Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why Indies Rock Blog Tour ~~**~~ GIVEAWAY!!

First take a look, yeah up there and see all those blogs who think that Indies Rock!
Hey, Awesome I’m on of those who think Indies Rock! That’s because they are some of the most amazing peeps you will ever talk to or if your lucky.. Get to meet. I for one have been that lucky, more about that in a minute though.
Why do I think this?
It’s simple, these people who publish their own books are some of the most wicked word slingers around! I have all but stopped reading traditionally published books *by the big 6* because there are so so many AMAZING Indie books out there. If you are a regular here on the blog.. You already know this. If this is your first stop well let me tell you…. This last year for me has been full ofAwesome new books and One of a Kind Indie Authors who I am so so glad to actually call my friends. These authors take the time to chat it up with you on Twitter or Facebook. It’s not just a constant “buy my book” either… As a reader… I LOVE THIS.
What do I think of peeps who diss my Indie Authors?
Oh, this is when SupaGurl has to back away from the computer and rant to the hubby, one of said Author friends or blogger sistas. The shiz that gets slung around on GR’s is beyond ridiculous! I refuse to even comment over there. All of them who are saying things like.. Oh it’s an Indie Author well that is going to be sh*t because they couldn’t get signed for a book deal…. Or Indies don’t edit their books… Or they cannot take criticism… the list goes on and on well guess what I say….

I call Major BullSh*t
These authors work their as* off to put out SupaGreat stories. They actually *gasp* PAY someone to edit their books and a lot of them never even tried to query with the traditional publishing houses! They also put out MAJOR extras for their books. They have that freedom, if they want to write up a chapter from a different characters POV well guess what… they just do it! Oh, look they finished everything early… guess what they put that shiz out there early! I think it’s all about the freedom to do what they want when they want. Their writing is some of the BEST freakin writing I’ve had the privilege to read. As proof.. Bix 6’s are trying to snatch up tons of Indie Authors for their own now. Oh, and the movies… yes some of the Indie’s after writing these KICK AS* stories are getting freakin movie/tv deals!! Nothing sets me off more than someone spouting off CRAP about my Indie Authors…. Do I usually go online and call them on it? NO! I don’t have time to get into it with them, nor do I want to be seen as a negative person b/c really I’m not! *I don’t use words when mad LOL*
Want to see some of the amazing Indie Authors I’ve met this year?
UtopYA Con 2012 in Nashville, TN *first time evar going to something like this*
I met Indie Authors I had talked to forever here, also Great new Authors that I had no idea about! This will forever be my favorite thing I have been to or will go to b/c of the Friends made and the Fun had!! Just some of the Fantastical Indie Authors I met :

Amy Bartol *I totally fan girl hugged her*
Michelle Leighton *I totally fan girl hugged her*
Tiffany King
Carol & Adam Kunz
Abbi Glines
Heather Self
Heather Hildenbrand
Ella James
Georgia Cates
Brina Courtney
Raine Thomas
K.C. Neal
Jessica Sorensen

And so many more!
Also … some of these brilliant Authors took the time to come to my public library and speak with our teens during their summer reading program!

Decatur Book Festival 2012 in Decatur, GA

Nancy Straight
This had both Traditionally pub’d authors as well as Indie authors… guess who you could talk to and hang out with? That’s right… INDIE AUTHORS!!
I had the chance to meet even more Supa Fantastic Indies here…
Rebecca Donavan
Fisher Amile
Nancy Straight… I still squee when I think about her

Adam Kunz 
Charlotte Able
Nichole Chase
Kendall Grey
Kathleen Tucker
Shelli Johannes
KA Tucker

KA Tucker
Nichole Chase, KA Tucker, Amy Jones & Carol Kunz

 And so so many more!

So to sum up INDIE AUTHORS ROCK not only are they Wicked Word Slingers who have a passion for what they do, but they are some of the most Amazing people and friends you could ask for!
Peace, Love and Great Books

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  1. I am an Indie, but that's not why we rock. :) We work hard and regardless of what some of the trad publishers think, we are constantly trying to get better at what we do.

    I'm also a reader and almost all of what I've read this year has been Indie, and not on purpose either. I read what rises to the top, and Indies are always there. On top. :)

  2. they rock because just like many big authors, they are very talented. Plus they love their fans and we see that all the time by those we meet at the release parties and cover reveals. wtg indies. keep up the good work

  3. Aww...thanks, Heather! Indie bloggers are pretty kicka*s too! You guys work supahard to get the word out about us. <333

  4. Lets see.... Indie authors rock because they have to do it all themselves........ And I love how quickly they can put out books. Seems like they can do it in months instead of years.

  5. I read Indie, write Indie, and review Indie whenever possible. What a great community we are! It's readers/fans like you that make us keep writing. WRITE ON!

  6. I read indie. I love indie. I've made some super great friends through blogging and reading indie. Both authors and other bloggers. It's a great community to be involved in.

  7. What an awesome post. Reading things like this warms my heart.

  8. Awesome Tour I want to be involved and help the cause! If you ever need help with it let me know!

    nicole at sharearead dot com

  9. I really enjoyed this post! I could feel your energy and passion for indie authors, and as an indie author myself, I appreciate that sort of enthusiasm!!

  10. Aweeeee. I love this Heather. Indie blogging is a full time job!! Heather rocks it!!!

  11. Love to you! The feeling is mutual :D

  12. I think indie authors rock because it is so much fun to be able to communicate with them and know they will respond back! I love that so much about them!!

  13. I would like have very few books to read if it were not for the generosity of indie authors. The books I have read have been great and generally they are very affordable, which for me is a big deal. I am able to read so much more on my Kindle and while there are times when a read is not my cup of tea, that is not a trait exclusive to the indie world. Thank you for sharing today and kudos to the rise of the indie :)

  14. I LOVE THIS!!!! I so want to be a part of this tour!!!! Love it! ;)

  15. Thank you so much for such a great blog! It's wonderful to be appreciated :-)

  16. This entire post made my day! My weekend. Much <3 Heather! Much, much <3 to you!!! You rock, also, in all you do to support us!!!!

  17. Absolutely loved this post. Your love for Indies is what keeps Indies going. Thank you so much for that. Love the pics and 'Wicked Word Slingers' is kick A$$. :)

  18. I love my Indie Authors! Yes they are great people,some of the nicest people I met(ok technology met since I only know them on facebook,not met in person but maybe on day.Anyway,I have a few that I can message when I am having a bad day and they message me back,they encourage me and listen to me...and they some fun crazy people to virtually hang out with!My sister laughs at me when I say "my author friends" and one time she was like"an author messages you?" "Uhm yea,why?" "That's usual" "They are Indie Authors...and she has audacity to say "Oh they aren't real authors" WHAT!!!!OF COURSE THEY ARE AND YES THEY ARE AWESOME AND THEY ROCK!


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