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Indebted Read A Long 6-11 = WOW!

Let's jump right in because this is an action packed section kids...tighten your belts!

Chapter 6 Undines and Ifrits

AM: When Reed flies her into the air. *Love It!* they needed some privacy. Lol

C:  The fact that he had to fly her away to tell her his weakness *knees are weak*  “I can’t lose you again.”  Aww poor Reed!  Does Evie understand the depth of his love for her??  He is NEVER willing to lose her or risk using her to save the others.  She is first with him always!

SG: We can tell he is just terrified of losing her... again. He will not stand for it *sigh*

AM: “Mine,” he replies. I begin to shake my head and feel him tighten his grasp on me. “You are mine and you will listen to me.” *** Well okay then. ***Sir yes sir!

C:  Well it is about time Reed tells Evie that she is an unpredictable pain!

AM: Who is the webbed Blondie who tried to drown Evie!! Supagurls it’s time to kick some a**!! *grabs the bag of fairy dust Brennus gave me.*

SG: I have better I just told B to take her A**down! She is kinda freaky freak huh?

C:  Oh no she didn’t!  I don't care about Evie..she wrapped her freaky body around Reed!  *grrrrr*  Oh, ok screwing with Evie wasn’t right either!

AM: OOOOOH NO Reed!! That sounds like you’re not taking Evie’s side! Men always take your woman’s side.
C:  Bad Reed
SG: See... this is why B is AWESOME you always know what he is thinking and *smacks head* we were talking about Reed... Reed you bad! ugh

AM: Reed groupie!!! Hahaha, did Chele show up????

C:  Hehe, nah I don’t need backup...I’m all bada$$ by myself ;)

SG: Dang skippy … chele is groupie enough for all

AM: “My messenger bolts from the room with my last thought: Mercy for them or there will be no mercy for you.” **** Lord!!! This girl does not learn from her mistakes!!!! Did she not learn anything from the Brennus situation? Evie, do not antagonize your enemies!! Sheesh!

C:  ARGH!!!!!  Why oh why does she do this to us!!

SG: I love it when she does this! She is just trying to prove herself... does it ever work? Not yet LOL but come on you gotta give the girl props for always being bada**

Chapter 7 Water And Fire

C:  Ok Evie really?  “I don’t want to stay here alone.  What I just did is now beginning to register in my mind and fear is making my hands tremble.”  Now you get what you did??

AM: Lord Evie is crazy!! She communicating and bargaining with the Ifrit in her sleep. Is it me or things are just gonna get worse for her?

C:  Safira is standing up to Evie..Yay!  I’m kinda glad someone isn’t in love with her for a change.

C:  OHH snap, Safira telling Evie like it is.  Love it, Evie is truly his only weakness and it might just kill him.  (But it better not or I will kill Evie!!)

SG: I think she already knows she is his weakness.. but I don’t think she even understands the lengths he will go to for her.

AM: LOL Reed wants to get frisky... “This part of you, right here…” he says, leaning forward as his mouth nears my shoulder, “I find to be very lonely.” He brushes his lips over the curve of my shoulder.” **** Reed has Skills!! Lol

SG: *thud* He is such a smooth talker!!

C:  Things get pretty steamy.

AM: Evie and Reed are arguing and I’m like, “guys you're NOT listening to each other!”

C:  I can’t even go there anymore..can’t we agree to disagree and stop the fighting.  I think they should be locked up somewhere nobody knows and let Zee and everyone else do the fighting.

AM: Oh no! This part was really scary. The people throwing themselves against the gate for Evie, who are all going to die. Sad. :(
C:  Uh oh, where there are ‘wans’ there are Gancanagh....
SG: Duh! you cannot bring the wans out! they must stay home and wait for the MEN to get back ROTF

Chapter 8 The Stone Forest

C:  Why does Evie think she can save everyone?

SG: B/c it’s who she is... I think we’ve discussed this before!

AM:  This is Reed’s problem!! Smh, you’ve kept Evie so outta of the loop.

C:  Do you think it would help to keep her in it though?  I think she would use the info to her advantage to do whatever she wants.

SG: OF course it would help! she would then be better prepared to go and do the crazy a** stuff she does :)

AM: I think it would keep her anxiety levels down to stay in the loop. Maybe it would keep her more level headed, if she wasn't constantly being thrown knowledge when something goes wrong.

C:  Oh hell, I’m getting scared here..the shiz is about to hit the fan *biting nails*

C:  SG and AM!!  You are cray cray for loving B when he is frying chicks to get to Evie! ***
Brenn is just misunderstood!! **Very misunderstood! I mean come on, He loves her so much that he is going to rip the world apart to get to her... HOTT

C:  Reed (and Zee) in assassin action, now that is HOT!

AM: Damn you Molly!! … Well hello Brennus!! Hello mo chroi!!! I’ve missed you B!

SG: *sigh* *waves* why hello there big B!!

C:  AM/SG = glutton for punishment!  B is eeevvviiilll!

AM: No he’s not!!!! He’s misunderstood!!! SG: Misunderstood and flippin HAWT! <<<

AM: Oh no Safira was in on it!!

C:  Traitor, Reed is not going to be happy at all!

AM: Oh no!! Bye-bye Reed, hello Brennus!!

AM: Hahaha, this must be where i get it from****** “Yeah, well, a little less faerie dust next time, hmm?” I reply with sarcasm.”

AM: “Yer clothes were wet, so I took dem off ye,” Brennus says with a warm smile.” *** MUST FIND A WAY TO SWITCH PLACES WITH EVIE AT THIS MOMENT!!! *dies*
C:  Amy, send B to AM’s house please!
OMG YES!!! AMY PLZ DO!! So so sorry but I have him here! *dances with Brenn*

AM: I stare at him and I don’t dispute his statement. He is powerful. His men walked into Dominion and then they blew it apart. He found out where I was and just did it again. Although, Safira all but handed me to them when she froze the angels in a block of ice and me behind the wall of it, but still— extremely powerful to have orchestrated all of it.” #KINGBRENNUS **Like the avi says Keep Calm and Bow Down to Brennus!!! 

C:  Okay, so I know you will disagree you #TeamBrenn people but I think that the only reason Brenn keeps winning is because he always has unwilling help from Evie in some way.  Evie keeps saying or doing things that gives him enough to weaken the defenses of the angels.That being said it really is #KingBrenn 2 and #TeamKeepEvieSafe 0, I guess.  I don’t count when they get her back because they can never keep her safe!

SG: I don’t  disagree.. I do think she maybe unknowingly helps with him getting her. I also think that maybe.. just maybe Brenn is the one that will keep her safe at all costs!

AM: “I have na. Did I do it rightly?” he asks with a quirk of his eyebrow, looking concerned and sincere.” ****
Brenn and his sincerity is all too cute here.*I love who Brenn is when he is with Evie!*

C:  I don’t know about all of this..I don’t know if he can redeem himself. <<

AM: The BARGAIN yall!! The BARGAIN!!!!!

AM: “I want us ta come ta an agreement. I will save yer aingeals from da Ifrit for ye and in exchange, ye will agree ta live wi’ me,” Brennus says softly.”

SG: I’m doing my happy dance!! cause you know B is the master at bargins!!

AM: I’m thinking Brennus ‘canna be atall bad’ When she asked for her clothes, he gave them back. In the movies that bad guys would have kept Evie naked. He would not be asking her to be his queen but his servant. Brennus might actually, truly love her.

SG: DUH! I've said this time and time again... He does love her! Truly Madly!!

C:  I will admit that there really is no doubt that he is obsessed with her that is for sure! **You see obsession I see Love ..

AM: No!!!!!! Dies from laughter. “I hold up both of my middle fingers to him as I step off the railing of the gazebo and begin to fall.” ***** Evie is too much. She’s way badass sometimes.

C:  Hehehe

SG: That was a Total BADASS move! but seriously Evie.. quit jumping out of windows!!

Chapter 9 The Unholy Church

AM: Evie’s flying!!!!

C:  I do NOT like Evie right now!  Knowing how tormented Reed is with her gone she still makes the decision to save Russ and Brownie.  No! Go to your angel he should be first. LOL we know where Chele would go!! **I think she knows that he can pretty much take care of himself while Russ and Brownie cannot

AM: Reed is Phaedrus new target!! What does that mean?? :(

C:  Oh Reed!  I’m coming to console you! *grabs twinkies and cognac*

AM: “Black, ominous clouds have collected above the roofline, as if Heaven is showing me the way.” This is gonna be bad!

C:  You think?!

SG: What gave you that idea? was it the “ominous clouds”

Chapter 10 Survival

AM: Back to Russel’s POV!

C:  Oh I don’t think I can stand the torture!! Ditto!

AM: “S’kay,” I manage to whisper back, “I think he’s startin’ to like me. He didn’t burn me this time.” Burn me? BURN ME?! Oh God Russell/Brownie! *cries*

SG: This is horrid! *cries with AM*

AM: Ok I’m going to tell ya my prediction. Or hope or whatever. Russell and Brownie, a couple for the future? Maybe they bond over their kidnapping and torture. Then every1 will be coupled up. Oh wait, Brennus is left out. Well there’s always me mo chroi. Dear Brennus, I’ll take ye anyway I can, for I canna live wi’ out ye! *giggles*  **and how many times do ye need tellin he is MOIN

SG: I think that would be supacute if they bonded over this... but it might be kinda hard to be reminded of that all the time *shudders*

C:  Can we call them #TeamBrussel?? **I love this!*

AM: Russell and Evie are older than Brownie?! *gasp*

AM: “No, you don’t understand. This is an honor for me— a great responsibility to help you with your mission. I’m just scared, but I know my role is important— more important than anything I have ever done to this point and I…”**** Am I the only one who is incredibly moved by this conversation?? #BrownieAndRussell

SG: NOPE I was all like awww cause I heart this chick and she is all for Evie/Russell/Reed/Zee!! eeep

AM: “What do ya want?” I ask her again. “To be in love,” she says, like she’s admittin’ to a crime.” **** Um #TeamRussellandBrownie 2gether!! Lol

C:  *tears* #TeamBrussell or #TeamRussnie


AM: “Because I’ve seen what love can do— make you do things that you’d probably never do otherwise. It makes you stronger,” she says with a humble tone.” **** Brownie speaks the absolute truth!!!! Amen!!!

SG: Dang straight!

AM: Hahaha ***** “Well, I have to give ya a chance to fall in love— so you can be miserable, just like the rest of us,” I reply, tryin’ to move my legs.”

C:  Amen to that truth!  haha

SG: LOL being in love makes you fly high and then can slam you down. #SpeakTheTruth Russ!

AM: ear. “You know, strong women can be a turnoff, but right now, it couldn’t be any sexier.” LOL There’s hope!!!!

AM: BROWNIE!! Oh nooooooooo!

AM: Evie to the rescue! Woot!Woot!

Chapter 11 The Bargain

AM: Is it me or I feel that Reed and the crew should have made a better effort to save Brownie or Russell? Or maybe if Evie would have gone with the flow, the powers would have been able to save them.

C:  I think they were probably close to a rescue when your Mr. King Brennus showed up!

SG: I dunno to me I was like why the hello are they not rescuing R/B ?? I mean come on you have Reed and Zypher who are two of the most powerful angels around and … nothin... BUT my man shows up !!!

AM: I told ya’ll. Ewwwie. Ifrit wants to make babies with Evie!

C:  Dude, I don’t want you as my baby daddy!

AM: “That could’ve snapped a human woman’s neck, but not yours. I can be rough with you.” ****Must remember this is a YA blog... Cannot talk freely, lol. Instead I will reiterate, “I  can be rough with you.” *Closes mouth* DUDE!!! Same Exact Thoughts

C: I believe your point is taken! ;)

AM: Valentine?? *rolls eyes*

AM: I bet you all are happy Brennus show up now, right?? #TeamBrennus

C:  Man!  Just when you want to hate him you kinda can’t! LOL

SG: SEE!! The man knows how to get things done

AM: OMG Brennus got Valentine to back down.

C:  This is sooo important because it is another debt Evie will feel she owes to B..”Indebted” I see what you did there Amy!

SG: Amy is kind of a genius huh? 

AM: When Brennus asks Russell about the grenades, too funny.

AM: “I want Persephone.” The plot thickens and now we have come around full circle!! You guys remember the Persephone story? Love that!!!

AM: OMG this is one hell of a bargain. I’m freaking out here!!! *Total Geekout* Aahhhhhh!

SG: I know right!! I am freakin loving this!

C:  Back to hating him again!
LOL poor Chele!*head desk* grrr Chele

AM: “He wants to win yer love, like Hades won Persephone’s love. He made her love him; even when she did na want ta love him. Give him dat chance, ye canna do much worse dan da alternative ta his bargain.” Is he going to win Evie’s love?? *I think it will happen***** Maybe, lol.

SG: Again with the Swoon …

C:  Oh freakin fairy!  She forgot to ask the terms!  Now what is she going to do??

AM:  REMEMBER THIS PEOPLE!!!!!! ******“I can rescind it at any time.” Hmmmm Brenn can end the contract anytime. Yes... but do you really think he wants to? umm NO

AM: NOW it begins. You will all fall for Brennus!! But he belongs to the Supagurls minus Chele! Lol

C:  Well upside here is I have Reed for six months all to myself!!  Maybe I like Brennus after all *wink*

AM: Lmaooooo, well he will need comforting Chele!

SG: AND!!! We get Brenn-tasticness for a HUGE time!!
AM: It only gets Brenn-delicious from here on out!!! *Heaven* AGREED!

Wow!  That was a crazy six chapters huh?  I am tired just reading it.  How about some discussion questions..

1)  I wanna hear your predictions for Book 3?? What’s going to happen with Russell and Brownie? Brennus and Evie? Reed, Zee and Buns back in China??

2)  Why do you think Phaedrus is being called back to Reed?  Do you think it’s to console him or do you think something bad is coming for him??

3)  Give us your best #Team mashups...
Chele and Reed can be Cheed or Rele

Leave your answers in the comments, tweet us or link us back to your blog to be entered into this weeks giveaway..an awesome Premonition Series tank top!  

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  1. I am so confused. Was this actual chapters form the newest book or just you making up chapters? God I hope that wasn't the real book because that was so stupid. and a huge waste of time.

    1. Wow... I'm sorry :( Yes they are the actual chapter titles ... The book is actually very very good! This is just us having fun with what we ramble about while reading with each other.


  2. I can't really answer either question since I've read te books before. But I can talk about what I love that has happened. I totally agree about when Evie jumps of the balcony and flips everyone off times two. That's so classic Evie!! I laughed when I read that. Another favorite part for me is The Bargin Chapter. The whole thing screams team Brennus. The relief she feels when she seems them to the complete corporation she has with him. I also love this part -

    "Dat's the deal breaker, den?" He murmurs as if to himself. Then, he shrugs. "Ah, well, it sounded fun. Okay, let's go fella, da aingeals stay here wi' da Ifrit."

    That part was so funny to me! I can see Brennus knowing that this will get her to say yes and just bein so nonchalant!

    Oh and team mashups. Brennie(Brennus and Evie), Zuns(Zee and Buns)? Haha. I'm no good at this!

  3. Wow! Well you guys are a whole book ahead of me so I can't really answer any of the questions. However, I did enjoy your bannter. It's a lot of fun and I can't wait to start Indebted.

  4. ARGH! I have had homework for my class I am taking tonite, so I am not quite to chapter 11, but Im going to read some more now and come back to this in the morning...

    PS..I LOVE your all's banter, it cracks me up :)


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