Monday, November 12, 2012

Shallow by Georgia Caites ~Blog Tour~

I’m going to try to be as shallow as possible in my review of Shallow by Georgia Caites...

Here are gorgeous people:
Payton perfect
Master Jedi Nick

And gorgeous cars...

and here is a Jedi :)

So recap..Beautiful Payton in her hot car bumps into, literally, Gorgeous Nick (dontcha love that hot pic of my version of Nick?) and his racing Camero and Nick uses his “Jedi sex tricks” to wrap Payton around his little finger.  Following so far?  Well it’s not that simple; but it IS that fun!  

I was actually surprised to find that I liked Payton because I envisioned some “Mean Girls Regina wanna be” after seeing the cover and hearing the title ‘Shallow”.  

However, Payton is one saucy chic and Nick is taken with her the moment she opens her mouth!  I LOVED them.  Nick is tough as nails and yet as soft as a teddy bear especially when it comes to Payton.  As a ‘love em and leave em’ type of guy he finds himself in new territory when he meets Payton who is looking for a real relationship like her best friends, Jessie and Claire, have.

As Payton and Nick take baby steps into the relationship waters economic status, family secrets and Nicks own playboy past threatens to tear them apart.  Will they be able to navigate the rough seas or is this a relationship destined to sink?  

Shallow is considered book two in the Going Under series but I did not feel lost having not read Going Under first.    I am looking forward to  reading Going Under now so that I can catch up on Jessie and Claire’s love story.

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  1. You did some work on that post, little lady!! And I think you nailed Payton and Nick perfectly! Thanks so much!


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