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Intuition Read Along Chapters 5-8

Now that our Civic Hollywood duty is over. We can go back to our regular scheduled programming. Ladies and Gents... Intuition!!!

Chapter 5 Evasion

AM: Thank God we’re back to Intuition!! I was dying to know who this “Nephilim” whispering chick is...

AM: OH NO!! Did she just try to spear Evie?? *AM takes off her earrings.* Chele go grab your black belt! SG grab the bottle of Goose!! B/C its on!

SG: *Grabs for the Goose* *Takes a swig* Let’s do this!

C:  It is SO ON!  You know we are serious when we take off the earrings and break out the TaeKwon Do and Goose!


AM: Who throws a tree?? *Rolls eyes*

C:  I mean really, that is so last week as the chosen tool of crazy power angels!

SG: But...but …. It’s a FREAKING Tree guys!!!

AM: 100 miles, that’s like 4 marathon medals, lol.

C:  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

C:  Okay seriously, can someone please write an angel speaks book!  It sounds so dreamy *sigh, melting like butter*

SG: I know right, I’m telling you Amy would make Double or Triple with a Reed/Zee Angel speak book!

AM: Oh Evie!! ““I should leave him. I should go somewhere that he can’t find me so that he will be safe from me. He would never willingly let me go, so I would have to run from him, too.”

Lord if she doesn't cut this out!! I keep thinking that if it was me. I know that I would never come to this conclusion. It’s not in me!! But if you thought your presence was really going to harm the one’s you love, would you bolt?? Ladies?? I don’t know maybe I would :-(

SG: Yeah … sorry I totally would bolt! Especially if I KNEW it was going to cause pain or physically hurt my loved ones! I’m all on board the Evie thought process :) Yes, it would Kill to have to be away from them, but to keep them safe... I’d do anything!

C:  Sappy moment someone who has lived more years of her life with her love than without (for the record we were 16 when we started dating).  I do not know if I could ever willingly live apart from him.  However, if it meant keeping him safe I would leave.  But, what I think Evie never sees is that together they are stronger and I wish she (and he, for that matter) would talk openly about the risks instead of trying to protect each other.

AM: DItto. Stronger together, and awww Chele.
SG: Chele is wise...
C:  Truer words have never been spoken ;) hehe

AM: Awww Brenda.

AM: Haha, minivan. Zee almost had an aneurysm.

SG: Gah! I love Zee... I can totally see him having a moment about the stupid minivan!

C:  As a former minivan mom (just traded it in last week!!) I can totally understand Zee’s reaction.  

AM: “You are mine, Evie.” -Reed *Oh dag, there goes my butterflies.* Thank you very much Reed. So Hot!!

C:  NOOOO Reed, I am yours!  He is so stubborn, Amy will you talk with him about this!

SG: I got this AM.... Delusional Chele go back to the corner!!


C:  So you know how hot the gondola scene was earlier?  Well dayum the car scene!  *Water please*  

SG: Ice... buckets please! squeeee

AM: Zee loves Buns!! *Giggles*

AM: Aww Evie is so ominously sad at the end of this chapter.

Chapter 6 Soul Mates

AM: What? What? Russell’s POV. I love you AMY!! ***AMY!!!! Um is “B’s” POV coming???!!!!* *DIES from anticipation.*

SG: Hmmm let’s see what would SupaGurl give Amy for B’s POV?? Well, I would totally come to your house and do all your cleaning or I could give you all my cheesecake *You know how I love that stuff* or DAYUM I will give you whatever you want!!! *flails*

C:  When Reed is ready to admit his love for me I want his POV too!

AM: *Rolls Eyes* She’s being Delusional Chelly right now! I need SG to shout DC! Lol ←---it could happen stop calling me crazy, I’m perhaps reality challenged but NOT crazy!


AM: LMAO, you're right, didn't Reed tell you to go to bed last night?!

AM: What an evil thing to have to live through: to be able to recall every lifetime with Evie— every first time I met Evie— every first kiss— every first time she allowed me to run my hands over the perfect curves of her body…” :( Poor Russell.

SG: *Sigh* Yes this is sad but I do believe there is a point to all this … maybe... or whatever she could just be torturing Russ for the fun of it LOL

C:  That would be torture.  I mean reliving moments is one thing but then having to watch his love with another..argh!

AM: Russell knows Gaelic. I feel like this is going to come in handy. *Giggles*

C:  Yes Gaelic might be useful in the future.

SG: Really, Russ is kinda amazing .. in his own way, What? I do Like him :)

AM: I giggled at the end of their past life story. >>> How cute is this... “Good Lord man… finally! I thought I was gonna have to walk through town, nearly as naked as the day I was born, before ya told me that ya loved me.” Hehe

C:  I love how Russ notes the pattern she follows:  “Ya seein’ a pattern here at all, Red?” I ask her sadly.  “Ya gave up yer life for mine.”  Always, always her sacrificing.

SG: That’s our Girl , Self Sacrificing Evie! , but here again I think this proves just how deeply
she loves those around her!

AM: Damn Reed, that was hot!! “Just say the word and I’ll end it for you and you can be free to go on to your next life.”

HAHA, no Russell’s line was hotter!!! >>> “I’ll let ya know on that. I was thinkin’ of stickin’ ‘round, at least ‘til ya get called back to Heaven.” BOYS, calm down. I’m right here!!!!!!! Matter of fact you can have/use/ any of the Supagurls. We are here for your service!!! *Evil Laugh*

C:  Um, helllo three totally awesome SupaGurls right here angels.  We are totes available to be Reeds/Russ/Zees Angels!   See, that’s us right there!
AM: Haha.

SG: SWEEET!!! *Cocks hip out*

AM: OK so now Reed and Russell really start arguing here. Should she be allowed to train?? It wouldn't be the end of the world.

C:  I have to say I couldn’t really figure this out.  Is it just that Reed is afraid for Evie being hurt.  Is it that he doesn't want her to have to rip someone apart?  I love that he wants to protect her so much!  

SG: I’m going with it’s a man thing and he doesn’t want her to HAVE to do these things. He’s the man/angel and the one that should be doing everything he can to keep her out of danger!

AM: I think he’s afraid but I also feel like he thinks, he is the only warrior. Why should she fight when he will always protect her. Reed would love to see her rip someone apart. Lol

AM: Good reasoning Russell. of— I’m afraid that, for whatever reason, someone in Heaven is gonna get it in their head that Evie, or me, or both of us, could do all right without the help of angels and decide to call all y’all back to test the theory. If that day comes, wouldn’t ya want her not to be at the mercy of the next fallen angel that crosses her path?”

C:  Do you think there is any possibility that Russ just wants her to train so she won’t “need” Reed as much?

AM: It’s always a possibility, but I’m 200% sure that what Russell said in that passage I quoted, is truly how he feels about the situation. They should be prepared for all possibilities.

SG: Oh I think this has a MAJOR reason to do with it! He wants her to be able to take care of herself and not need to depend on Reed for anything. In Russ’ eyes that is one of the reasons she is still with/around Reed. I don’t think he can see how In Love with him she really is.

Chapter 7 Trainin’

C:  Awe, Reed isn’t allowed to watch training.  I can see him pacing outside the doors.

AM: Lol.

SG: You know he is! I cannot believe that he even left the room LOL

AM: Yay, more Angel Lore!!!!!

C:  This WHOLE training session is cray cray!  The idea of Zee and Russ running around shirtless (obvs) and sword fighting...phew.  

C:  This is totally where Zee starts to shine even more...his quest for danger is super hot! <<< HOT!!! RAWR HOTT!!

AM:  Haha if Russ tries to pull rank over Zee that will be his a$$.

SG: And you know this... MAN!

C:  Dang, Evie isn’t playing.  She needs to know why Zee is helping them.  Alfred really screwed her over.

SG: Put yourself in her shoes and Yeah I would totally be the same way! How can she know that she can trust him after what that dirtbag did to her?

AM: “And this is the closest I have come to having a family— which is not what I had expected. Generally, I thought that families were supposed to be kind to each other.” -Zee!!!!!

AM: Zee said “whack!!” I died, no Power. You cannot pull it off! Lol
C: hehehe

C:  So sad that Russ can’t see his family.

AM: Russ keeps getting the short end of the stick, :(

SG: He really does.. but, I think that with these things happening to him... It is also gonna make him one BadAzz Angel!

AM: True.

C: “ ...and the angel part of me demands something other than what my soul would have...” so glad Evie told Russ that.  She has made it clear that she desires more than Russ’ soul.

AM: *Cries* I just want Russell to be happy!!!!!

SG: *Pats AM on da head* It’s alright.

C:  Evie is fierce!

AM: Badass!!!

SG: OH YEAH! Warrior Evie!!

C:  Did I miss something?  Do we know why Evie can heal people yet?  The angels don’t make a big deal out of it.

AM: Nope.

SG: See... I didn’t see anything either :( You would think that would be a big deal? Maybe it just comes with being Wicked Awesome Evie! ←---Amy???  Why?

C:  Hehehe, “Ahh, that just blows”  poor Russ, again!

C:  Alright this last section with Russ and Evie planning a getaway just makes me mad!  Russ and his thoughts that this is just what he needs to win her back.  Evie and her thoughts to protect angels that have lived for thousands upon thousands of years.  Urgh, stay with the group

AM: They piss me off!!! Russ seems like he has a little more common sense. I love when he writes, We’re not evil. Like duh!!!!!

SG: Again, I think he is going to do whatever he can to win her and that includes his number one priority … Get her AWAY from Reed!

AM: They’re leaving... SG start chanting with me!!!!! B!!! B!!! B!! B!!! B!!! B!!! B!!! B!!!
SG: AHHHH!!!!! B!!! B!!!! B!!!!! EEEEEEP *FANGIRL*

Chapter 8 The Option

C:  So Zee is now in school too.  I hope we have some classes together ;) <<< LOL, *Looks around my classroom* NOPE!

SG: He’s in all my classes *Grins*

C:  Well here we go on the crazy train that is Russ and Evie try to escape.

AM: I can't believe they’re gonna pull this off.

C:  These few chapters of Russell’s POV really make you feel sad for him and his loss of humanity. <<

C:  Argh, Russ was ready to call Zee b/c Evie is late.  Is he ready to run really?

SG: Things are not going as planned so yeah let’s call back up on the ones we were gonna screw over! *head desk*

C:  I CAN’T believe Russ read Evie’s letter!  I have to say I don’t really believe Evie..I think she is totally trying to protect him more than herself!

AM: It is myself I am protecting because I cannot exist if you do not, so I will do what I must to ensure that you remain alive. My only hope for survival lies in the knowledge that you are somewhere in this world, under the same sky, the same sun, the same stars.” <<< I still think she’s bugging, even tho she made me go “aweeeee.”

SG: See... I really loved that! I was all like yeah, that is Evie! I do, I understand where she is coming from.. does it make “rational sense”? NO! but come on what would you do if all this had been dumped on you and you had to make these kinds of decisions?

AM: I LOVE THIS>>>> “Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love… I love thee best, O most best, believe it.” (OLD DEAD SHAKESPEARE) Lol

SG: LOVE!!! *awwwe*  

C:  Doth LOVE Shakespeare!

C:  Evie totally needs to get over feeling like she is to blame for everything.  She can’t fix things by making Russ go to school.

AM: She’s looking for normalcy.

C:  *Crying now*  “I can’t feel him anymore”  that is painful to think about, poor Evie.

SG: This … ripped my heart to itsy pieces!

AM:  :-(

SG: This whole section is filled with sad sad things... All the Sad Things for Russell and Evie is Devastated!

C:  They go to another 7-Eleven, argh!  Scary place...

SG: I was like NOTHING is important enough to go back into a FREAKING 7-Eleven!! NO just run away!!

AM: Russell gets his wings!!! “Her scent is incredible and my hands tense as I grip her tighter. Reachin’ up slowly, she wraps her arms ‘round my neck and gently pulls me down to her. I can hardly breathe when her lips brush mine, soft and sweet. Then, somethin’ snaps inside of me, like a restraint that I’m always controllin’ when I’m near her comes undone. Pickin’ her up off the counter, I hold her to me, devourin’ her lips with mine. I want to possess her— please her— feel every inch of her body on mine.” OMGGGGGGGG, RUSSELL!!

C:  OHG, Evie just pushes Russ away like it (the make-out session) was nothing.  That is kinda evil, even though she was helping him.

AM: Seriously!!! *BAD EVIE!!*

SG: Ummm *small voice* YAY Evie??? lol <<< BOOOOOOOOO!

AM: “I will have your back, I just need to develop my strength and I’ll be an ass kicker too, trust me.” Let’s go Team Russell!!!l


1) What is nephilim?
2) Who is Aoibhe?
3) Finish this line: “May what lies ahead of this warrior or behind him never take _____________________________________.”
4) What do you think of Evie being Trained to fight/protect herself?
5)  What do you think about Evie leaving the angels?  What would you do?

At this stage in the Read Along... What team are you?? #TeamReed or #TeamRussell or hey maybe #TeamBoth?? Let us know that too on Twitter and get an extra entry

I’m *#insert team here* #SGBReadAlong Join in with @SPNHeather @chelemybelles @girl10029


  1. 1) What is nephilim? According to google, the offspring of an angel and human women.

    2) Who is Aoibhe? She was Evie in a past life with Russell in Ireland! Such a sweet story with sassy Evie(or Aoibhe)!!

    3) Finish this line: “May what lies ahead of this warrior or behind him never take from me what is inside him, for it is mine."

    4) What do you think of Evie being Trained to fight/protect herself? I think it's a great idea. Russell is spot on in his thoughts on why Evie should train! I understand Reed just wants to protect her because that's the kind of love he has for her. But Evie is too strong of a women to just sit by and wait for someone to take care of her!

    5) What do you think about Evie leaving the angels? What would you do? I think Evie has to leave the Angels in order to learn some deeper rooted lessons. But I personally wouldn't leave. It would wreck me to leave my one love!

  2. How did I forget to do this??? Oh yeah I remember, I FELL ASLEEP reading this LOL!!
    ) What is nephilim? It's the offspring of an angel and human women, which Evie believes she is

    2) Who is Aoibhe? It was Evie in a past life with Russell, he was Leander. So sweet!!

    3) Finish this line: “May what lies ahead of this warrior or behind him never take from me what is inside him, for it is mine."

    4) What do you think of Evie being Trained to fight/protect herself? I think its necessary! She needs to know what to do so she won't feel so helpless

    5) What do you think about Evie leaving the angels? What would you do? I understand why she did it, but I don't think I could have. I would have stayed and convinced them all to go away together, somehow...


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