red. Just you,” I reply darkly.” <<<Ummm #TeamRussell ??? Lol

C:  I actually like that Evie has always been real with Russ about her feelings.  She could so easily give into her soul and lead him on and she doesn’t.

AM: “I don’t think that one is real. I think that one has to be some kind of nightmare, not a premonition,” she says quickly.” LMAOOOOOO, It’s real Evie!!! *Music starts playing, begins to twirl*

AM: “No… I don’t know if they’re angels.” *Laughs*

AM: Evie is so mean!!!!! Lol Poor Russell. Haha run, Russell is gonna get you.

AM: AWWWW it got sad again.

AM: LMAOOOO. Yes get a part time job!!! Great idea!! LOL, no not really. <<<duh!

AM: “I have a feelin’ I wouldn’t mind at all bein’ broken in that way,” I reply, and see her blush more. God she’s so beautiful.” <<<#TeamRussell
C:  Just curious but exactly how would he be broken ;-/  I don’t think it’s worth it Russ *ouch*
AM: Chele, do you really want me to explain this to you??? LOL

AM: How many of you want Evie to call Reed? *I know Chele does!!*  
C:  No!  Leave Reed alone and go live happily ever after with Russ, Evie.  I will take care of Reed and keep him happy! <<<<Oh lord!! Lol  <<<<<Let me be!   You and SG will have your own delusions pretty soon! <<<< Your sooooooooo right!! LOL

Chapter 10 Lost and Found

AM: Back to Evie’s POV. *I miss Russell* Lol

AM: *Gasps* IT’S BEEN 3 MONTHS??!!??!! Smh.

AM: God, AMY is so good with words. I love it!! “I feel like my life is already over; that everything I ever was is twisted out of place. I didn’t calculate the cost when I made my plan to leave Reed. I thought that I would have the strength to do this for him, but it turns out that I’m even weaker than I knew. All I can think about every single minute of every single day is him. With my new ability to think, I can process things differently than I could before. If I had thought I had overcome the kiosk in my mind devoted to Reed, I was deluded. One part of me doesn’t want to acknowledge that there was ever any danger to him and sees what I’m doing as being cruel.”

I feel Evie’s love for Reed, her regret over her actions here.

AM: *Cries* “I can’t feel you— are you okay— don’t do this, Evie! Please… don’t do this.” Wow, deep.
C:  Cry me a river!  The whole VM thing has me bawling like a baby!
SG: If... that’s a big IF there... I cried .. like ever, I would definetly been crying here!
AM: Did anyone else freak when Bun’s left the vmail of Reed freaking when he couldn't find Evie on the train? (I’m sorry but if I was Evie, I would have broke by now. To know you caused all your loved one’s all this pain and your lover, is just SELFISH.)

AM: Oh nooooo, it’s starting up again... The Music!!! *Oh-oh-oh, maybe he's no Romeo, but he’s...*

C:  Oh boy...*speaking directly to blog readers: if you thought I was cray cray you have NO idea!  Things are about to get wacko up in here!*
So I have decided to slink back over to Reeds house while Evie and the other SupaGurls are occupied with a certain someone coming up...see ya later!



AM: Cause every time he pulls me near I just wanna cheer. Let's hear it for the boy!!! Aaaah, let's give BRENNUS a hand!!!!!!!!!! *Dances and twirls* #TEAMBRENNUS
SG: Boppin along singing out loud with AM!!!! #TEAMBRENNUS

AM: *SWOONS* “Dat is a beautiful name, but it does ye an injustice. A lily is soft and sweet— delicate. Ye are someting else entirely, are ye na?” *DIES* #TeamBrennus
SG: Oh dear sweet bunny babies... *SWOOON* *THUD*

AM: “But I’m drownin’ in da pools of gray. Go, find yer lass… I’ve found moin.” <<<And so it begins!!! #Moin
SG: Oh Oh!!! Really #Moin he is so so #MOIN!!! Everytime I see that man speak I just become a freakin puddle!!! <<<< OURS!!!!! #OURS Gah, Well ok fine! :p *sneaks off with B* <<<Grabs her fairy dust!!*

SG: *DIES* “Now how can I fight ye for yer affection? Dat sounds impossible, but I suppose I can try anyting once. So ye are saying dat, if I win our mill, den ye’re moin?” Brennus asks, and I can’t help but feel challenged by him. Like he has just dropped an invisible gauntlet. ***Sigh***

AM: Supagurls, get the ice buckets ready!!! “What are you?” I ask him breathlessly. “Yer destiny,” he replies in a gentle tone as he leans forward to touch my face.” Oh god!!
SG: *HOLY SHIIIOZ* There he goes again getting me in the gut *DIES*

AM: Badass Evie jumps out the window!!
SG: Evie is Cray Cray!! Stay Evie Stay!!!

AM: Oh no Brennus is not playing around. Bad Brennus!! Bad Bren-Bren! Go to my room now!!!!!! *Dies from laughter, I’m silly.* But seriously guys at least he went to my room.
SG: Aaaand now we switch from Delusional Chele to Cray Cray AM!! He totes went to my room!!! *silly girl*
AM: OH NOOOOO SG did not!!

C:  *Voice of reason*  Um girls, you know he sliced her achilles and punched her in the face right?? <<< I briefly mentioned that earlier... Bad Brennus!!!! Go to my room! He must be punished!!!!
SG: Annnd... your point is... I know he is the bad guy, I’m good with it *evil grin* <<<<LMAO. I cannot argue with her!!!!

Chapter 11 Copper Mining

AM: AMY wrote this about the Supagurls!!! >>>> “Delusion. It means a false belief or a mistaken notion. It’s different from denial, which is the refusal to face an unpleasant fact or the refusal to acknowledge the existence of something. With delusion, you never see the something coming in order to deny its existence.” Right???? *Don't agree ya’ll*
SG: RIGHT! She sooo knew exactly how we were going to be *winks* *Swoons at Brennus*
C:  That is SO us *sheepishly lowers head*

SG: Ok Let me just say... I love love LOVE Finn!! He and Evie are amazing with the word banter! teehee *** “You know how long I’ve been here?” I ask as dread consumes me. “I do,” he replies. “How?” I ask. “A lil’ bird told us,” he says cryptically. “Finn, that’s not an answer,” I say. “Tis,” he replies with a sharp nod. “Not a good answer,” I amend, and then I stick my finger down my throat and retch all over his new beemer. “Ach, Genevieve! Ye banjaxed me beemer! Ye bleedin’ hallion,” Brennus, however, finds it funny as he peers at me in the rearview mirror, his eyes twinkling in approval.    ***SEEE!!!!***
C:  Ok, I do like Finn.
SG: YAY!!! #TeamFinn

AM: I’m sorry but Brennus is horrible here. Abusive and just plain WRONG.
C:  Oh, ‘cause you thought the kidnapping Irish ‘thing’ was going to be nice?
SG: C: LMAO!! of course not, it’s just smexy and... I totally yeah I still lurve him!!! sorry <<<<<sadistic! <<<<LOL V!!! In the hizzz

AM: Haha, we’re “wans.”
SG: You can be a “wans” I’m B’s destiny!!! <<<< No seriously!! She has to stop! *Rolls eyes* Stop That! I know exactly what I’m talking about! 

AM: “He is being gentle now, like I’m someone he has found hurt and he is assisting me out of the car, so he can make it all better, I think scornfully. I hate it when the supernatural swing from one extreme to the other. It makes me feel unbalanced. I almost want to tell Brennus to pick a side and stay there because being nice, and then all of a sudden wigging out is really scary.” Brennus is Mr Mercurial???

SG: This is where I go he is really really good at what he does.... being the bad guy! He will break your a$$ then pick you up and try to smooth you out.

AM: Damn Alfred!!! Hope he gets shredded to pieces!! *Giggles*
SG: DEATH to Alfred … this is all I can think about when his name comes up!!
C:  So Alfred is the ‘little birdie’  stupid angel.

AM: What the fudge cakes are “Gancanaghs???” Lol

SG: Dude!!! This is the same thing I said only well not so nicely LOL and how do you even pronounce that!!! ahhhh I cannot deal with regular names *I butcher them horribly*
C:  Vampire Fairies??  What the Frak!? SG: OH OH!! BSG reference!! <3

AM:  *Swoon* “His body is powerful and sleek with a beauty that humans do not possess. His face is extremely handsome, with his black hair, arching brows, and beautiful green eyes.” #TeamBrennus
SG: *Puddle* oh I have just DIED and went to Brennus heaven!

AM: “I begin to crawl down the center of the table on my hands and knees, stalking the prey ahead of me.” <<<YA has left the building!!! *So Hot!!* I was like HELL Yeah!! That is Hot!

AM: The water torture begins. Bad Brennus!!! <<<<SG, in good faith! I’m sharing. Please handle B!!  ***Ugh the pain of sharing.*
SG: I totes got this! *crooks her finger* Brennus … come this way *grins*
C:  *Spits out drink!*  Oh. No. You. Didn’t.  LMAO
SG: You know I totes did!!

AM: Uncle Jim!!

AM:  “Ye don’t even know whah ye need. It would’ve been better if I had fought dis lover for ye, but he is na here ta claim ye. Ye will forget him. Ye will never mention his name ta me,” he says with jealousy choking him. “Ye’re moin now.” He’s so domineering!!! Never mention his name... Ice bucket please!!

SG: Again... B has some of the most amazing words to come out of a mans mouth! I could seriously just listen *well ok fine* read him all day...everyday! <<<Me toooooo!

AM: On no he didn’t!! How can I love him?? *Cries* “Feeling the back of his hand slap my cheek hard, it forces my head to turn away from him.”
SG: It is what it is... This is who he is and well what can you do *rawr*

AM: “I will not be able to play to his softer side because there is no soft side to him. If he wants something, then he takes it. He feeds on humans, uses them, and then kills them without a hint of remorse. I’m probably a trophy— a prize to him.” :-(

SG: The whole him breaking her down... calling her pet, that was wicked! But Evie is a BadA$$ and pulls out the big guns again sacrificing herself to no end!
Chapter 12 Gancanagh

AM:  I love how Evie begins to try and manipulate Brennus. Good girl!!
SG: Would we expect anyting less from Evie?

AM: Haha she’s calling PETA!!!

AM: I can't believe she got half naked in front of Brennus?!?! *Shocked face*
SG: But OMG! again... his words!!! **** “I mean da way ye took yer clothes off...I’m used ta wans tryin’ ta entice me in da way dey disrobe, but ye’re just da opposite. Ye try na ta entice, try na ta flaunt yer beauty...”  …... “Da contrast is breathtakingly sexy.” *SWOON*
AM: It starts again... “Let’s hear it for boy!!! Lets give the boy a hand!!! You gotta understand....” He’s a king!!!!! lmaooooo He is THE King!!! EEEP! <<< LOL

AM: DECLAN!!! The name of my new Macbook Air! Lol
SG: Oh how I adore Declan too!

AM: “He does want me, I realize as a bolt of fear strikes me, and I am playing with fire.” <<< Yes you are!!! Brennus let me show you what a real “wan” can do!! *Evil laugh*
SG: Oh girl! Did you not see up there he likes us independant gals! na da wans *Evil grin* <<<SG is playing with fire!!!! I know exactly what Brennus likes *Winks*

AM: Oh nooooooo! Evie has to fight a gancanagh!!
SG: You were all Oh No and I’m going Kick his AZZ Evie!

C:  At first I was like:  Oh NO, Evie!!

Then I was like:  Evie is a Seraph!

AM: AWWWWW, ““Dis blade is moin; ’tis very old and ’tis anointed by the priests of Gahenna. Dis one is Brennus’, and it too, has been anointed. I give dem ta ye freely, Genevieve.” Is a friendship forming???

SG: I gets chiiilllssss!!!

AM: Ooooooooooooooo, you don't talk smack about Evie’s soulmate!!!!!!!!
SG: It was like instant! She stopped retreating and Now it is ON!
AM: That death/murder scene is brutal!! *Shouts SPARTA!!!!!! Lol

AM: “I will… mo chroí.” And It begins... #TEAMBRENNUS <<< I really like the way mo chroi looks, will make a cool future tattoo.
SG: TOTALLY will!!! It will look awesome on the inside of the wrist *plans next tatt*
AM: *GROWLS* We’re going to have the same tattoo too????
SG: Awww well, why not? We are just that freakin awesome!! *grins*
AM: *LOL, Kool Beans*

SG: But DANG!! He bit her *nibbles fingernails* ahhhhh!!!

Chapter 13 Bloodlust

AM: *MUST NOT KILL EVIE!!* She’s on my man’s bed!!! LOL *GRRRR I’m not sure this is ok with me! Get off his bed!!!* but... She is alive!! YAY

SG: Ok again … I love the constant back and forth with them... B is delicious! and I think he is actually trying to be nice to her. *grins*

AM: “Whah is sexy about denim and trainers?” Brennus asks with humor in his voice.” <<< DIES!!! SO hot!!!!
SG: He hasn’t seen Evie in them yet *grins*

AM: The “fellas” are out!!

SG: Can someone just PLEASE KILL Alfred already??? Gah! I really really hate him! *Evil Death Glare*

SG: I also love how she always just asks Finn for answers when she wants the truth or just  to annoy my poor Brennus! Can I be #TeamFinn for a bit <<<*OUR Poor Brennus!*

AM: “Finn’s eyebrows draw together. “Ye bleedin’ parasite! If ye say another word, I will kill ye meself,” Finn rasps in anger, glaring at Alfred. “Dat is a warrior and she will soon be a Gancanagh and me sister,” Finn says, pointing to me. “Ye had better be prepared ta leave as soon as she tastes his blood and her soul is released ta ye, because den if she orders me to kill ye, dere is no place under Heaven for ye ta hide.”  #TEAMFINN in the HOUSE!!!!!
SG: See what I mean!!! #TEAMFINN I really do love this G
AM: Hail Queen Genevieve!! DAMN Straight

AM: “A slow smile sweeps over his beautiful lips and face, making the light dance in his brilliant, green eyes that remind me of the sea in a storm. He looks like someone who has just gotten the best news of his life. “’ Tis okay… hurt me,” he breathes.” Oh LORD!! *Faints* *flaily arms* Hurt me... oh wait we were talking of hurting him... *thud* <<<LMAOOO

AM:  OK EVERYONE, I’m going to let every1 in on a SECRET. Are ya ready?? The first time I read “Intuition,” I fought very hard not to like Brennus. He’s the bad guy. I’m all #TeamReed with a side of Russell. Screw this fairy king!! I don’t even remember when it happened, but my Brennus love is CRAZY, like cray, cray... (Lord can we skip ahead to “Indebted!!!”) Oh God!!!! *Swoon*

SG: It’s ok AM I think I have made this crystal clear where I stand on the Brennus sitch... When I read it the first time, I will admit I didn’t try to not like him LOL I was all HOLY HELL he is the hottness! He had me from the moment he opened his mouth Da! Tis True *grins* I am for #TeamReed but I have to say... I am also 100% #TeamBrennus!! *yes it’s possible* just roll with it!
AM: I’m rolling with it!!!!!!!!!!

AM: IN the words of SG, “HOLY HELL!!!!!” >>>> “Den, bleed for me,” he says as he pierces my neck again.” I can’t take this, someone put me out!!!!! Like NOW!!!!  

SG:True Dat!! girl True Dat! I am usually a really fast reader... but when reading Brennus I take my time and savor him... *sigh*
C:  These chapters take me forever between the dialect and the freakin’ amazing words Amy writes you can’t just skim through this...savor it people!  SAVOR SG: True Dat!!

SG: …. Da more of yer blood I have, da more I need ye. I would’ve had ye in me bed already, but I’m afraid I will end up killin’ ye before I can change ye if I do,” Brennus says his eyes slowly open and the darkness of passion shows in his lidded stare *** Flaily SG again*** Someone needs to turn on the Dang AC!!!

AM: Uh Oh... “A darkness begins to grow within me. I want that— I want Alfred’s heart on a stake. Lifting my head off of Brennus’ chest, I look him in the eyes. He must see the darkness in my eyes because he squeezes me tighter, raw desire showing on his face.”

SG: OHHH Someone is gonna Kill him!!!! YAY *cheers*

AM:  OMG is REED captured???
C:  NNNOOOOOOOOOO! *falls to the floor in tears*

AM: NOW I’M EXTRA HAPPY!!!! “Let’s hear it for the boy!!!!!” >>>> “Where do ya think yer goin’ with my girl?” Russell calls out from across the hall.” #TEAMRUSSELL in the Cave!!! LOL Who else is excited to see Russell??
SG: Not this girl *pouts* LOL I’m like go away Russ she is just fine where she is at!
AM: SG, awww don't be like that, Russell is going to rescue Evie!!! And then we gals are going to help Bren forget all about Evie!!! *Evil Smile*
SG: OHHH!!! *face palm* Well then YAY Russ!! Save Evie!!!

AM: LOL... Lord, I need to know what happens next!!! *Oh wait, I do know. Lol* Lord Brennus, AM needs you!!!!
SG: But when reading and having to put it down.... AHHH it’s like frickin torture!! HURRY Tomorrow!!! <<<<Any break in reading these books is horrid!

C:  Disclaimer- No SupaGurls were hurt in the making of this chat.  Although some *ahem AM & SG* may seem a bit out of sorts, I can assure you they are just fine.  Warning- Be on the lookout for Gancanaghs though as I do fear they may have touched my girls a few times turning them into WANs. ;-/
<<<<<Oh look it’s AM & SG

We wanna know has any1 been swayed yet?? Are you #TeamBrennus, #TeamFinn, #TeamRussell??? Let us know!!! We really wanna know!!! Hit us up on Twitter @chelemybelles @SPNHeather @girl10029

This will get you an extra entry into this weeks GIVEAWAY … for …. Yes a Signed copy of one of Amy’s Book *excludes Incendiary*

1) Describe what “Gancanaghs” are??
2) What is the proposition offered to Evie??
3) What famous movie is “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” featured in?? SG: Good one!! Oh I know I know!!
4) What do you or did you think of Brennus when you see him? Let us KNOW!


  1. I laughed my face off! I love all of you! Thank you!

  2. YAY!! So Glad!! We/I was nervous!!!

    BookGeek AM

  3. 1) Describe what “Gancanaghs” are?? They are technically fairies, but are similar to vampires.

    2) What is the proposition offered to Evie?? Alfred gets Evies soul and then Brennus would turn her into a Gancanagh.

    3) What famous movie is “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” featured in?? Footloose!

    4) What do you or did you think of Brennus when you see him? Let us KNOW! My first impression of Brennus was "THIS S.O.B.!!!!!!" Haha. I didn't like him AT ALL!! He was trying to throw a wrench in the perfectly fine relationships Evie has!

    Re reading this. Sigh. I lov Brennus. I thought he was a giant a hole before but he just sucks me in every time. I feel like Evie. I start to wonder if maybe he really is good for her! I mean, he does love her!! Ahh.

    1. He totally loves her... Its hard b/c we Know Evie is set on Reed and Reed is set on her and then we have Brennus and... yeah lets get to Book 3!!!!

      BookGeek AM

    2. He really does! I mean, it's totally obviously from the start and I really feel like there's some sort of pull for Evie, too. I can't figure out if its that weird pull that makes the supernatural act different around Evie or not. I'm totally half team Brennus. Maybe like, team backupbrennus? :D

  4. HAHA!! This is awesome!! I totally loved that part where she puked in his car (High 5 Evie) You guys crack me up :)

    1) Describe what “Gancanaghs” are?? They are faeries, but very similar to vampires

    2) What is the proposition offered to Evie?? Alfred wants to take Evie's soul, and Brennus will make her a Gancanagh and be able to protect her

    3) What famous movie is “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” featured in?? !! Footloose baby!! Loved that movie!!

    4) What do you or did you think of Brennus when you see him? Let us KNOW! WELL NOW, I did not have a good impression of Brennus at first. I thought he was a Grade A Asshat, BUT as the chapters go on, I do see that he does genuinely love Evie...although I am still a Team Russell and now Team Finn girl!! (With a little bit of Team Reed thrown in for shits and giggles) :)

  5. #TeamRussell forevah. Lifetimes of passion, purpose, soulmates. I love Reed, but Russell practically gives up his soul, and always comes to her rescue. The guy is hottttt.

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